Hego Damask or his lesser known persona, Darth Plagueis, sat before the moderately pregnant Sally Jackson. She was a beautiful human, though he decided that such things as physical beauty didn't attract him much, who actually knew she was a powerful Force sensitive. Much like Palpatine long ago or now, due to the time difference, she had been hiding it from everyone and everything inside her body. A vast well of the Dark Side churned inside her body, standing like a black hole, her outline the event horizon of that black hole. Even while pregnant with her son, she still took up the training without question.

Might be because she had been a gift from the Dark Side to her birth parents for this very purpose.

Plagueis knew that Sally would continue as the next Master in the line of Bane after she killed him, that much was certain, even Plagueis wasn't foolish enough to try and go against the Dark Side itself. However, he had been studying the texts, holocrons and manuscripts that the powerful being had stored away in a secret location. All the way back to the very first Sith, so much knowledge to learn and test. However, he didn't have any time to truly study it. That would be his apprentice's and her apprentice's job when he was finally disposed of.

He mentally smirked, Darth Tenebrous would have tried to escape it as it wouldn't have fit his logical and mathematical thinking his species relied on. Focusing on the present, he watched as Sally slashed her lightsaber through the shadow creatures that the Dark Side created for this training session. Swift, dangerous, tactical, powerful, all the things that a Sith needed. All while carrying a child, impressive indeed.

"Enough," He said, raising his hand, the creatures freezing in place as Sally straightened, still on high alert, "You have done well, Sally Jackson. Enough to impress me, you have more talent than my first Apprentice, Sidious."

Sally looked over at him, her eyes flashing from blue to a bright Sith Yellow, "Of course, I aim to please, my Master."

Plagueis stood, letting his senses out before closing them back into himself, "Come."

She deactivated her weapon, falling into step with Plagueis as they moved from the training arena to the laboratory. The Dark Side was quite amused when he had...requested...her of this, allowing him the best technology that was created or would be produced, along with all the droids that would be needed. The price was still his death, so he would make sure to use it wisely. Pointing at a metal door, he looked at his apprentice.

"In there," He said, studying her, "You will find a beast known as a Hellhound."

She nodded, clearly curious on where this was going.

"I want you to manipulate its very being into something different," He instructed, "It may be anything you want but it must be different than what it looks like now."

Sally bowed her head before entering the chamber when the metal door opened, closing behind her as he went to an observation chamber that overlooked the room below. Inside of the room was nothing, besides the massive hound of Hell, chained to the floor in a titanium alloy. Sally stood before the beast, studying its body. The drooling jaws filled with jagged fangs, blood red eyes gazing at her but not seeing as it had been properly drugged. The human raised her hand before a ripple went through the animal, making it straighten.

Slowly, very slowly, the creature started to change, shifting from its canine like roots into something more...human. The muscular limbs shrinking, the paws becoming hands, the stance more and more hominid as it silently screamed. He watched, silent and contemplative as the Hellhound turned from its former being into something that most literature would call a werewolf. Lanky muscular limbs shivered as its broad chest heaved heavily, Sally putting a hand on its head as it whimpered. Plagueis was most impressed at this show of power, changing the very being of a sentient was something long thought to be an art of the ancient Sith Lords.

Pressing the microphone's button, Plagueis spoke into the mic, "Impressive, you are growing more powerful each day, my Apprentice."

Several months later, Plagueis was studying alone when he felt the Dark Side appear before his desk. Looking up, he kept his face neutral as he gazed upon the female personification of the power he served. She looked quite displeased, something had changed.

"Plagueis," She snapped, glowering at him darkly, "It seems that something has noticed your presence here, and it isn't good."

"Which is?" He asked, mentally thinking up the list of beings on this planet that would be a threat to their operation.

The Gods were of no consequence, the Dark Side itself could manipulate them as they had human emotions. No, it had to be something much older, the Norse maybe? The Mayans?

"The Titan King, Kronos, has noticed you and will want you to join him." She growled, her black approximation of hair rising like gravity didn't exist.

Plagueis's lips turned into the slightest frown as he looked at the being before answering, "Is he not disembodied, cut up into many pieces?"

The Dark Side nodded, "He is"

"Then we deal with him in that way," He said, a smile gracing his lips, "We banish his soul from this realm, we simply need the proper ritual to do so."

The Dark Side smiled, her hair falling back down, "Yes, quite ingenious, without the Titan King rising, the others will remain quiet. Leaving the world in a state of placid ignorance, yes, that will be the perfect solution for this annoyance."

Plagueis bowed his head, "I'll have my Apprentice prepare the necessary pieces to remove this pest from the grand plan you have designed, M'lady."

"I expect it to be so," She growled, fading away into the aether, "I do not let those that serve me do nothing less than perfection."