Bonus Chapter: Like Father, like son

This story takes place after "Happily Ever After – part 2" and before "Revenge". I'll try and not make this chapter too long.

1 month later…

Everyone was outside relaxing and the 6 pups we're in the forest playing when Marcel and Paddy fly in with news that is quite urgent.

-Can we talk to you all? –said Marcel

-Of course, what is it? –asked Winston

-Well you see…wait, where are the pups? –asked Paddy

-In the forest playing, why do you ask? –asked Dash

-You need to go get them immediately. We've been tracking a certain caribou. This is by far the most aggressive caribou I have ever seen in my entire life. It has scars all over it and it will grunt and attack anything for no reason whatsoever. –said Paddy

They all look worried.

-Where did you see it the last time? –asked Winston

-That way…towards the clearing. –said Marcel

-Oh no. Come on Dash, let's go get the pups. –said Skye

-Count the two of us in. –said Kate

Dash, Skye, Kate and Humphrey began running towards the clearing.


Storm, Blitz and Leo we're playing with Claudette, Stinky and Runt when they hear something coming.

-Shhh…do you hear that? –whispered Storm

-Hear what? –asked Claudette

-Listen. –she whispered

They hear the brush shaking 15 feet away from them and out comes a caribou with scars all over its body. It looks at them, grunts and then charges.

-Run for it! –yelled Blitz

They all run with the caribou not far behind them.

Meanwhile Kate, Humphrey, Dash and Skye make it to the clearing.

-There! –yelled Humphrey as they see the pups running from an angry caribou

-Hold on, we're coming! –said Dash as he and the others jumped down

At that time, Leo (who was running behind everyone looked back only for the caribou to swing it's head and antlers, hitting and tossing Leo to the side).

-NO! –yelled Dash as he bit deep into the caribous neck

It angrily tried to break free but with no effort, Dash then twisted its neck, killing it.

-Leo…son, are you OK? –he said as he dropped the caribou and ran to him

Leo was holding his right eye with his paw, as a bit of blood mixed with tears was dripping from it.

-Get him to a healer, as fast as possible. –said Dash

Skye then grabbed Leo and left immediately. The others turn towards the pups.

-Dad…is Leo gonna be OK? –asked Storm and Blitz as they're getting worried

-He's gonna be OK. I promise. –he replied

-What happened? –asked Kate

-We we're just playing around. Then we heard something coming. And then this caribou just charged at us for no reason. –said Claudette, Stinky and Runt

-Well it's OK now. It's dead. –said Humphrey

-Come on, let's go back home. I need to make sure that your brother is OK. –said Dash

They make it back home as fast as they can and see how Leo is holding up.

-Skye, how is he? –asked Dash as he was getting worried

-I don't know. The healer told me to wait out here. –she replied

Just then the healer comes out.

-Alright. He's OK. You can come and see him. –she said

Dash and Skye then enter to see Leo sitting there holding his right eye.

-Hey son, how are you doing? –asked Dash

-I'm OK Dad. It doesn't hurt anymore. –he replied

-Then…why are you holding your eye? –asked Skye

-Well…I guess it's true what they say. Like father, like son. –he replied as he let go of his right eye revealing a scar (one vertical line).

Dash and Skye are speechless for a couple of seconds then turn to the healer:

-Is that scar gonna heal or is it permanent? –asked Dash

-Unfortunately…it's permanent. –the healer replied

-It's OK Leo. It'll be alright. –said Skye

-I'm fine Mom. Don't worry. –he replied

They then exit the healers den and the others see Leo holding his eye.

-Leo. Are you OK? –asked Storm

-Why are you holding your right eye? –asked Stinky

-I'm OK but now I…look a little different. –he replied as he let go of his right eye

Everyone was speechless for a little bit.

-Wow. –said Claudette

-Mom, Dad. Can we go play now? –asked Blitz

Skye, Dash, Kate and Humphrey look at each other and then back at them.

-Alright, you can play as long as we go to watch you. –said Skye

-What, why? That angry caribou is dead, there's nothing dangerous out there. –said Storm

-We know but seeing as that you're brother just got a PERMANENT scar from that incident. We're going with you to watch you, just in case. –said Dash

-Fair enough. –said Blitz

-OK, Mom. OK, Dad. –said Storm

The pups then left to go play with their parents 10 feet behind them.

-That scar makes you look tough. –said Stinky

-Thanks. –Leo replied

-You look like Dad. –said Blitz

-Just because I have a scar on my right eye like he does? –asked Leo

-Yep. –said Storm

They make to the spot where they were before.

-Don't try and get scars on purpose. Taking care of yourself is more important than looking tough. –said Leo

-We won't. We're not stupid. –said Blitz

-Also, just because you have a scar, brother of mine, doesn't mean that automatically makes you tough. –said Storm as she jumped on Leo

They tackle around until Storm pins Leo to the ground.

-And this proves that scars only make you look tough, they don't actually make you tough. –she said

The others were watching from a distance:

-That's right. Scars don't make you tough. They just make you look tough, but they do make you look more fearsome. –said Dash

-That is true. –said Humphrey

Dash and Humphrey both look away for 2 seconds only for Skye and Kate to tackle them and pin them.

-Scars don't make you tough. They just make you look tough. –Skye said with a smile

-Oh, you're on. –said Dash

They both tackled each other a bit more and Dash then pinned Skye down.

-You were saying? –Dash asked with a smile

She laughed.

-OK, OK. You win. –said Skye as she kissed him


-Looks like I win. –said Kate

-Oh no, you don't. –said Humphrey

They tackle each other and Kate still has Humphrey pinned.

-I still win. –she said

-OK. Fair point, you win. –he replied

The pups played around for a little bit more and then everyone went back home.