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July 2009

The air was cleaner in Miyagi.

It made sense. There were less skyscrapers and more trees. There were less people. Everything was just… less than in Tokyo. Shouyou loved it.

His new school, Yukigaoka, didn't have a volleyball team. That was a setback, sure, but Shouyou was willing to create and coach the team if he had to. Which was why he was glad that he spent so much time watching videos of olympic teams.

Shouyou knew that he had an ability similar to Kise's. He knew that he could replicate any move if he practiced it enough. So he watched videos. Learned techniques. Unfortunately, Shouyou couldn't practice many of the things he saw because he didn't have a team. Instead, he gained a ton of theoretical knowledge about how volleyball worked and the best ways to play it. Another skill picked up from Teiko.

While he couldn't practice spiking or receiving on his own, he could practice his serves. And why not? Serves were a very useful offensive tool. Plus, Shouyou knew that if he tried hard enough, he could copy and make any move his own. So why not try for the most difficult volleyball serve he could find on the internet? Theoretically, it would work out in the end.

This was how Shouyou had spent the summer of his third year. Practicing straight jump serves and jump-floaters based on how they looked in recordings of the Olympic teams.

September 2009

Shouyou needed a team to participate in the Volleyball Championships. He had managed to wrangle his friends from elementary school, Izumi and Koji, in addition to a couple first years.

It was difficult. Izumi and Koji were members of different sports teams already, and the first years had zero experience. It seemed as though the only reason the first years joined was because Shouyou was such a good guy. They didn't want to let him down.

Still, everyone had different schedules. Shouyou had to admit that it was difficult to progress as a team.

November 2009

The Yukigaoka team walked into the stadium with plenty of nerves. This would be their first game as a team, and they were pitted against one of the strongest teams in the prefecture. Shouyou had dragged his friends into this. He needed to stay strong. For them.

The game went pretty well, in Shouyou's opinion. Their team had taken the first set, and it was really only thanks to mistakes made by Kitagawa Daiichi's team and Shouyou's efforts.

Shouyou jumped for any ball that was given to him. This was his chance to try and copy those spiking techniques he had seen in the Olympics. He was getting better, learning them in the middle of the match. Evolving.

His serves were nothing to sneeze at either. While he wanted to wait and develop his jump float serve, he had no qualms with perfecting his straight jump serve. This earned them quite a few points, and they took the first set.

Kitagawa Daiichi didn't like that. So they started targeting the other members of Shouyou's team. Although, to be fair, they weren't actually a team. They were just a group of kids, and Shouyou had no idea how to coach them. They had no skills.

Which was why it wasn't much of a surprise when they lost to Kitagawa Daiichi. When they lost to Kageyama Tobio.


"Could you believe that Daichi-san? That short kid could jump! And his serves were so cool! Not to mention that setter from Kitagawa Daiichi's team… man, middle schoolers are crazy!"

Sugawara couldn't help but agree with Tanaka as they left the stadium. "That's true. I'd hate to go against them next year, just imagine what they could do with a bit more practice! How scary…"

Daichi turned to look at his long-time friend. "Well, then we better practice even harder to beat them in the tournament!"


Early February 2010

Hinata Natsu was worried about her big brother. He was so tired, all he did was study! It was like he didn't have time to play with her anymore…

Her mom assured her that Shouyou was getting ready for the high school entrance exams, and that he would give her more attention when it was over.

But Natsu didn't expect for him to come home one day grinning like a madman.

"Natsu! I took the entrance exam for Karasuno today! I think I did really well, so let's celebrate!"

"Nii-chan, you're scary."

Later that night, Shouyou proudly told his family all about how he knew most (if not all) of the things on Karasuno's entrance exam. Still, all of this excitement paled in comparison to when he received his acceptance letter.

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