I woke up before dawn and left a note for Patterson where she could find it when she woke up and took a taxi home. I showered, changed my clothes, made coffee and tried to forget the feeling of emptiness that was taking over me. I had slept little in the past few days and was stressed and depressed.

I tried to convince myself that these feelings had nothing to do with Reade, but the sick feeling in the stomach said otherwise. It was after eight already and I needed to hurry since Reade had not sent me any messages offering me a ride. We hadn't talked in over twenty-four hours. The call I made to him the night before was brief and he barely had time to say 'hi' because he was too busy. I knew how much work he had and I needed to make up for the time he spent alone with me, but on those days that we didn't see each other, I felt a great emptiness.

I grabbed my bag and left. I was almost at the office when he called me "Hi Tasha, where are you?" I replied "hi missing, I'm going to work" he intervened "are you taking a taxi? Why didn't you wait for me? " "You didn't tell me you were going to pick me up and I didn't want to be late after everything that happened yesterday" I replied upset "You should have called me before you left" he said angrily. "When i call you never have time to talk to me" i heard a sigh on the other end of the line "is that i have been very busy these days, i have a lot of work" "ok, i will let you work then". I hung up the phone and got out of the taxi already entering the building and going through the reception.

- Good morning, Tania!

- Good morning Miss Zapata! I'm sorry for your friend, I hope she's okay.

- She is much better, thank you! - I thanked you for your kindness. - Now tell me everything I lost yesterday.

She talked about all the events of the previous day and I went to my office, putting my cell phone on silent. The morning passed quickly. I was working on a backlog from the previous week and needed to send some reports by half past eleven. I immersed myself in work and decided not to think about Reade for the next few hours. But as soon as I finished the urgent issues I took out my cell phone and there were several messages from him. Asking me how I was and then if I had lunch, I replied just saying that I was fine. I looked at the clock and it was after two in the afternoon and I just had breakfast. I sent a message to Tania asking her to buy me something to eat. I called Patterson and she told me that she was better and Rich was with her then and that I didn't have to worry. I decided to se

"I am unhappy without you. I remember the weekend, the moments we spent together and what I would not do to be with you again, to have you just for me. I hate to feel that way. I hate to miss you so much. I hate being so dependent on you."

I thought about it and deleted the message without sending.

At the end of the day I hurried down, because I was tired and wanted to get home soon. I hated that Reade was so busy and didn't have time for me. I didn't even bother to call him. And he didn't call me either.

"My angel". I was woken up more than midnight by those words. The bed sank when Reade sat next to me. He leaned over me and hugged me through the blankets. I smelled the delicious smell of his aftershave mixed with the scent of his skin, which had a calming effect on me.

He kissed me covering my lips with his. I touched his chest and felt his bare skin. He groaned and kept leaning in my direction so that we wouldn't interrupt the kiss while getting rid of the blankets. Soon I could feel his body hot and naked over mine. His mouth came down on my neck and his hands removed my nightgown so that it reached my breasts. His lips sucked on my nipples with intensity. He supported his body on his forearm, but remained glued to me. His other hand was between my legs. He grabbed my sex and slid his fingers into my panties. He continued to play with my nipples, making me very excited.

"Reade ..." I groaned his name while feeling my feelings exposed. I suffered away from him. I loved him so much. He there with me, his body touching mine, was all I needed. He sucked on the other nipple with an intensity causing an even greater wave of pleasure to spread through my body leaving me even more lubricated. He moved his mouth down my belly, spreading the warmth of his breath over my skin until he reached my sex with his mouth. With his skillful hand he removed my panties leaving me free so that he could explore me leaving me very shivery.

"Tasha, I love you so much." With his tongue he made me fast movements while stimulating my clitoris with his thumb making me let out loud moans. I felt myself shiver with his rhythmic attacks and I could feel the first signs of my orgasm. I came violently, my nails driven into the sheets. I struggled to breathe. He slowed his movements with his mouth and fingers, letting me feel all the intensity of that moment.

Reade rode me and I felt him make his way inside me, penetrating me deeply. I tied my legs around him until we reached the desired position. He was totally inside me with overwhelming movements that made me delirious. He groaned my name and his orgasm was violent inside me, making me feel him to the last drop. "It's for you, Tasha. Only for you." With a few more moves from him I reached another orgasm feeling full and complete.

I pulled him to me and kissed him hard. "I need you, most of all." I said between kisses. "And me from you. Do not give up on me." He asked holding my face. "Never ... I love you." He pulled me to him and penetrated me again. "And I love you." I knew that we would still go far with that.

The day dawned and I looked around and he was still sleeping. I got up without waking him up, because I knew how tired he was. I took my shower and went to prepare our breakfast. After that night he must have been as hungry as I was. I was finishing when I heard your footsteps behind me.

- Hmm. What a delicious day! - Said as he hugged me from behind and kissed my neck. I turned to him and received a delicious good morning kiss. He smelled like a bath and was wearing only a boxer and I could feel his whole body touching me under my satin robe.

He looked at me seriously. - You know I love you, don't you? - The depth of his gaze mesmerized me.

- Yes. You already told me. - I bit my bottom lip.

- I want to marry you.

- Reade! - I just felt the tears coming to my eyes.

- On here. - He opened his hand and in it was a golden ring with a very delicate transparent stone.

- You accept? - Only then did I realize that he was waiting for an answer.

- Yes. - I held out my hand to him.

Reade put the ring on my finger and picked me up, taking me to the bed where we would spend some more good times before we officially started the day.