Yes, this is a Splatoon parody of Star Wars. However, I won't use blasters in this, just the Force, and lightsabers.


Bonds of Sisterhood

"Having a sister is like having a best friend you can't get rid of. You know whatever you do, they'll still be there."

-Amy Li

Chapter One

Clair, Last of C Group

(Inkopolis Plaza, two days after defeat of DJ Octavio)

Clair stood in the center of the plaza, watching Inklings go about their daily lives. With tears flowing down her cheeks, she walked into an alley where no one would see her. Once there, she removed something from her belt, a cylinder, with a button near the top, with an opening at the top, a switch attached to an adjustment control in the middle, and a clip on the bottom of the cylinder. The memories of how she had this cylinder played fresh in her mind. 'I failed you, Cassie. I'm sorry.'

She held the cylinder in her hand, gripping it in the middle, and hit the switch. The weapon activated, revealing a blue energy blade. She stared at the active blade for a moment, and shut the weapon off. Upon doing so, she felt something, a feeling of danger. She turned to where it was coming from, and saw an Inkling boy holding a pocketknife. "Give me your money." Clair glared at him, and reactivated the weapon, holding it at the ready. The boy looked surprised, but said nothing. He tried to slice at her with the knife, and Clair sliced the knife's blade from the handle.

The Inkling stared at his ruined knife, and looked at her in anger. "Oh, you're gonna pay for that." Clair raised her blade up, and the boy stopped. He growled. "Next time." He ran off, and Clair watched him leave, shutting off the weapon. She walked off, putting the weapon back on her belt. She continued to walk, not caring where she ended up. She was the last of her batch, and would spend the rest of her life apart from other Octolings, a form of exile.

(Two years later)

Clair walked into her apartment, and took note of her friend and roommate, Sarah. She'd found the Inkling a year ago in an alley of the city. Since then, they'd formed a strong bond. Sarah had become like a sister to Clair, which meant it was her responsibility to wake Sarah up, as she was napping on the couch. "Sarah, just because it's a Sunday doesn't mean you get to sleep all day." Sarah opened one eye, and said, "There's nothing to do." Clair chuckled. "You could play Turf Wars, you know."

Sarah got up. "Already did. I won seven out of ten games." Clair looked at her. "Really? Nice." Sarah shrugged. "I got hungry and came home. There was nothing good on TV, so I just fell asleep." Clair rolled her eyes playfully. "What am I gonna do with you?" Sarah snorted. "Love me, feed me-." Clair snorted. "Okay, miss smarty-pants. Just for that, you're doing dishes tonight." Sarah groaned. "But I hate doing dishes." Clair looked at her with a deadpan look. "That's the point."

Sarah growled at her, and went to her bedroom. Clair shook her head in amusement and walked to her room. She opened her drawer, revealing two cylinder-like weapons. She picked one up, which had a disk-like guard near the opening in the weapon, and ignited it, revealing the sapphire blade. Shutting it off, she put it back in the drawer. It was the lightsaber that she had built. The other had belonged to one of her sisters. Sarah didn't know about them, and Clair planned to keep it that way.


So now you see something unique. Clair has two lightsabers, one of which wasn't hers. Who could it belong to?

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