chapter 1

A young girl woke up. Her name was Hannah McCoy. She was a bright and exquisite girl and she had many dreams. She lived in the city of Tokyo. She lived with her mother and father. Her father was the head of big technology company and her mother was a scientist who studied ancient civilizations and how they connect with other worlds.

Hannah lived a fairly sheltered life. But that doesn't stop her from going out to explore.

"Mom, Dad I am going out," Hannah said. She left to enjoy herself. Hannah started to explore the city.

Then a couple of the local kids saw her. "Oh look it's miss freak-show," one of the girls said.

"Hey Diantha," Hannah said rolling her eyes. She didn't want to deal with her today.

"What are you doing?" Diantha said.

"Just going to the park," Hannah said.

"Ooh I am surprised they let a freak like you into the park," Diantha said.

Diantha's friend laughed. "Yes they should boot you out as soon as you walk in," she said.

"That's Clara!" Diantha said.

Hannah sighed and walked away from them. She heard them laugh and make fun of her from a few blocks. "This is totally tanks," Hannah said.

Then Hannah's dad drove up. "Hey Hannah do you want to come to work with me and your mother?" he asked.

"Sure," Hannah said and got in. She was looking out the car window.

"Something wrong?" he asked.

"Just had a run in with Diantha," Hannah stated. "I just walked away from her, I just wish she would leave me be," she said.

"Hannah remember Diantha is bully, she just wants to get a rise out of you, so don't let it get to you," he said.

They made it to the work place. Hannah sat down and started to play her video game. Then some noises were heard. "Dad what was that?" Hannah asked.

"I don't know," he said.

"Let's go check it out," her mom said.

"Hannah stay here," her dad said.

"Dr. Angela McCoy and Professor Martin McCoy something is going on," a worker said.

"Don't worry we will figure it out." Professor McCoy said.

Hannah was going to the parking garage of the building. Her dog Marcy followed her. "We should be safe here Marcy," Hannah said.

Then she looked outside and saw her parents were out there. She saw something coming up. "It's a tank," Hannah said.

"Conquortrone transform," It was a robot. "Professor McCoy and Dr. McCoy I want you the knowledge that you have." he said.

"Who are you?" Dr. McCoy asked.

"I am Conquortrone leader of the Conquerdriods, and soon the rule of every universe and dimension." Conquortrone said. "You both do the most advanced technology on earth and know much about energy and other stuff I need to know so you will come with me," he said.

"No way," Professor McCoy said.

"We will not betray earth for some invader," Dr. McCoy said.

Hannah was scared and ran away from the building. "What are we going to do my parents are in danger as is there company what am I going to do?" Hannah asked. I need someone to save them. A tear landed on her smart phone.

"We will come to save your parents," a bot said.

"We will be there soon," said another.

"Who are you two?" Hannah asked.

"We will explain later just meet us at this street in six minutes." the first bot said.

Two large vehicles pulled up. One was a large truck and the other was a big mobile defense unit. "Get in," the truck said opening the door.

Hannah got in and saw no one was driving it.

"Who are you?" Hannah asked.

"I am Optimus prime leader of the Autobots," Optimus said.

"And I am Megatron leader of the Decepticons." Megatron said.

"We are from the planet Cybertron now let's help your parents," Optimus said.

They drove off to help. They saw Conquortrone. "Hannah this going to get dangerous so stay back Optimus said and moved her to his trailer. Optimus and Megatron tackled Conquortrone in Vehicle mode.

"Look a couple of human made vehicles trying to stop me talk about ridiculous." Conquortrone said.

"Think again," Megatron and Optimus said. "Transform," they said.

"They are allies with the Conquerdriods." Hannah said.

"We are all Transformers from Planet Cybertron but we are different from them in many ways," Optimus said.

"But how am I suppose to know which of you bots to trust?" Hannah asked.

"You have to make that judgement yourself," Megatron said.

"No let's stop those droids," Optimus said.

"Conquerdriods come and defeat Optimus Prime and Megatron," Conquortrone said.

"Cutter transform," Cutter said.

"Trapper Transform," Trapper said.

"Whammo Transform," Whammo said.

"Heatstroke transform," Heatstroke said.

"Suckerpunch transform," Suckerpunch said.

"Blindspot transform," Blindspot said.

"Terrorsky transform," Terrorsky said.

"Deadbeat transform," Deadbeat said.

"Nastyplot transform," Nastyplot said.

"Oh no what are we going to do with these buffoons," Megatron said.

"Yes we don't have time to deal with these clowns," Optimus said. "Miza Battle protocol," he said.

In a base some where nearby.

A form came to life. "Battle protocol activated," Miza said.

The screens came to life. "We need some help here," Megatron said.

"Okay then there are two Decepticons close by Cyclonus and Demolisher, and the Autobot Siblings, X-Brawn the oldest and strongest, Pokehard the toughest, Prowl, Sideburn one of the youngest but the fastest, Hot shot, Wheeljack, Side swipe the brightest, and Brightlight the only girl are close by too," Miza said. "Cyclonus and Demolisher Battle protocol," she said.

"I'm on it," Demolisher said and headed out.

"Coming," Cyclonus said following.

"Battle protocol," Miza said.

"On it," X-Brawn said drove off.

"I'm coming," Pokehard said.

"Here I come," Hot shot said.

"Wait for me," Side swipe said.

"Heads up here I come," Wheeljack said.

"Hurry up Sideburn," Prowl said.

"I'm coming, come Brightlight you don't want be left behind sis," Sideburn said.

"I'm coming keep your tires on!" Brightlight said.

They arrived. "Sorry we are all late," Demolisher said.

"We were not invited I guess our invitations got lost in the mail," Sideburn said.

"I hear these guests are rude," Cyclonus said.

"Yes we tell them to leave but they just keep hanging around," Megatron said.

"I'll handle Cutter," Cyclonus said.

"I will try apprehend Heatstroke," Prowl said.

"I got Whammo," Demolisher said.

"I got Trapper," Pokehard said.

"I got Blindspot," Hot shot said.

"I got Deadbeat," Wheeljack said.

"I got Suckerpunch," Side swipe said.

"I will take Terrorsky, you get Nastyplot," Brightlight said to X-Brawn.

Hannah got out and watched as the Autobots and Decepticons fought back against the droids.

Cyclonus knocked Cutter away, Demolisher blasted Whammo back, Prowl turned Heatstroke's attack against him, Pokehard managed to push Trapper back, Hot shot blasted at Blindspot who ran off, Wheeljack knocked Deadbeat off his feet, Side swipe caught Suckerpunch off guard, X-Brawn did a surprise attack on Nastyplot and Brightlight blasted Terrorsky good.

Optimus and Megatron were trying their best to help Hannah's parents. "We must do what we can got to save Hannah's parents," Optimus said.

"Hey Conquortrone you a total jerk, a lame-o, a big bully, and loser," Hannah shouted.

"What?" Conquortrone asked.

Optimus and Megatron blasted him. Then Conquortrone took off with Hannah's parents.

"Mom and Dad what am I going to do now?" Hannah asked.

"Hannah we promise we will get your parents back and if you need a place to stay you can stay with us," Optimus said.

"Thank you," Hannah said.

"No you see we Autobots and Decepticons are willing to stop the Conquerdriods because it's not just our future at stake it's the universes and every dimension at stake as well." Optimus said.

"Yes and we must do out part," Megatron said.

"I hope one day with your help we will defeat the Conquerdriods," Optimus said.

"I hope so too," Megatron said.

"I know so because nothing is impossible until you stop trying," Hannah said.

To be continued.