It was 6am and time to leave.

I looked at Alex, he seemed nervous and I couldn't help but think that he's nervous for me.

We got into the sleek black car that was a bit too fancy for my liking. The driver was plump and had a distinctive double, maybe triple chin. It looked like he hadn't shaved in a week and he was bald. The driver also had a chocolate rim around his mouth that made me have to hide a giggle.

I normally like journeys, no one bothers to talk much and it's just peaceful to watch the scenery fly by. However, this journey had a certain edge to it and I couldn't figure out what.

Alex had his head leaning against the window, I think he's sleeping.

I copied him after a while and both of us were awoken by the driver almost shouting at us that we had arrived at the airport.

With, 30 minutes left till take off and because we missed lunch, Alex and I got something to eat.

We sat at a table together and was silent.

People passing by gave us weird looks that I couldn't seem to ignore and at one point I glared back. It was probably because we were underage to travel alone or something like that but for all they know, our adult supervisor could have gone to get a drink or gone to the toilet.

Well we didn't have an adult supervisor and I had never really gone on plane before apart from when I was 8 and if I remember correctly, 12, however, I never paid attention to the boarding and bag search stuff. Though we did get through the bag search as it seems like Alex had done this many, many times before. So I don't think the rest will be a problem.

Alex spoke when he looked at his watch "We should get going."

I nodded "Right." and took another bite of my sandwich, it was also my last bite before he grabbed by arm and dragged me with him.

Together we got seated in first class and I really did not expect that but Alex did, as his expressionless face, that was normally always on display, was showing.

It much like the car journey as we both slept most of the way, nearing the end we got awoken and got offered drinks... for free!

I got a coke and nearly spat it out when Alex broke our silence and told me a joke "What did the left eye say to the right eye? Between you and me, something smells."I had to cover my mouth with my hand to stop myself from spraying coke everywhere and that wouldn't be nice.

So I decided to get his back and when Alex took a sip of his drink I said a lousy joke as it was the only thing that could come into my head "Someone stole my mood ring. I don't know how to feel about that."

Turns out he didn't take a sip yet so he ended up giggling with a huge but cute smirk on his face. I pouted a bit and crossed my arms.

We heard the seat belt sign ding on and knew we would be landing shortly.