Ygdrasil - one of the most famous DMMORPGs out there, due to the massive freedom it granted to its player base. One of the top guilds in it was the guild of Ainz Ooal Gown, a gathering of 41 players who all shared one trait, all of them had heteromorphic avatars.

Two of those players were currently on top of the walls of the Colosseum in the middle of the 6th floor of Nazarick. One of them was a skeletal figure adorned in majestic black robes, the Guild Leader of Ainz Ooal Gown, Momonga. Sitting next to him was a small hobbit in light sleeveless robes that were typical for a monk, with two crystalline bracelets on both hands, this was one of the few members who had not left the guild, Kazarim.

This morning it was announced by the developers that the Ygdrasil Server would be shut down at the end of the month. The two friends had gotten together after hearing this, they decided to just talk today.

"So it's ending after twelve years. Sure was fun." Said the hobbit in a slight German accent to his friend beside him, while a sad emoji appeared beside him.

"Yeah, it really was Kazarim-san." after a long pause the skeleton continued "Could you do me a favor? Could you stick around that day and wait for the servers to shut down? I know it is a lot to ask when you are so busy work-"

"Of course." he interrupted him "I would have come even if you hadn't asked. It won't be a problem if I don't work for one evening."

The skeleton turned his head to face him "Thank you." A smiling emoji appeared beside him "It's gotten rather late and I need to get up early tomorrow, so I'm heading off."

"Not sure you can say tomorrow, I mean it' already 2 am. I'll try to come back on in the evening. Tschau."

With that, the skeleton conjured up a screen in front of him, and after tapping it a few times vanished, leaving the hobbit behind.

Kazarim just leaned back on his hands at looked at the forest beneath him. You couldn't see it through his avatar but Kazarim was quite sad at this. He was originally from Germany but had to move to Japan due to work-related reasons. Back home he had a few friends with whom he used to play an old game from the 21st century, Dungeons and Dragons. Unfortunately due to moving to Japan, they had to stop playing.

On a whim he had picked up Ygdrasil which turned out was a dream come true for a Role-player like him. Here he found new friends, but again due to work, he was able to do less and less with them and now the game was ending.

What a shitshow. He looked at the clock. Already 2:12, guess I won't be sleeping tonight. Gotta fix that bug before heading to work. Also need to work some overtime so I can stay around with Momonga at the end of the month. Sometimes I hate my life.

He assumed a meditative position like he always did and activated his skill [Adamantine Meditation]. He was just about to log out as he felt a sharp pain in his neck and something warm and sticky run down his throat.

What the fuck. What … is … happen- he slowly felt his consciousness fade and then there was nothing.

Ainz had just finished dealing with the last member of Foresight, as he looked up and on the walls he saw the statue of his friend Kazarim, sitting there and meditating like it always was when he logged out. A silent reminder that even Kazarim had left. In the end, you never showed up.

Hey, this is my first attempt on a Fanfiction. I know I'm not the best writer and storys with an OC are often looked down upon, but I wanted to write this. Depending on the reviews I'll keep writing.

For everyone who's wondering "Tschau" is German for something like "See ya".

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