"Esmeralda. Esmeralda, wake up!" Quasimodo shook the unconscious and seemingly dead Esmeralda many times, hoping somehow she would sit up and answer him, but she didn't. Not yet. While he waited, Quasimodo checked her pulse to make sure her heart was still beating. That's when a miracle happened: it began pumping, as did her heart. Esmeralda sat up. "Quasimodo!" she gasped. "Esmeralda!" Quasimodo's face lit up with joy. Esmeralda was alive! They both embraced as Phoebus came over. He had finished Frollo and his goons off already. "Are you alright, Em?" he asked Esmeralda. "Quasi and I thought you were dead." Esmeralda smiled. "Nope. I just passed out." The boys breathed a huge sigh of relief and the trio met in a group hug, glad that Esmeralda had been saved.