Percy and I were on our journey to camp. We were both upset about Sally. I mean Sally was Percy's mother and Sally was practically my mother. She had sacrificed so much for us because we were demigods. She married Gabe to cover our demigod scents so we could live and then she pretty much sacrificed her life so we could live from Gabe. We still were unsure if she was alive or not and I noticed that bothered Percy a lot.

When it began to grow dark we decided to find a spot to sleep.

"So, where do you think we should sleep?" Percy asked.

" abandoned building. It will be old and smelly so it might cover our scents a little bit." I answered.

"Okay, I know an abandoned building around here." Percy said and began jogging.

I followed him and we soon arrived at an old apartment building. We searched everywhere for a way to enter, but found all the windows were blocked off and the doors were all locked. Then I noticed an open window on the second floor and a nearby trash bin.

"Hey Percy, I found a way to get in." I called to him and began moving the bin underneath the window. "Okay, now stand on the bin." Percy did that. "Now I am going to climb onto your shoulders so I can reach the window." I hopped onto the bin and climbed onto Percy's shoulders and reached for the window. "Now help push me up." And Percy pushed me up and I went through the window.

"Do you have any rope in your bag?" Percy asked from on the bin.

"Ummm…" I searched through my bag, but found some. "Yeah I got some."

I began tying it to a pole over attached to the wall and threw it down to Percy. Percy climbed up and jumped through the window.

"Okay what's for dinner?" Percy asked as he plopped down on the floor next to me.

"Chicken nuggets-cold-and blue cookies." I said.

"Yes cookies!" Percy exclaimed excitedly.

Ever since Sally and Gabe's big fight about the existence of blue food Sally became obsessed with making food blue and Percy and I became addicted to blue cookies.

We ate our food in peace until a loud bang was heard from downstairs. We grabbed our weapons and the hat and silently walked down the stairs to investigate. What we saw surprised us. There was a girl and two boys and they looked like they were trying to kick down the door.

The girl looked about twelve and had short, choppy black hair, striking electric blue eyes, and looked like she was goth because of all the black she was wearing. One of the boys looked about 14 and had bright blonde hair, bright blue eyes, and was wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans. The other boy looked twelve and had brown hair, a goatee, brown eyes, had crutches, and was wearing baggy jeans and a bright orange shirt.

They each had a weapon in their hand so I suspected that they were either demigods or monsters in disguise.

"They might be monsters in disguise or demigods." I whispered to Percy.

"Should we ask about who they are and see who they are?" Percy asked.

"Yeah, we will do that and see who they are. Only take out our weapons if needed." I whispered back.

"Okay." Percy said and we both stood up so we could be seen by the demigods of monsters.