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Even the idea of memories perplexed her. No matter how she wracked her brain, she still could never remember the house they lived in before this one, or the significance behind one of her bedroom walls to this day being painted blue. She had been told that she had always been this happy, this magnetic, this intelligent, and this loveable. But Olivia DiLaurentis-Fields couldn't place where those characteristics came from, how they originated, or the grounding effect they had on others. She only had the word of those around her. Words that she was now beginning to doubt. Memories she was now beginning to question. She couldn't piece together how a life that seemed so insignificant and bland at the age of eight had somehow exploded into a cascade of colors at nine.

The fact that it was possible for something deemed an insignificant moment to be flipped on its head days, weeks, or months later to become a lasting memory fascinated her pre-pubescent brain. In fact, she didn't understand much of the world around her. But as she sat on that front porch swinging in the autumn air, blanket wrapped around her as she waited for the events occurring inside and outside her family home to collide, she wondered if each groups' participants even saw her there. Swinging. Observing. Taking note. She was only one small aspect of the conflict bubbling to the surface in front of her, but it was also the first time she ever realized that a memory was being ingrained. That no matter what followed, this mini-bout of chaos brewing would be in her consciousness forever. More than anything though, she was baffled a voice of reason hadn't pulled her from the fray. Removed her from the front porch swing entirely so that no memory could be made.

But even with all of her confusion, uncertainty, and fear, there were still some things in Olivia's world that she knew for certain. She was lucky. Indescribably lucky. She loved her parents, and there was no hesitation that her parents loved her. They loved her apparently more than some of the other people now seemingly a part of her once idyllic life. She was protected, or she had been. She also knew that all she wanted in the world was for it to go back to how it was five months earlier, back when her memory of this entire debacle began. Because the only way Olivia thought she may not cement the world in front of her into permanence was if she went back to the parts of her life she did remember.

Though she couldn't make out every detail or every passing moment, she hoped that she could remember distinct memories that, when compounded, must have led all of them here. Memories that might take her away from the ongoing turmoil swirling around her.

She remembered the first time she knew, without a doubt, that her parents were in love. Being raised in a loving home that was filled with hugs, 'I love you's', and goodnight kisses, she never really noticed the small moments of affection between her parents because it was always just… there. They loved more openly and transparently than most of her friends' parents, so at a young age, she never sought proof. Part of her wondered how long she might have gone without instinctually knowing their love existed if she hadn't been looped into the events of that Saturday afternoon.

The morning started like any other weekend, feeling the side of her bed dip to the left a little after 8 am. Her mother pushed back her curly brown hair that inevitably fell into her face in the middle of the night while sleeping on her side. A short kiss to her forehead soon followed before she calmly began speaking, "Olivia… it's morning, Squirt. Mama's almost done with breakfast downstairs. You want to open your eyes for me?"

Olivia shook her head, scrunching her shoulders to her ears and groaning. She was endlessly stubborn, like someone else her mother knew.

"How is it possible that I carried you for nine whole months and you come out with my complexion, my hair, my bone structure, and yet somehow are just as headstrong as your mother? Livvy, did you and your mom plan to be difficult when waking up every morning? Is this a pact to see who can go the longest? I'm going to give you a few more minutes, but you need to start waking up. You understand?" Feeling the bed go back to its usual position, the young girl relished in her victory. It was short-lived though as Emily turned back around, "Olivia Emerson, do you understand?"

"Yes, Mommy." She muttered while rolling over.

The brunette entered the hallway before shouting down the back staircase, "Ali, come get your daughter! I'm going to wake up Le!"

Her mother's wakeup call filled with sweetness and care could potentially be a far cry from Alison's depending on what point in making breakfast she had been interrupted. Bacon or biscuits? Olivia would be in the clear. Eggs or gravy? Then Olivia better be dressed for a formal occasion by the time she knocked.

Rolling until her feet hit the floor, she sighed into her stand. Emily had been right, the older Olivia became, the more and more she resembled her. At eight years old, she stood a few inches above four feet and her brown locks cascaded over her shoulders. Moving closer to the mirror, she opened her eyes widely, noting the small hazel flecks that pierced her brown irises. The dimples on her narrow cheeks stuck out without having to smile which was one of her favorite features. Olivia wanted more than anything to look like both of her parents, even though they had reiterated multiple times that science hadn't made that possible yet. Whatever that meant.

"Liv? It's Mama. Can I come in?" Alison knocked at her door. The brunette exhaled in relief; she had definitely been cooking biscuits or bacon.

"Yep!" Olivia happily replied in her still shrill voice that hadn't quite settled in volume or piercing nature.

Her mother's blonde curls were the first feature Olivia saw before her blue eyes soon followed. Though she was smiling, her eyes let her daughter know that she was slightly in trouble before she even began talking. To lessen the blow, Olivia immediately spoke up, "Hard conversation or teaching conversation?"


She grinned painfully not liking her mother's response. From a young age, she had been taught that hard or difficult conversations may be uncomfortable, but never came from an angry or frustrated place. But as she got older, her parents introduced a new kind of conversation. Teaching. Teaching conversations were meant to impart some form of lesson but usually occurred when a mistake had been made. Teaching conversations could mean anger or frustration. Or Olivia's least favorite, disappointment.

Alison sighed before pointing toward the bed. As they sat, she continued, "I don't get it, Liv. This is the same routine every week. During the school week, I wake you up and on weekends, Mommy does. This is now the fourth weekend in a row that you've refused to come down when she wakes you up."

"It's just five more minutes."

"How do you think that makes Mommy feel though? That every week day, I come in to wake you up, and you nearly jump into my arms out of excitement. But when she does it, you refuse and wait for me to come up here." She shrugged into the side of her mother's arm. "Think about it this way. How would you feel if every time you drew one of your beautiful paintings from your summer program and brought it home for us, we barely looked at it before setting it down and saying, 'I'll look in five minutes.' I know it's not exactly the same thing. But how would you feel, Squirt?"

"Kind of sad." Olivia twiddled her thumbs not wanting to look her mother in the eyes.

"And why kind of sad?"

"Because I'd think that you must not like me very much if you don't like my drawing too. Or like maybe I did something wrong."

"That's a great answer, Liv. It's also because it makes it seem like something else is more important than sharing in that time with you. When you don't wake up for Mommy like you do for me, I think that she thinks you love me more."

"But that's not true!" She raised her voice before immediately apologizing at the sight of her mother's disapproving eyes. Thinking about how her mother might feel brought on small tears as she continued to speak, "Sorry. You know that isn't true, Mama. You have to tell Mommy that I love you both the same."

Alison looked to her right as she spoke, nudging her daughter's side lightly, "I'm not sure if Mommy would believe me if I told her. She might think that I was just trying to make her feel better. Is there someone else that she might believe more?"

"Maybe me?"

"That would be a great idea, Squirt. What do we say about apologizing to someone?"

"Saying sorry means nothing without doing sorry."

"And how might you be able to do sorry in this scenario?"

"Wake up the first time for Mommy tomorrow morning?"

"Perfect. I love that idea. Let's clean up your little face in your bathroom real quick before heading downstairs, okay?" She picked Olivia up in a huff before setting her onto the countertop in the bathroom. Wetting a small cloth, she placed a corner up to each of her eyes, patting the remaining tears away. "Have I ever told you how much you look like your mother?" Olivia nodded up at her, tracking her mom's pupils as she spoke. "And I think she's the most gorgeous woman in the world which must mean that you're pretty darn special, too."

"You really think she's the prettiest in the whole world?"

"Of course!" Alison reassured, leaning in to place a kiss on her daughter's forehead and helping her off of the counter, before grabbing her hand as they walked downstairs, "I mean, her eyes are the prettiest brown I've ever seen. Sometimes when the light hits them exactly in the right spot they sparkle more than even the brightest diamonds. Right before she's about to laugh, she gets this little smirk in the right corner of her mouth that makes me blush every time I see it. And in the mornings, when I get to see her for the first time since the night before, sometimes I can feel my heart stop for barely a second because I had forgotten how lucky I was to be married to her." She kept talking as they rounded the corner of the stairs and walked into the kitchen where Emily was pulling the biscuits out of the oven.

"What are you two talking about?" she smirked over her shoulder before barely laughing.

"See what I mean?" Alison whispered as she escorted Olivia to her seat at the table, "Not too much, Emmy." She sauntered over to wrap her arms around Emily's back before they briefly kissed.

"Mama was telling me about why you're the prettiest woman in the whole wide world."

"The entire world?" Emily asked, kissing Alison's forehead as she continued the conversation.

"Me too!" Levi asserted from next to Olivia. Five years younger than her, Levi was starting to learn how to say some longer sentences, but he had nowhere near the speaking capacity that Olivia did at his age.

Walking their plates over to her children, Emily kept talking, "I am the luckiest mom in the world for having you two in my life. That's for sure."

Olivia turned subtlety to whisper, "Mommy? Can I talk to you at some point today? I don't want you to stop looking at my drawings."

Despite looking at her confused, Emily placed a kiss on her daughter's cheek as she crouched down next to her, "Of course, Squirt." She walked back to the kitchen whispering to her wife, "Stop looking at her drawings? What'd you tell her up there, Al?"

"Don't worry about it, babe." Alison smirked, wrapping her arms around Emily's waist, "Give me a kiss?" The women leaned forward kissing lightly in the middle of their kitchen. Alison barely raised herself on her tiptoes to even up their heights as Emily sunk into their embrace.

Emily moaned while hesitantly pushing her wife's waist to take a step back while pointing straight ahead, "Nope. I gave you the option to stay in bed this morning, but you insisted on waking up early to make breakfast. Now, you have to be patient!"

Alison pouted as she replied, "That was before I started reminding our daughter everything I love about you."

The brunette began walking back to the table as she looked over her shoulder, winking, "Can't wait for you to show me tonight then."

The two sat on opposite sides of the table smirking as Olivia interrupted their seductively joined gaze, "Show Mommy what?" She took another bite of her bacon as she looked back and forth at her parents.

Emily choked on her sip of water as Alison attempted to reply, "It's nothing, Liv."

"I wanna see!" Levi squealed while stabbing his eggs with his fork.

Blush covered Alison's cheeks as she continued speaking panickily, "No, no. There's nothing to see. I was just going to talk to your Mommy about some adult things. You and Liv don't have anything you need to see."

"Trust me." Emily nodded, sinking further into her chair as she took a bite of food while grasping for any other conversation to take place. "Alison, you did a great job with breakfast. Did you change up how you seasoned the eggs?"

"When do I get to be a part of adult things?" Olivia continued prying, sending the women further into the grave they had dug themselves.

"Oh. I mean, years and years from now – "

" – Never if I have anything to say about it." Emily interrupted as Alison shot daggers her wife's way.

"But you do adote finks?"

"Adu-LT. TH-in-G-s." Olivia interrupted as Levi stared at her, sounding out each syllable section by section.

Alison shot Emily a glare as she nodded in reply and stored into memory to talk to Olivia about correcting her brother again later. Emily placed her hand on her daughter's arm as the blonde replied to their son.

Coughing before starting her sentence, Alison attempted to be as honest as possible while also trying to stop the conversation altogether, "Most talking about adult things happens after you're married."

Olivia nodded, "Oh, so you and Mommy didn't talk about adult things until you got married?"

"Not exactly…" Alison backtracked, staring at her wife for any sort of reprieve.

"See Livvy, your mom and I knew each other for a very long time so when we started dating…" she gulped, "We had adult conversations before we got married, but that's because we already loved and trusted each other for very long time."

"So I have to wait until I love someone for a very long time?"


"Exactly." Alison asserted, taking another bite of food.

Silence filled the nook as the four of them kept eating. Alison glanced at Emily to see if that went alright. But before she could ask, Levi shouted, "All done!"

"Try that one more time, Le." Alison turned toward their son. She brushed his shaggy dirty blonde hair away from his eyes with her fingers until she could clearly see his dark brown eyes which perfectly matched his freckled cheeks. "Remember how we've been practicing?" She leaned forward placing a kiss on his forehead.

Levi looked around the table before setting down his fork and staring back at his mom, "I'm done. Can I get up?"

"That was great, sweetie." Emily replied, rubbing the top of his head, "Can you wait just a few minutes? It looks like everyone's almost done."

He nodded while picking up a small action figure next to the silverware on the table as Alison began speaking, "You want to help Mama clean the dishes when we're finished? You can help me put them in the dishwater and everything."

Levi raised his action figure in the air, "Cween him too!"

Alison began standing while helping Levi out of his chair, "We can talk about all the pros and cons of cleaning him while we rinse everything else off. Let's let Mommy talk to Liv real quick, okay Bud?"

"Where do you want to talk, sweetheart?" Emily asked, leaning Olivia's way.

"The living room is good, I guess. Let me just…"

Emily stood behind her chair watching her daughter delicately put each piece of silverware neatly onto her plate before standing up and straightening every inch of her pajamas. Despite how much Olivia reminded her of her wife, it was in these small delicate moments, she was able to see all of the ways Olivia was still so much like her. Like the simple way Olivia was taking time to gather her thoughts and make sure she was ready to speak to her mother by straightening and organizing the things around her in hopes that it would transfer to their conversation.

"Can I help?" Emily asked while crouching back down next to her and adjusting Olivia's shirt and hair. "You don't have to be nervous right now, Livvy. Our conversations will always end with 'I love you', okay? You're okay. Can I pick you up?" Olivia nodded sullenly as Emily wrapped her in her arms.

Emily sighed while turning around to walk toward the front of their home. Six years earlier, the DiLaurentis-Fields family had moved into their dream home which had taken over a year to build. A sprawling mansion with 6 bedrooms, the multi-storied home was the perfect addition to their already growing family. The acre of land Emily purchased near the start of their relationship's rekindling left plenty of room for an outdoor area including a separate single-bedroom backhouse and pool. Their home represented the two women starting from scratch again. Other than a few choice items, they had purchased all new furniture and invested in new pieces around their home.

A year after Levi was born, as Olivia was entering 2nd grade, Emily and Alison had decided that Emily going back to work made the most sense for her contentment. As much as she loved not having to worry much about money due to Alison's family trust, it nearly drove Emily crazy that she wasn't putting work into something. That she couldn't feel herself improving daily, so she had gotten back into the real estate world to feel like she was making a difference.

Alternatively, Alison had gotten used to having more flexibility. Over the past few years, she had begun working on building a family foundation from the bottom up to ensure that her family's wealth wasn't wasted in vain. The Liam DiLaurentis-Fields Foundation had been up and running for a little over two years and had directly invested in over twenty smaller organizations to build equity around the Philadephia area. Though it had turned into a much bigger venture than Alison had initially intended, she loved the idea of impacting the world so much more than either of her parents ever could or wanted to. Other than some fundraising events and galas that occurred each year, her position allowed her to stay at home a majority of the time as she liked it.

Holding her daughter in her arms, Emily smiled as she tightened her grip around Olivia's waist, reminiscing on all of the good her and her wife had achieved in their over decade of marriage. They were raising wonderful children and continued choosing each other daily. She knew how lucky she was and so Emily relished in every second she spent with her family, no matter how big or small.

She kept Olivia cuddled in her arms as she sat down on their wrap around couch. Emily waited for her daughter to continue gathering her thoughts. They both knew that this was Olivia's conversation to control. After scooting herself onto the seat next to her mother, she took a deep breath before speaking.

"I'm really sorry about this morning, Mommy. I love you and Mama the same, and I don't want you to think I don't love you because I don't wake up. I promise I'm going to do a better job about waking up when you come in. I don't want you to stop looking at my drawings because I work really hard on them. But I never thought that maybe you were working hard on waking me up too and then I wasn't being nice by being asleep. It wasn't very nice of me. I'm sorry." Her thoughts came tumbling out before they could be fully organized, leaving Emily to sort through all she said.

"You're okay, sweetie. I'm not sure exactly what Mama told you, but I know how much you love me. That's nothing you should ever worry about. Can I be honest with you?" Olivia nodded, "One of the hardest parts about me going back to work was knowing that I might miss seeing you and your brother wake up every day. That I might miss Levi talking for the first time or you riding a bike or learning how to tie your shoes. I wanted to be here for every moment, but that's not always possible, you know? So your mom and I decided that as an exchange, I would wake you two up on the weekends. It's kind of my favorite part of the day…" Her voice trailed as Olivia spoke.

"More than waking up next to Mama? Because Mama said that she knows how lucky she is when she wakes up next to you every day!"

"Awh, that's super sweet of her, isn't it? But yeah, sometimes waking you guys up is my favorite. Especially if we have an exciting day coming up or if I got home too late from working with a client to tuck you in the night before. So, when you refuse to wake up for me, but then immediately wake up for your mom, it can feel like my favorite part of the day was taken away."

"Mommy, I didn't know that! I promise." Olivia wrapped her hands around her mother's upper arm as she pleaded in her eyes.

"I know you didn't, Squirt. I haven't told anyone that before. I can't expect you to know something I haven't said."

"Not even Mama knows?"

"I'm sure she knows it a little bit. But I've never told her that directly, no. You are one of my favorite people ever, Livvy, so every moment I get to spend with you is so monumental. Just like how Mama says she lucky to wake up next to me, I am lucky to be able to spend every day with your mom and your brother and Gamma and you." Emily replied, tapping her daughter's nose with her finger. "Thank you for saying sorry though. It really does mean a lot to me that you would be so thoughtful. I love you bunches."

"I love you too! Guess what? Mama said that it would be better if I said sorry instead of her telling you for me. I thought this would be more hard."

"Harder." She corrected, "And yes, it was better that you came to me yourself. It shows me how big of a girl you're becoming. But I also need to remind you not to correct Levi for us, Squirt. I know that you're just trying to help, but Le has trouble with some words. You pointing it out for him isn't going to help him change how he says them."

"But you do it for me?"

"I know we do." Emily tucked Olivia's hair behind her ears, "But you never had any trouble talking, Liv. You picked up on what Mama and I said really easily. Levi though had to have surgery to put these little things called tubes into his ears when he was over a year old. We didn't know it, but he had a really hard time hearing before then. Let me show you. Can you put your hands over your ears for me?" Adjusting Olivia's hands to be in the correct spot, Emily began talking again. Olivia looked up at her mother confused as the words were muffled between her hands and her hair. Emily said just a few sentences before removing Olivia's hands from her ears. "How did that sound?"

"I know you said that you loved me and that you were excited for me to start fourth grade, but I mostly had to read your lips." Emily saw the realization cross her eyes, "That's how Levi hears?"

"That's how he used to hear, baby. And he didn't know all the words that you do, so he couldn't really read lips either. So now his speaking is behind. He's picking up on new words every day, but he's in special classes that help him learn new words and sounds but very slowly. So when you correct him, it might be confusing for him."

"Cause maybe he hasn't learned them yet?"

"That's exactly right. You are so, so smart, Olivia. But we just need to be patient with your brother. He's doing the best that he can."

"Okay. I can be patient. When he messes up though, how can I help him?"

"Well, your mom and I instead of correcting, just try to use the word correctly in the next sentence we say back to him. So earlier when Le said 'Cween', remember?"

Olivia nodded, "Yeah, Mama said that they could talk about cleaning his super hero when they do the dishes."

"Yep. So, we try to teach him by giving him an example of the correct word, not by directly correcting him. Does that make sense?"

"Mhm-hmm" she overly nodded her head before beginning to get off the couch, "Can we go see if they're finished with the dishes? I want to tell Mama that I said sorry!"

Olivia dragged her mother back toward the kitchen as Emily rolled her eyes in jest. Her family was perfect and no one could convince her otherwise.

Every Saturday afternoon, during Levi's nap time, Olivia was sent up to the game room to play with Barbies and her other toys. Being mostly an only child for the first five years of her life, she had become a pro at playing alone. Anytime she needed a buddy during Levi's nap time though, she liked to pretend that she was playing with her older brother, Liam. Though she had only been told that he died when he was really little in Mommy's tummy, she also knew that he would always be her friend when she needed someone to play with. She tried to not play with him around her parents because Olivia noted that every time she said his name randomly that it threw Alison off. She hated seeing her mother sad in any way, so she had learned to play games with him only when she knew she was alone.

She wasn't sure how much time passed before she heard Emily whispering behind her at the top of the staircase, "Livvy? Can you come help me?"

"What is it?" She whispered back over her shoulder.

"It's kind of like a secret mission. You in?" Emily waited to see her daughter stand up before going back down the stairs.

Olivia put down her Barbie dolls before turning back to the room, "Sorry Liam, gotta go help Mom!"

She rushed down the stairs before seeing her mom at the end of them with a finger over her lips telling her to slow down and be quiet. As she caught up with her, Emily held her hand and took her to the closest restroom before spinning around to face her daughter, "Your Mama is taking a nap, but I wanted to do something nice for her before she wakes up."


"When I got home yesterday, I saw that her toenail polish had chipped. But she doesn't go to get them fixed until next week, so I thought that maybe we could fix them for her."

"Oh, okay! That sounds fun! It's a surprise?"

"It is, but I'm not very good with nail painting things. See, your mom has all of these red nail polishes, and I need your help to see which one matches the one on her toes the most for me." Emily turned her hands to face her daughter as she saw that each of Emily's fingers had been painted with a different color red to compare against Alison's toes. "These ten I think are the closest, but I thought that you might be the best person for the job. What do you say?"

"I'm in! We need to be really really quiet so that Mama doesn't know we are right there while she sleeps?"

"Yep. Shhh and then she'll be so excited when she wakes up knowing how much you helped."

The two tiptoed out into the living room where Alison laid back in her recliner asleep with a blanket over her body and her hands relaxed behind her head. Emily pulled up a large ottoman for the both of them to sit on as they peered at her uncovered toes.

"Isn't Mama so pretty?" Emily whispered, caught up in the idealistic image of her wife in front of her.

"Do you think she's the prettiest woman in the world too, Mommy?"

"100 percent. She's the prettiest even while she sleeps. On the other hand, I drool in my sleep and sleep with my mouth wide open." Olivia chuckled quietly as she looked at her mother's toes.

Emily gently held up finger by finger against them until Olivia grabbed the one that looked the most like the polish already on Alison's toes. "It's this one!"

The 4 written on the back of Emily's finger corresponded with a bottle lying at her feet. The brunette picked it up and shook it gently in her hand before opening it up and delicately painting over each of her wife's chipped toe nails, pausing to blow lightly against them to ensure that they didn't get smudged while she still slept.

Olivia sat in awe while watching her mother. No matter how many times she had heard them say 'I love you' or watched them kiss each morning, nothing compared to the delicateness with which Emily was treating this touch-up job. It was as if nothing else mattered to her in the world except for surprising her wife when she woke up. Olivia watched her concentration as Emily pulled her eyebrows together to make sure that not even the smallest bit of her nail was showing. It was a moment so clearly laid out in front of Olivia's eyes that she knew without a doubt that her parents were the most in love people in the world. The feeling wrapped her up from head to toe so tightly that she almost didn't pull away when her mother's phone buzzed by the nail polish she had in her possession. It was a feeling so visceral that she had to reread the message from her Uncle Jason that popped up on Emily's screen multiple times to make sure she understood what he was saying. Because if her parents loved each other with so much care, why would she ever be keeping something from her wife?

Olivia looked down one more time to see the bolded letters before her stomach sunk to her feet.

From Jason: Em, I'm not going to ask you again. You need to tell Ali by tomorrow, or I'm coming there to tell her myself.

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