Sword Arts: The Hidden World


The human world was… very interesting.

For years humans continuously thrived and evolved from one level to another. Initially they were monkeys. Slowly they evolved and turned into humans. The humans from ancient times were thought to be primitive, barbaric and very underdeveloped. At least, according to the apparent records and supposed evidence in the form of fossils, old items and artifacts, they were.

After millions of years the humans reached their present level in the world.

First the humans created their own villages, tribes and clans, then they formed they own kingdoms and later they formed their countries. Eventually, hierarchical rule was abolished and democracies were established in almost every country.

Humans at first lived as a united species, but with time they separated into different groups. Eventually, humans differentiated from each other on the basis of place of birth, class, caste, religion, language, origin, appearance, attire etc.

There were both good and bad people in this world. There were those who were kind, honest and helpful and those who were evil, selfish and maniacal. Humans destroyed each other and other living beings through wars, accidents, discrimination and pollution and for selfish reasons, like greed, revenge, hatred etc. Their home planet Earth was repeatedly ravaged and forced to go through suffering because of their undying greed and needs. Forests were cut down to make way for development of cities, towns, villages, industries, farms etc. Animals and birds were hunted and killed and driven out of their homes just because they were not humans and were barely able to defend themselves. Dictators and terrorists stained the reputation of humankind with their evil and selfish deeds. Many of those who protested against the evil in this world were either ignored or taken out of the way. At this point, it was difficult to say what was more in the world? Was it good or bad things?

But did the normal humans know everything about their own species?

The only knowledge of their ancestors, were derived from the aforementioned things. Even now, some wondered if there was anything very crucial about the evolution in humans in history that no one knows about. From where did the idea of gods, angels, devils etc. and myths of different monsters come from? From where did the dinosaurs come from? Were myths about gods, legendary warriors and monsters true? From where did the idea of magic come from?

Was there a different world that no one could see, but existed somewhere?

These questions are about to be answered…to a special boy in our own world.