Chapter 1: Shocked

It was a quiet day in the woods of Jasper. Winston and Tony are getting ready to accompany Kate, Humphrey, the pups, Garth and Lilly on a group hunt.

-Ready for this group hunt? –asked Winston

-Ready. –said everyone

-OK then. Let's go. –said Tony

They then left for the hunt. While walking to where they usually find lots of caribou, Claudette said:

-Uh…what's that smell?

-Yeah…it smells rotten. Like someone left a caribou out in the sun for a while. –said Runt

-That smell is coming from this direction. I'll go take a look. –said Garth

They wait for Garth to come back and after 2 minutes he comes back.

-You all…need to come and look at this. -said Garth

They all follow him and he leads them to 2 rotten dead carcasses of caribou with a bit of blood on the ground.

-What the heck? –said Winston

-What happened here? Better yet, what could be strong enough to kill 2 caribou like that? –asked Tony

-Looks like they've been slaughtered and eaten on site. –said Garth

-On site? –asked Tony

-Yeah Dad. If they we're dragged to be eaten there would have been drag marks or a blood trail. Neither of which is here. –said Garth

-Right here. They're bite marks on the neck right here. –said Humphrey

-Same with this one. Looks like whatever did this broke both their necks to kill them. –said Eve

-Killed both caribou on site by breaking their necks. Whoever or whatever did this had to be powerful and fast to do something like that. –said Kate

-Over there. –said Lilly

They see a single caribou peeking from behind a rock and then going back.

-Let's go see what this is all about. –asked Winston

They see the caribou in the corner petrified with fear.

-P-please…don't hurt me. –said the trembling caribou

-It's OK. We won't hurt you. Can you just tell us what happened here? –said Eve

-Me and my friends…we got jumped by a wolf, this wolf…was different…not a normal wolf. –said the caribou

-Different how? –asked Kate

-He was… bigger, had a lot more fur and…he had two huge fangs. He looked scary too. Black Fur, red eyes and a scar on his right eye where it looks like he got scratched. –said the caribou

Winston and Tony we're shocked and are now a little worried.

-This wolf…how big was he? –asked Tony

-His head was up to my neck. –said the caribou

Winston and Tony looked at each other with a concerned look.

-And this wolf killed your friends? –asked Lilly

-Yeah. Jumped one, broke his neck. Ran down the other, pinned him to the ground and broke his neck too. –said the caribou

-Wow…this wolf must be strong and fast to be able to do something like that. –said Kate

-OK. You can go now. –said Winston

-Thank you. –said the caribou as it ran away

-Let's continue to where we find food. We can't go home hungry. –said Winston

5 minutes later…

-Mom? –asked Stinky

-Yes Stinky? –said Kate

-Are Grandpa Winston and Tony, OK? They've been up front talking to each other for almost 5 minutes. They look…worried. –said Stinky

-I'm sure they're alright. –said Kate

Up in front, Winston and Tony are whispering to each other.

-You don't think that one somehow may have survived, do you? –asked Tony

-Hard to tell, but if what that caribou was saying is true, we've got a huge problem to deal with. –said Winston

-From what they told us, these types of wolves are social and like to work together so…maybe he'll be nice. –said Tony

-Those are just stories, for all we know he could be the exact opposite. –said Winston

-Maybe. It's unclear if this he'll be friendly or not. –said Tony

They reach the spot and get ready to strike. They get into position, strike and kill 4 caribou.

-We got a lot of food. Now let's go home. –said Garth

They start walking back home, when Stinky ran up to Winston and Tony to talk to them.

-Grandpa Winston and Tony, are you alright? You look a little worried. –said Stinky

-I think its best we tell them all, once we get back home. –said Winston

-Tell us what? –asked Stinky

-It's a long story, we'll tell you all once we get back home and eat. –said Tony

-OK. –said Stinky

2 minutes later Claudette (who's behind everyone else) hears something nearby that sounds like eating.

-Does anyone hear that? –asked Claudette

-Hear what? –said Eve

-Listen. –said Claudette

They all stay quiet and listen to what sounds like eating.

-I'll take a look. –said Humphrey

He peeks through some bushes and his eyes widen. He then whispered:

-I think you all might want to come here and look at this.

They all peek through to see a massive, black, red eyed wolf with large fangs eating the dead body of a caribou. They all duck out of sight.

-I don't believe it. There's one that's actually still alive. –whispered Winston

-What, dad? Do you know what that is? – whispered Kate

They all then turn to Winston with worried looks on their faces.

-I do. That right there is a Dire Wolf. – whispered Winston

-But…that's impossible. Dire Wolves went extinct thousands of years ago. – whispered Garth

-Yeah, they did. But it looks like there's one that's still alive. – whispered Tony

-What do we do now? – whispered Claudette

-We back away slowly and just let him eat. Because picking a fight with a Dire Wolf is a good way to get killed. – whispered Tony

They all then back away, grab the caribou they killed and started walking back to their dens, not noticing that the Dire Wolf has stopped eating and is now watching them as they walked away.

They get back to their dens and eat what they've killed.

Later that night…

-Grandpa Winston, didn't Dire Wolves die out during the Ice Age. How come there's one that's still alive? –said Stinky

-I…don't know Stinky. How there's a Dire Wolf that's still alive today baffles me. –said Winston

-What do we do if we see this Dire Wolf or if he sees us? –asked Runt

-If you see him, carefully avoid and sneak away from him. If he sees you, I don't know what will happen. –said Winston

-OK. Hopefully he's friendly. –said Stinky

-I hope he's friendly too. –said Winston

Everyone gets ready to go to sleep but before they all go to sleep they hear a deep, loud, echoing howl coming from the woods.

-OK, I just got the chills. –said Humphrey

-Same here. I think its best we just…go to sleep and try to forget about it. –said Winston

-Either that or we'll all talk about it in the morning. –said Tony

They all lie down and try to get some sleep. They all fall fast asleep, except for Runt who sees a large black mass with red glowing eyes lurking through the trees away from the den. He then falls asleep thinking he was just dreaming.