I've decided to do something a little different this time. I'm adding an OC. Her name is Saba and she's a monkey. A magenta monkey. I figured it would be fun to have her kill Happy Tree Friends with her curiosity.

Why is she a girl? Well, for some strange reason, all monkey characters seem to be male. I figured why not make an exception?

Let's see if she manages to survive the fanfic. However, the mortality rate in Happy Tree Friends is off the charts.


Saba: Curiousity killed the cat...oh wait, none of the Happy Tree Friends are cats. They'd use up all of their nine lives, anyway.

Cuddles: Don't worry, it's not rabbit season...for now. But it might as well be.

Sniffles: He doesn't sniff glue. Don't worry. Nutty might though.

Flaky: If only her quills would provide protection.

Giggles: She's not going to be giggling if she gets killed. You can count on that!

Toothy: He has more than a toothache to worry about. A toothbrush won't save him from the curse of Happy Tree City!

Flippy: Don't invite him to a movie theater if it's playing "Saving Private Ryan".

Lumpy: He may look blue, but he isn't feeling blue. Unless of course, he's dying a horrible death. You'd probably expect that from this show.

Handy: I gotta hand it to him, he dies a lot.

The Mole: Despite being blind, he doesn't die much. Not in the cartoons, at least.

Saba arrived in Happy Tree City. She was eager to move in.

Why? Because Lumpy had opened up a banana plantation.

She loved bananas...but she also enjoyed fruit in general. She was a bit like Nutty.

And speaking of nutty, she liked coconuts. And coconut milk.

However, when she moved in to her new house, somebody tried to warn her.

Coincidentally, she was colored much like she was.

"You picked this city of all places to live in?" asked Flaky. Why couldn't she have chosen anywhere else? Practically everywhere else would be better.

"What's wrong with it?" inquired Saba. It seemed to be sunny most of the time. And the citizens were friendly outside of the two raccoons that kept stealing from everybody. Why wouldn't somebody want to live there?

Of course, the friendly-looking environment concealed its true nature. That of a city that threatened to kill you when you so much as sneezed.

Unfortunately, a curious little monkey didn't know that.

"This city is cursed...cursed, I tell you!" shouted the porcupine.

Maybe it had something to do with the Cursed Idol that Sniffles had unearthed. Nothing seemed to go well after that.

She left the scene.

Hopefully, the monkey would her warning.

However, the simian didn't take it too seriously.

"Eh, she's probably just nervous." noted Saba.

Unbeknownst to her, Cuddles had been hanged nearby while he was playing jump rope with Giggles and Toothy. His face had gone from being yellow to being blue.

Giggles and Toothy were frightened by the occurrence. What had started off as fun had turned into a horror show. But to be honest, that was kind of the norm in Happy Tree City.

A good example was when they tried to ride a roller coaster. Although, they were always scary.

They should have known better than to let Lumpy be in charge of it. He didn't have any rollercoaster expertise. And he never hired anybody who did.

So many Happy Tree Friends had died that day. The amusement park would never be the same...even if all the victims had come back to life like they usually did.

Shortly after Cuddles' death, a tree fell on Toothy and crushed him...which was pretty ironic considering he was a beaver.

Perhaps Lumpy had tried to chop down a tree and gave up halfway through. At least he didn't have to chop off his own leg.

Giggles screamed. This was the second death in a row! She wondered how many Happy Tree Friends were going to die before the day was over.

Perhaps she should run before she gets killed next. You never knew what was going to kill you in the world of Happy Tree Friends. Even a small bird could be lethal, as Petunia once pointed out to her.

Meanwhile, Saba had finished uploading her briefcase and ate a banana to celebrate.

She was eating outside on a bench.

"Mmm..." said the monkey.

After finishing the banana, she left the banana peel on the floor.

Unfortunately, littering had consequences.

And in the case of Happy Tree Friends, it was harmful to more than just the environment.

Giggles ended up slipping on it.

"Aah!" screamed the pink chipmunk. This wasn't going to end well.

She crashed into a rock and splattered. The rock was now coated a bright red.

Also, her eyeball rolled across the floor.

Unfortunately, the Mole made the mistake of thinking it was an orange.

Perhaps somebody should go with him when he went shopping.

He might make less mistakes that way.

Giggles's ghost decided it was a good idea for her to try to get other Happy Tree Friends to stop littering. That meant Lumpy.

She ended up being killed by the Mole, but at least Lumpy didn't get away with polluting.

Saba overheard Giggles's dying scream.

"What was that noise?" asked Saba. For a moment, she thought she heard someone screaming.

Well, it was probably nothing.

She decided to go visit another Happy Tree Friend. It would be a good idea to get to know people. She was a newcomer so she might as well try to make friends. And she wasn't a shy monkey, anyway.

This time, Saba visited Sniffles. They said that he was a genius. Perhaps he could solve the city's problems.

However, he had yet to put an end to the city's carnage. Perhaps that was out of reach for even him. Though it didn't help that he wss sidetracked by those ants that lived more or less next door to him.

Currently, he was working on a chemical that killed ants. Fortunately, it seemed that the experiment was a success. Insects wouldn't even come ten feet of it.

"Hehhehehheh." chuckled Sniffles. If looked as if his hard work had paid off.

Maybe this way he would have his revenge. They've made him suffer for too long. He might have been the instigator, but their inhumane methods of combatting predators were just too much.

Of course, he would need to pour it into the anthill.

He should probably approach their home with caution. Chances are they had the place booby-trapped. And he knew it was possible that his own inventions could be turned against him.

Hopefully it would go better than the time he built a robot ant. He still had nightmares about that horrendous incident. His tongue had been placed in a paper shredder.

It was darkly ironic considering he had chased the mama ant with it. If only Lumpy hadn't stepped on his tongue.

But at that very moment, Saba came in.

"Is that a drink?" asked the monkey.

It looked tasty.

Saba took the formula off the table.

Sniffles gasped in shock.

"No! Don't drink that! It's ant poison!" exclaimed Sniffles. If Saba drank that, chances are she would become seriously ill. And knowing the average luck of a Happy Tree Friend, it would kill her.

"It looks like a drink to me..." noted Saba.

Sniffles attempted to take the ant poison away from the monkey. He wanted to kill ants, not a fellow mammal.

He was tired of being tortured and killed all the time. Though maybe the ants would resurrect like a Happy Tree Friend would.

Unfortunately, Sniffles fell backwards to where empty lab bottles were. He was about to be killed once again...though at least this time his death would be more instantaneous.

They all fell on him, killing him through numerous cuts.

And yes, he bled quite a bit, as to be expected from a Happy Tree Friend. One might be surprised how much blood a Happy Tree Friend could hold in their bodies.

"What happened to him?" asked Saba. He was alive and well a minute ago.

The next he had been horribly killed in a freak accident.

That poor anteater.

Suddenly, the ants came into the house.

They had heard Sniffles screaming and had come to investigate.

Understandably, they liked what they saw.

It looked as if their nemesis had met his maker once again. And this time, they didn't even need to raise a hand against him.

They laughed at Sniffles' expense, pointing at his carcass.

Once again, Sniffles had died a gruesome death. It was always good for a laugh. How did they ever have fun without him?

Though strangely enough, they actually hadn't caused it this time. It seemed he had been done in by his own clumsiness.

Well, regardless of who or what caused the death, it was funny as heck.

Suddenly, Saba stepped on them.

They left behind a small blood stain.

Sniffles' ghost was baffled as to how easily Saba had killed them. Perhaps the simplest solutions worked the best. He sure wasn't sticking his foot in the anthill though. They'd probably cut off his toes.

Ironically, monkeys also preyed on ants. They could team up later...though he was a bit worried that Saba would kill him again. Her curiosity could be deadly, especially when your living room was essentially a laboratory.

Well, it was time to check out Lumpy's plantation.

Currently, the moose was taking a snooze.

Sometimes, he could be very lazy.

He was dreaming about a Happy Tree City where nobody was dying.

But it seemed such a city would only exist in his dreams.

Saba wondered if she should wake him.

She would really like some bananas.

But how would she do that? It seemed that Lumpy was a heavy sleeper...even though it was theoretically hard to sleep in an environment that was always trying to kill you.

Suddenly, she noticed a fire alarm.

She wondered what it was for. It was colored bright red.

Saba decided to pull the lever.

The fire alarm went off.

It was enough to wake up Lumpy from his nap.

"What? Where's the fire?" asked the moose.

He decided to look around.

However, there didn't seem to be a fire.

"Well, that's a relief." answered Lumpy.

But if there wasn't a fire, why did the fire alarm go off?

Suddenly, the fire department showed up.

However, the fire truck was being driven by Handy.

Unfortunately, he couldn't exactly drive the truck without hands.

Perhaps he didn't think this job through. But what jobs were there that didn't require hands?

He crashed straight through the windshield and splattered on one of the trees.

"I see dead beavers..." remarked Saba.

That poor, handless beaver.

Perhaps he shouldn't have tried to drive a vehicle.

Although, how did he put the keys in the ignition?

The fire truck then crashed into Lumpy's office.

"Aah!" screamed the moose.

This ended up starting a fire...ironically.

Fortunately, Lumpy pulled out a fire extinguisher and put out the fire.

"Whew!" exclaimed the blue moose. That could have led to a disaster.

Well, a bigger disaster than what had already happened. He felt bad for Handy. Though he wondered why his hands didn't regenerate. Perhaps he had lost them before the Happy Tree Curse had taken effect?

That seemed like the most likely (though not only) possible explanation.

"Can I have a banana?" asked Saba.

"What'd you pull the fire alarm for?" questioned Lumpy.

"Can I have a banana?" asked the monkey again.

"Sure, whatever." answered the moose.

Though Saba still hadn't answered his question.

Lumpy handed the monkey a tasty banana.

The simian cheered.

Now that she had a treat, she decided where she should go next.

This time, she went to Flippy's house.

She didn't know much about him, but she knew that he used to be a soldier in the military. In fact, he seemed to be a war hero.

However, he was eventually discharged.

The monkey wasn't sure why. Did he accidentally fire a gun at the general? Although, it seemed to be an honorable discharge.

Unfortunately, the truth was more...sinister.

A lot of Happy Tree Friends didn't visit Flippy's house. They knew how dangerous he was whenever he had a flashback from Vietnam. Lifty and Shifty had tried to rob him once and a horrific fate befell them.

It was doubtful they were going to try that again. Not even rope could restrain him.

They considered robbing Nutty, but that would probably give them cavities.

Unfortunately, a certain monkey wasn't aware of the danger.

Saba decided to play with one of Flippy's old guns. If she had more common sense, she would know that guns weren't toys.

Although strangely enough Happy Tree Friends never seemed to die because of firearms. And Lifty and Shifty never used them to rob a bank.

Seemed he kept them as souvenirs from the Vietnam War...which was probably a bad idea considering what happened whenever he was reminded of that war.

Playing with the guns was a fatal mistake...and not just because of the dangers of being shot.

Inevitably, Flippy heard the sound of gunfire.

He remembered the time where he shot at tiger soldiers. One of the bullets being fired had grazed him in the shoulder.

Shortly afterward, he began to laugh wickedly.

It was time for him to kill...again!

Thiugh to be honest, maybe he didn't need to. If he sat back and relaxed, somebody was bound to have a horrible accident sooner or later.

"Huh?" asked Saba. She thought she heard laughing. What was so funny?

Suddenly, the dangerous bear approached her.

"Hello?" greeted the monkey.

Fliqpy ended up ripping Saba's head clean off.

In the process, blood dripped from her severed cranium and spilled on the grass.

"Hahahahaha!" laughed Fliqpy. This was more fun than a barrel full of...monkeys.

Although, for some strange reason, he didn't recognize this particular Happy Tree Friend. Was this a new one? He knew that Lammy had moved in fairly recently.

Incidentally, the two of them were alike.

He turned back to normal shortly afterwards.

Which was a shame for him, because Fliqpy was hoping to have more victims. But it seemed that Saba had been the only one nearby.

After Saba's death, Flaky discovered her body.

Miraculously, she hadn't died that particular day.

Perhaps it was because she mostly stayed at home instead of hanging out with the other tree friends. Sometimes even playing at the playground together could be dangerous.

In fact, perhaps that was when the carnage began.

She sighed.

"I tried to warn her..." said Flaky.

Well, if she was like all the other Happy Tree Friends, she would come back to life.

At least, she hoped so.

Luckily, she didn't die on the way back home.

She went home to rest...though it wasn't easy considering the city she lived in.

Meanwhile, Saba complained about not surviving her debut.

However, Cuddles and Giggles comforted her. They hadn't survived their debut episode either.

Russell had died in his debut episode as well. He got stabbed in the head with a swordfish. Perhaps he should have gone fishing in less dangerous waters.

Well, maybe she would survive in the future. But who knew?

I hope you enjoyed this fanfic even if it deviated a bit from the norm. I wanted to be creative.

Unfortunately, Saba didn't survive the fanfic. You can thank Flippy for that. I figured he would be a good way to kill her off.

Are you surprised I decided to kill the ants? Personally I thought it would be funny but maybe they should be killed off too. The writers might as well since everyone else on the show seems to die. Even Flippy has died, believe it or not.

Maybe I'll write another one. It might be a waste to only include Saba in one fanfic. Though I would have to think up another crazy situation for her to get into.