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Prompt used"Watermelon"

Sweet tooth

A little girl, about 5 years old sat in the park, playing with a Rubik's cube. She was so engrossed in the intricate patterns and combinations that she was not paying attention to her surroundings.

An older woman with straight brown hair and piercing gray eyes shook her head in an exasperated manner and walked over to the girl.

"Annabeth, come on, let's go home"

"Wait a minute Mama. I'm almost done with this. Just the red side is left."

The woman, Athena Chase, looked amused at seeing her daughter so passionate about the cube rather than playing with other children. However, she was not too surprised. After all, she herself had been the same as a child.

But, Athena was worried for her daughter. Society had many norms on how an 'ideal' woman must act and she herself had never fit into it. In the early years of her marriage, people had told her to become a good wife and stop pursuing her own career.

Now, as one of the country's top architects, she had proven everyone wrong but she knew that in the future, her daughter would have to face similar challenges.

"Annabeth, you can continue this later. Let's go home now. How about you help me bake a pie?"

At the word pie, little girl jumped up, her pigtails bouncing as she ran to her mother. In her innocent mind, pie was far more important than the Rubik's cube.

Laughing with amusement, Athena took her daughter's hand.

"So kiddo, which pie should we bake today? Apple, banana or cherry?"

"Let's try something new today, Mama. Oh! How about we try that big fruit daddy brought home. Let's bake a water-man pie today."

"Watermelon, not waterman" Athena corrected.

As they walked home, Athena listened to her daughter's babbling about her day in kindergarten and how Betty and Dolly, her two friends, had fought about who got to adopt the stray kitten. She hoped that their relationship and love would never be tarnished.

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