Screen Title: #SamAndCatAndJessie

Sam, Cat, and Dice are packing up for a 2 week vacation

Cat: This is going to be the best vacation ever.

Dice: It was nice enough of my mom to let me come with.

Cat: Yeah. I'm surprised since you remember the last time when she wouldn't let you stay home.

Sam: Well that was 2 years ago.

Dice: Yeah now I'm 14 so it doesn't matter.

Cat: So where are we going for our vacation?

Sam: We're going to New York.

Cat: Oh I love New York.

Dice: People are crazy in New York.

We now cut to New York at the Ross Family Penthouse; the kids are running around

Jessie: Luke stop it. I told you to play baseball outside.

Luke: But that wouldn't be fun.

Zuri: Tag you're it.

Jessie: Oh I'm going to get you.

Luke: Ravi go long.

Ravi: Okay.

Luke throws the baseball at Ravi

Luke: Nice catch bro.

Ravi: Sweet.

Ravi throws the ball back but it hits Bertram

Bertram: OW!

Luke: Awesome you hit Bertram.

Luke and Ravi high five

Emma: Yep. New Yorkers are crazy.

Crossover Intro:

Oh, oh, oh oh, Oh, oh, oh, oh

Hey Jessie Hey Jessie

I'm never that far no matter where you are

Believe it

We can make it come true

It feels like a party everyday

Hey Jessie Hey Jessie

But they keep on pulling me every which way

Hey Jessie Hey Jessie

If you live in a dream and you know what it means

Then you can't let em change your mind

It's the life that we choose but we still break the rules

It's all going to be just fine

My whole world keeps on turning me around

They got me going crazy

Yeah they're shaking the ground

They got the chance of the new girl in town

But I don't want to let em down down down

You and me we're going to be just fine

Just fine

Hey Jessie (Whoa)

Hey Jessie (Whoa)

It feels like a party everyday

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey Jessie

You and me we're going to be just fine


Sam, Cat, and Dice are in a taxi to New York

Sam: How excited is this?

Cat: Very excited.

Dice: Who's idea was it to go to New York for our vacation?

Sam: Me. You're welcome.

Cat: I need a vacation and I've always wanted to go to New York.

Sam: Who hasn't.

Back at the penthouse; Jessie and Zuri are heading to the park and Emma is heading to work

Tony: Hey Jessie where you off to?

Jessie: I'm taking Zuri to the park and Emma has to go to work.

Tony: Fun.

Zuri: When are you two going to get back together?

Jessie: Zuri I know you want me to get back together with Tony but it's over.

Tony: Jessie and I are better off as friends.

Emma: I'm getting a raise today.

Tony: That's great, Emma.

Jessie: I'm very proud of you Emma.

Emma heads out

Tony: Well have fun at the park you two.

Jessie: Thanks Tony.

We now cut back to Sam, Cat, and Dice

Cat: I hate being stuck in traffic.

Sam: New York for ya.

Dice: New York is so cool.

The taxi stops in front of the penthouse

Taxi Guy: Get out!

Cat: You don't have to be rude.

The taxi guy literally throws Sam, Cat, and Dice along with their luggage out similar to the first episode of Jessie


The taxi drives off and Tony, Jessie, and Zuri

Tony: Are you okay?

Cat: I think.

Dice: That guy was so rude.

Jessie: Same thing happened to me.

Zuri: No way you're Sam from iCarly.

Sam: You watched iCarly?

Zuri: Watched it? I lived it.

Jessie: iCarly is amazing.

Zuri: I'm Zuri. This is my nanny Jessie and our doorman Tony.

Tony: Sup.

Zuri: I have 3 other siblings, but one is at work and two are in our penthouse.

Cat: Where are we going to stay now?

Jessie: You can stay with us.

Zuri: Yeah we have a ton of room.

Cat: Sweet. I'm Cat Valentine.

Dice: Dice Corleone.

Sam: You already know who I am.

In the Ross kids penthouse

Ravi: I can't believe an iCarly stay is in our apartment.

Luke: Ravi is obsessed with your show.

Zuri: Back when we adopted him back in 2011, he didn't know about iCarly.

Luke: So I showed it to him and he became obsessed with it. He even makes fanfictions.

Sam: That's nice.

Bertram: So why did you end the show?

Sam: Carly went off to Italy to be with her dad so we put it on pause. During this time, I've been living in LA with Cat.

Cat: We started our own babysitting service.

Jessie: I'm a babysitter too.

Zuri: You're a nanny.

Jessie: Same thing.

Emma walks in from work

Emma: You won't believe it. I got a check for $100.

Jessie: That's great Emma.

Emma: Is that Sam from iCarly.

Luke: Yep.

Emma screams very loud

Emma: Oh my god! I love you. You were so amazing on iCarly.

Sam: It was fun.

Dice: Wow you still have a lot of fans.

Sam: Yeah I can tell.

Emma: What are you doing here?

Jessie: They came on vacation but a taxi guy literally thew them out of his taxi.

Emma: You mean when the same thing happened to you?

Jessie: Yep.

Cat: That guy was so mean.

Ravi: New York.

Mrs. Kipling comes in

Dice: Lizard!

Zuri: That's Mrs. Kilping.

Luke: She's Ravi's other best friend besides me.

Sam: Do you not have that many friends?

Ravi: Sadly, no.

Luke: You got me bro. I've been your best friend ever since you got adopted.

Ravi: Yeah.

Emma: Then be happy you got him as your best friend.

Zuri: You don't want to be like Bertram.

Bertram: Hey.

Morgan and Christina comes in

Morgan: Hello.

Christina: We're home.

Ross Kids: Mom. Dad.

Dice: Their parents are Morgan and Christina.

Jessie: Yeah.

Morgan: Who's our guests.

Jessie: That's Sam, Cat, and Dice.

Emma: They're here on vacation.

Sam: I can't believe we're meeting the Morgan and Christina Ross.

Cat: My friends Tori and Trina love all of your movies.

Sam: They do?

Cat: Yeah. Trina makes fanfics of them.

Zuri: Oh like when Ravi makes iCarly fanfics.

Ravi: I have you and Freddie together.

Sam: We are together. It's just a long distance relationship since he lives in Seattle and I live in Los Angeles.

Christina: Well it's very nice that we have fans.

Morgan: Zuri told me that a guy in a taxi threw you out like they did to Jessie.

Dice: Oh yeah.

Cat: They did.

Sam: His taxi was gross anyways.

Morgan: Ha my kids loved seeing you on that iCarly webshow.

Sam: The show was a lot of fun.

Luke: Are you guys ever going to continue the show again?

Sam: Well it depends if Carly ever comes back from Italy.

Emma: I have a question. What's wrong with that Gibby guy?

Sam: No one knows. That's just how he is.

Dice: I always liked when he took his shirt off.

Cat: And when he went Gibbeh!

Jessie: That was funny.

Bertram: I made pizza.

Cat: Yay I love pizza.

Christina: Thanks for cooking Bertram.

Morgan: Why don't you take the rest of the week off.

Bertram: Okay.

Jessie: Lucky.

Jessie takes Sam, Cat, and Dice to their rooms

Jessie: This will be your rooms.

Cat: Cool.

Dice: I love it.

Sam: It's okay.

Emma: I decorated it. Pink for Cat. Blue for Dice. And black for Sam.

Sam: How'd you know I like black.

Emma: I can tell by your personality.

One week later

Ravi: So how do you like New York?

Cat: It's amzing.

Dice: This is one of the most popular states ever.

Emma: I spend all my life here.

Zuri: She's the biological child. Me, Luke, and Ravi are all adopted.

Luke: It's true.

Sam: It must be nice being a rich family. Most of my family have criminal records.

Cat: So do you.

Jessie: Is there anyone in your family that doesn't have a criminal record?

Sam: My twin sister Melanie.

Dice: She's the polar opposite of Sam.

Bertram: I didn't know you have a twin.

Luke: You never talked about her on the show.

Sam: Well she goes to a fancy boarding school.

Zuri: Jessie I'm going out for a walk.

Jessie: Have fun sweetie.

Zuri is walking outside but gets stopped by Mrs. Chesterfield

Mrs. Chesterfield: Hello Zuri.

Zuri: You? What do you want?

Mrs. Chesterfield: Revenge.

Zuri: What?

Mrs. Chesterfield knocks out Zuri and puts her in her car

Back at the penthouse

Jessie: Hmm, Zuri's been gone for a while.

Sam: Maybe she went to hang with her friends.

Bertram: She would have said so.

Tony walks in

Jessie: Tony have you seen Zuri?

Tony: Not recently.

Ravi: You don't think something bad happened to her.

Just then the TV turns on and Mrs. Chesterfield in on

Mrs. Chesterfield: Hello urchins.

Jessie: What do you want Chesterfield?

Mrs. Chesterfield: I called to tell you that I kidnapped your little Zuri.

Emma and Bertram: You what?!

Luke: Why would you do that?

Mrs. Chesterfield: Because I hate you brats. Ta ta.

Video ends

Cat: Who was that?

Tony: That was Mrs. Chesterfield.

Jessie: The worst person in New York ever.

Bertram: She hates Jessie and the Ross kids.

Dice: Why?

Ravi: She hates all kids.

Tony: We got to save Zuri.

Jessie: Sam, Cat, Dice will you help us?

Cat: Sure.

Dice: Yeah.

Sam: Alright let's do this.

Sam takes out her butter sock

Bertram: What's that?

Sam: A sock filled with butter. I can break a bone with this.

Jessie: Hang on Zuri.

Emma: We're coming to save you.

Mrs. Chesterfield has Zuri all tied up


Mrs. Chesterfield: I shall do no such thing.

Zuri: Why are you doing this to me?

Mrs. Chesterfield: Because I can.

Jessie kicks down the door

Jessie: Hello Chesterfield.

Mrs. Chesterfield: Bessie!

Emma: Let my sister go right now!

Mrs. Chesterfield: NO! Who are those free.

Ravi: Our guests.

Mrs. Chesterfield: Oh your Sam from that iCarly webshow.

Sam: Yes I am.

Mrs. Chesterfield: That show sucked ass. And so do you.


Sam takes out her butter sock and begins beating up Mrs. Chesterfield with it

Luke: Get her Sam.

Mrs. Chesterfield: What's in that sock?

Sam: 5 pounds of hard frozen butter.

Sam continues to wack her with the butter sock until Chesterfield goes down

Cat: And down she goes.

Emma unties Zuri

Emma: Zuri are you okay?

Zuri: Yeah. Dang Sam knocked her out cold.

Sam: She called me an ass. I could have killed her.

Tony: You should have.

After the cops arrest Chesterfield, we are back at the Ross's penthouse

Morgan: Zuri thank goodness you're okay.

Christina: Thanks so much for saving our daughter.

Sam: You're welcome.

Bertram: You really knocked the crud out of her.

Dice: Well she shouldn't have made Sam angry.

Cat: You wouldn't like Sam when she's angry.

Sam: Best vacation on 3. 1, 2, 3.

Everyone: Best vacation ever.

Cat: Thanks for letting us stay here.

Jessie: It was no problem.

The End

Note: This is a one hour crossover special between Jessie and Sam Cat

Note #2: Carly Shay, Freddie Benson, Gibby Gibson, and Melanie Puckett from iCarly are mentioned

Note #3: The iCarly webshow is also mentioned several times during this crossover

Note #4: Tori and Trina Vega from Victorious are mentioned

Note #5: This is taking place during 2015 as Dice states he is 14