Over the many years he had been alive, the Force showed itself to have some use for him still. If only that placement was in a more...restricted...fashion. The Dark-Side was quite pleased with his work into the inner workings on the aspects of life and death, the control of the midichlorians that all life had inside them. However, Darth Plagueis, formerly known as Hego Damask, awoke from his death. His own apprentice, the human male once known as Sheev Palpatine or Darth Sidious, attacked him with his impressive skills with Force Lightning. Reaching into the Force, Plagueis found his midichlorians rebuilding his body and increasing his powers in the Force astonished the old Sith Master. Of course, now, he found himself on a planet that was filled to the zenith with the force itself. But what he found was a lack of midichlorians, well, not really a lack of the translators of the Force, but the fact they didn't really appear in the biological growth of this planet.

Plagueis could close himself off from the force here and still feel the Force around him, like a massive ocean that surrounded him on all sides. This was unimaginable and yet, someone had brought him back to life or maybe three beings.

"It would seem that you three have brought me here," Darth Plagueis said, turning himself to face three old croons, knitting socks the size of robes, "Unless you three were unable to do so and something else did this?"

The Muun studied the three before they spoke, as one, "We have been given permission to let you live but we can not interfere with what you do or who you interact with. Choose wisely."

"I have always been wise, but I sense someone powerful...place me before that person." Plagueis said calmly, making the three glower at him before he appeared before a primitive housing complex.

The Sith let the Dark Side lead him before a sleeping human female, carrying a baby inside her. A pregnant human that, herself, was powerful in the Force, even more so than his murdering apprentice. But her midichlorians, there wasn't any he could find, even as his senses looked deeper into her body. It seems that this planet allowed a more intimate connection to the Force than the rest of the galaxy, so he decided to wait until she awoke. Using the Force to pull a chair at the edge of the bed, sitting upon it as she looked at the woman. The Dark side hummed then started talking in his mind.

"So," the clear feminine voice said, filling his mind as if it had always been there, "it seems that you have a lot to learn and what my opposite allows."

"Yes," Plagueis bowed his head, realizing that maybe he would do better to listen and learn from this master than his former one, Darth Tenebrous, "It seems I have much to learn and gain from this."

"Yes and no," The voice said, becoming more solid with each word, "Yes, you'll have to learn but you won't learn like anyone else."

Plagueis frowned before a female form appeared out of the shadows, the Dark Side radiating out from her and sucking it right back in like a black hole. She was completely black, nothing on her was anything else in coloration. Her eyes were red and brightly glowing yellow pupils as her mouth opened to show silver canine teeth. This being was the very Dark Side itself, hidden away on this planet in some unknown place in the unknown regions.

"I think you need to start with training the mother of the boy that will be my own son soon enough, being the last of the Sith I will ever be truly connected to. You will give the mother everything you learned over the decades while I'll train the son myself, as he'll be my child when I give him my blood."

Plagueis nodded before looking at the Dark Side calmly, "So, if I am to train her then transfer my knowledge is the only reason I am here?"

"Of course not," She laughed softly, "she'll be your apprentice until you are no longer needed, training her in everything you learned before giving her your knowledge, her son will be trained by myself before she takes him as her apprentice, where we'll continue his training him together."

Plagueis finally began to understand his final place in the galaxy, his part to play was to train the last of the Sith that would take out his wayward apprentice.

"May I ask," He said, his voice calm and focused, "What time is it?"

The Dark Side smirked, "twenty years before your death by your apprentice, Darth Sidious, of course."