Percy and Annabeth Fanfiction

Percabeth Palace

Annabeth's POV

It has been almost 4 months since the 2nd Big Titan War and almost 4 months since me and Seaweed Brain have started dating. I have remembered everything on that day, the good and bad things. I remembered how I kissed him in the pavilion, then how our friends would pick us up and throw us into the ocean where we had our first real kiss underwater in a bubble of air made by Percy.

Then I heard the horn signaling breakfast is starting so I jumped out of bed and put on an orange Camp Half-Blood shirt and some jean shorts and then brushed my hair and teeth. I walked out of my cabin and walked to the pavilion.

Once I arrived I joined my siblings at the Athena table and began eating. I glanced over at the Poseidon table to see it empty. I knew that he would never miss breakfast so I began walking to his cabin.

I walked up to the door and just before I could knock I heard an ear piercing scream from inside. I quickly opened the door not caring to knock and seeing something that broke my heart. Percy was lying on his bed sweating and shaking in his sleep.

What was he dreaming about? I asked myself.

I rushed over to Percy and began shaking hima little for him to wake up. Then with a second of shaking him he opened his eyes and they began looking at me intently.

¨Percy, what happened?¨ I asked while trying not to break down in tears.

¨I…...I had a dream that we were separated and then we finally found each other, but you had to go on a quest alone and were believed to be dead.¨ He stammered out.

¨Percy, we would never be separated.¨ I told him and then pulled him into a hug.

¨I know, but you know demigod dreams always have a meaning.¨ Percy stated.

¨I think you need to calm down.¨ I said. ¨How about you change into some clothes then go for a swim.¨

¨Umm…..okay.¨ Percy said sadly.

Percy got up from his bed, grabbed some clothes, then headed to the bathroom. As he was in the bathroom I sat on his bed thinking. I thought of how that dream would even come through. I knew that we would never leave each other, but Percy's dream still scared me that it might happen. I needed to know what exactly happened in his dream so I could figure it out, but I needed to leave him alone because that dream really shook him.

Soon Percy came out and I had to restrain myself from asking him about his dream. We both walked out of the cabin to the ocean. Percy walked straight into the water and turned around to see me already sitting on the sand.

¨Do you want to come?¨ He asked me suddenly. ¨I would like to show you where I go when I need to think.¨

¨Are you sure?¨ I asked. ¨That spot is where you go and you don't need to tell me.¨

¨Yes i´m sure. You mean the world to me and I have already trusted you with telling you where my Achilles heel is.¨ Percy stated.

¨Sure, i´ll come.¨ I said finally.

Percy walked over to me, grabbed my hand, and pulled me up. I had my toe touch the cold water and jumped back.

¨It's cold.¨ I said.

¨Not anymore.¨ Percy said and then pulled me into the water.

We dove under and Percy created an air bubble around us as we swam down deeper and stopped in front of a small coral reef. The reef had fish swimming in every possible direction.

¨Wow!¨ I exclaimed.

¨Yeah, I made this coral reef to hide my special spot.¨ Percy explained.

¨Where is it then?¨ I asked.

¨It's right there.¨ Percy said as he pointed over in the middle of the reef.

¨You made it?¨ I questioned.

¨Yeah, but just outside. On the inside there are no walls, furniture, nothing.¨ Percy said.

¨Why?¨ I asked.

¨Because I was hoping that you could design it for me and then I would build it.¨ Percy explained.

I just stood there in shock that Percy is asking me to design his own special space. To me it actually looked like a palace, considering how big it was.

Percy was like reading my thoughts and said, ¨I guess I made it a bit big, but if you want me to be honest with why I wanted you to design it….¨

¨Why do you want me to design it?¨ I asked suddenly.

¨I well wanted to share it with you.¨ Percy said. ¨My father told me that we could basically rule this coral reef and that is the palace.¨

¨So what you are saying is that your dad told you to create this reef and palace then we both rule it like you are the king and i´m the queen.¨ I said, completely stunned.

¨Yup, pretty much.¨ Percy said.

¨But I can only come down here with you or I´ll drown.¨ I stated.

¨I can create a pathway so you can still enter without me.¨ Percy said.

¨Umm….okay.¨ I said.

Percy turned around and built a bridge of coral that led from the beach to the palace.

¨I made it so only me and you can see it and when you're on it you can breathe underwater.¨ Percy explained.

¨I´ll test it.¨ I exclaimed as I swam over to the bridge.

As soon as I stepped on it Percy's air bubble disappeared and I was breathing underwater. Percy swam over and led me to the palace. As we got closer I could see how plain it was just from the outside and my brain began thinking of millions of designs.

We walked inside and there was literally nothing in there. As I gazed around I heard Percy snap his fingers and a rainbow fish swam over. I watched as he and they talked until the fish swam off.

¨What did you guys talk about?¨ I asked.

¨I told the fish to go get some design paper and pencils for you.¨ And as soon as Percy said that the fish was back with paper and pencils.

I took the paper and pencils and then said thanks to the fish. As soon as the fish swam away Percy began making a desk and chair out of coral for me. I gave him a hug as a thank you and then sat down at the desk and began to draw.

I wasn't sure what time it was, but Percy came over and told me it was time for us to go up for lunch. So we both walked on the bridge with our hands intertwined.

When we arrived back at camp we headed to the pavilion for lunch then we were going to go to sword practice. We quickly ate lunch then headed to the sword arena.

Since me and Percy were really talented sword/dagger fighters so we would fight each other. Percy would always win because of his Achilles curse, but I enjoyed the challenge.

We fought for a while until I grew tired so we decided to head back down to the coral reef. I sat there until I finished the first design for the first level of the palace. I gave it to Percy and he began constructing the first level walls. As he was building I drew the next level of the palace.

About 3 more hours of working on the palace it was finally finished and we both collapsed on the couch. I leaned my head against Percy´s smooth, toned chest. We sat together just enjoying each other's presence until I stood up.

¨Where are you going?¨ Percy asked.

¨To my room.¨ I replied.

¨Aren't our rooms connected?¨ Percy questioned.

¨Yeah.¨ I said as my face blushed a little.

¨Well I'm headed to my room so….¨ His voice trailed off as he stood up and picked me up in bridal style.

Percy carried me up to the third floor where the entire floor was just me and Percy´s bedroom and a bathroom for each of us. We reached the door of my room and Percy opened it and plopped me on my bed. Percy then left.

How did I get such a caring boyfriend? I questioned myself.

I looked around my room to find a library in the corner of the room along with a large desk, comfortable chairs, a TV, a couch, a walk in closet, and a really large bathroom with a hot tub. Once I saw the hot tub I immediately forgot something so I went over to one of the doors in my room that lead to Percy's room. I knocked.

¨Come in.¨ Percy called.

I opened the door to find Percy shirtless and in swim trunks sitting in the small pool in the middle of his room.

¨Umm Percy if you don´t mind, but I forgot to add something on the main floor of the palace.¨ I said while trying not to stare at Percy, who is still shirtless.

¨I don´t mind.¨ Percy replied as he got out of the pool and dried himself off with his water powers.

We walked back down the stairs while holding hands. When we reached the main floor I dragged Percy into one of the extra rooms that held nothing.

¨I would like a large deep pool and a hot tub in the corner of the room.¨ I told Percy.

Percy closed his eyes as he used his powers to form a pool and a hot tub. Then when he was done I dragged him into one of the other extra rooms.

¨I would like this room to be a training area like the one at camp.¨ I said.

Percy again nodded and closed his eyes and many training tools popped up in the corner. I then dragged Percy to the last extra room that was the biggest.

¨I would like this one to be just like a library with many books, blueprints, and desks.¨ I said as Percy again closed his eyes and everything I said was placed before me.

He opened his beautiful sea green eyes again and before he could say anything I kissed him with as much passion as I had.

When we broke away Percy asked, ¨What was that for?¨

¨You being such an awesome boyfriend.¨ I replied.

Percy picked me up and carried me bridal style to the living room and we both sat on the couch with me leaning on Percy. I turned on the TV and we watched one of our favorite movies together.

Halfway through the movie I fell asleep on Percy and when I woke up I found myself in my bed. I got up, headed downstairs, and walked into the kitchen. I looked at the clock and it said, 5:00pm. Dinner had already started back at camp so I decided to make dinner in my new kitchen.

After I made some spaghetti and meatballs (One of me and Percy's favorite dinner) I set the table and began searching for Percy. I looked around for a while until it clicked.

I walked into the pool room to find Percy sitting at the bottom of the pool. I grabbed the giant stick that was used for cleaning stuff out of the bottom of the pool and poked him on the back. A few seconds later Percy was out of the pool.

¨Did you sleep well?¨"Percy asked.

¨Very well.¨ I replied. ¨Do you want dinner? I made spaghetti and meatballs.¨

¨Yes please.¨ Percy said.

We walked together into the dinning room and began eating. As we ate we talked and laughed. When we finished I scooped up the plates and put them into the sink so I could begin washing them.

¨I can wash them.¨ Percy said.

Percy then walked to the sink and controlled the water to scrub onto the plates, cleaning them and then having the water slide off of the plates as he put them away.

¨Once I'm done cleaning do you want to bake my mom's famous blue cookies?¨ Percy asked.

¨Sure, but I have never actually baked before.¨ I replied.

¨What? We are going to fix that.¨ Percy said as he put the last plate away.

We rummaged around the kitchen looking for the ingredients and supplies. When we had everything Percy showed me what to do and I was doing really well until we had to mix the batter. I began mixing it a little too hard and flour flew all over us.

¨Oops.¨ I said.

¨It's okay. Here let me help.¨ Percy said calmly.

Percy stood behind me and put both his arms on either side of my body. One arm wrapped around my waist as the other went to the spatula and his hand was on top of mine. He slowly moved my hand and the spatula around in the bowl while mixing the batter.

When we had finished Percy slowly returned his arms to him and I turned around. I put my arms around his neck and kissed him passionately while his hands slithered around my waist.

Once we pulled away Percy took out a cookie sheet and instead of making a bunch of little cookies he made one huge cookie. Percy stuck it in the oven and set a timer.

¨Want to go for a swim?¨ Percy asked.

¨Sure.¨ I replied. But I don't have a swimsuit down here.¨

¨I can fix that.¨ Percy said and he closed his eyes.

Coral began spinning around me taking my clothes off leaving me naked, but Percy still kept his eyes closed. The coral then collided into one and wrapped around me making a swimsuit. Percy opened his eyes.

¨So, what do you think?¨ He asked.

¨I love it.¨ I replied.

The swimsuit fit perfectly on my body and the coral was light and comfortable. The coral was a deep, bright red with pearl straps and a sea green diamond placed on the front of my chest.

I kissed Percy on the cheek and we both walked to our pool room. We jumped in and Percy made an air bubble around us as we sank to the bottom. When we were at the bottom we cuddled for a while, but that soon turned into a full out make-out session until the timer went off saying that our giant cookie was ready.

We swam up to the surface and Percy dryed us off with his water powers before heading into the kitchen. When we walked in the smell of cookies engulfed us. Percy pulled the giant and beautiful blue cookie and placed it on a large plate.

While the cookie cooled off me and Percy went to our rooms to take a shower and change into one of the few pairs of clothes in our closets. Then we both cut the cookie like it was a pizza and ate it.

¨Yum!¨ I said.

¨I agree.¨ Percy said then he ate the last of his piece of his cookie.

¨What time is it?¨ I asked.

¨It's 6:45. Why?¨ Percy said.

¨I don´t know.¨ I responded.

¨Okay. Do you want to go watch some TV before we head back to camp?¨ Percy questioned.

¨Sure.¨ I said.

Percy and I walked into our living room and sat on the couch. As I adjusted myself so I was leaning on him he turned on an architecture show. While we watched Percy kept stroking his hand in my hair.

Then when the commercials came I turned around to look at him and said, ¨Percy, I'm tired.¨

¨You can go to bed and set an alarm for 8:30pm so we can head to the campfire tonight.¨ Percy stated.

¨What are you going to do?¨ I asked.

¨I think I am going to watch some more TV then go to bed.¨ Percy said.

¨Okay. Are you sure you won't be lonely?¨ I questioned.

¨Yeah, I´ll be fine.¨ Percy said.

¨Alright.¨ I said before I gave him a quick kiss and headed to my room.

I set an alarm and pulled on a tank top and sweatpants before climbing into bed. I closed my eyes and fell into a dreamless sleep.

When I woke up I woke to the sound of screaming. I immediately jumped out of bed and rushed to the door that connected me and Percy´s bedrooms. When I opened the door I saw Percy sweating, panting, and thrashing in his bed. I rushed to him and he began screaming again.

¨Percy, Percy wake up. Everything is fine. I am right here.¨ I shouted at him as I shaked him a little.

Percy then opened his eyes and sat up, still shaking. I threw my arms around him and let the tears fall down my face.

¨Percy, what did you dream about?¨ I asked worriedly.

¨I-I had the same dream I had last night.¨ Percy stuttered.

¨You need to sleep, but you can't with these nightmares.¨ I told him.

¨I know, but I think I can only sleep with…¨ He said.

¨I will sleep with you if that will keep the nightmares away.¨ I said without hesitation.

¨Umm...okay, but let me change my shirt.¨ Percy stated while looking at his sweat filled shirt.

¨How about you just take it off.¨ I replied.

¨Sure.¨ Percy said and then pulled off his shirt.

I tried my best not to stare, but now I could see his 6 pack very clearly. The thing that made stare even harder was that I was going to sleep right next to them. Percy looked at me and then laid his head on his pillow. I started to do the same and rolled over so my back was facing him.

We laid there for a while until I felt two strong arms wrap around my waist and pulled me closer. I turned around to see Percy laying on his side facing me with both his arms around me. I moved closer to him until my arms touched his chest. I shivered as our skin touched each other.

¨Are you cold?¨ Percy asked.

¨No, I´m fine.¨ I said quickly, not wanting him to leave.

I pulled him even closer until there was no space between us and kissed him hard. We moved our lips together like this was our other half. My hand soon traveled to his back and placed my hand gently near the small of his back. Percy shivered so I moved my hand away from the spot.

After a long time we finally broke apart and we both gasped for air. We layed for another minute in each other's arms before we both fell asleep.

We woke to the sound of my alarm and got dressed. We held hands as we walked along the bridge to camp. When we arrived kids were just starting to gather around the campfire. We joined them just in time before the Apollo campers started singing.

I stood with the Athena campers while Percy was alone since he was the only member of the Posiedon cabin. We all sang and ate s´mores until it was 9:30 and we had to go to bed.

I walked over to Percy to say goodnight. We said goodnight and Percy gave me a goodnight kiss before walking to his cabin.

How was I so lucky to get a man like him? I questioned myself.

I sprinted off to my cabin and got ready for bed. I layed in the darkness for a while feeling as though I should be with him right now. After many tries I finally drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I was walking to the pavilion, but when I looked at the Posiedon table it was empty. I ran to Percy's cabin and knocked on the door, but there was no answer. I knocked again, still no answer. Feeling worried I opened the door to find an empty bed and no Percy. With that I fainted.

When I woke up I found myself in the big house. I looked over to my right to see Chiron coming in with a sad look on his face.

¨Annabeth, it's good to see you up.¨ Chiron said.

¨Where is Percy?¨ I demanded.

¨I´m sorry Annabeth, but we can't find him.¨ Chiron explained. ¨We searched his cabin and everywhere in camp, but found no clues to where he may be.¨

¨I think I might, but you can't come.¨ I told Chiron.

¨And why is that?¨ Chiron asked.

¨He showed me where his thinking spot is and trusts me to not tell anyone.¨ I explained.

¨Alright.¨ Chiron said as I jumped onto my feet and dashed towards the ocean.

I found the bridge and walked on it and into the palace. I looked everywhere for Percy, but I couldn't find him.

Then it hit me, Percy would never run off without telling me so he must have been kidnapped.

I dropped to the floor not wanting to believe it, but it was the only answer. I ran into Percy's room and threw myself into his bed, tangling myself into the sheets. I layed there and cried while breathing in his smell that was still in the sheets.

After an hour of crying I finally pulled myself out of his bed and walked back to camp. I watched as kids were everywhere still searching for Percy.

¨Annabeth, did you find him?¨ Chiron asked when he ran up to me.

I shook my head and before I could start crying again I ran to my cabin. Luckily none of my siblings were there so I threw myself onto my bed and cried.

After what seemed like hours I finally got up and decided to go to Percy's mom and tell her what happened. So I told Chiron and then left Camp Half-Blood.