Chapter 1 – Chicken Soup for the Dimension-Traveling Soul

(Wait a minute, there's no chicken soup in this chapter! Hey, no messing with the headers! Just cause Phineas and Ferb break the fourth wall all the time doesn't mean we have to! Aww, come on!)

"Loki! Hurry up! It's about to start!" Amber cried.

The theme of the first season of Young Justice came through the TV as the hyper teen bounced in her seat, waiting for her calmer friend to join her for the YJ marathon they started.

"Just pause it till I get there," Loki called back, filling the bowl with popcorn for Amber and other assorted candy for the two of them.

"But that'll ruin the marathon magic!" Amber whined.

Loki sighed, why how did they become friends in the first place?

"I'll be right there! Give me a sec!"

She grabbed the bowls and hurried to the couch, sitting down right as the show started.

"Knew I'd make it in time," Loki smugly told her friend, grabbing a Twix bar from the candy bowl.

Amber grabbed some candy begrudgingly.

"But you cut it so clo-" she cut herself off when Robin appeared on-screen.

Loki smirked and leaned into her friend, "Got a little crush on bird-brain I see."

Amber's head shot back to her tsundere friend, blush starting to form.

"Like how you like KF?" She shot back, knowing the two relationships were completely opposite from each other.

"I don't like him!" Loki shouted. "He's so annoying! And a brat! And an idiot! Basically he's the ultimate Kid B****! Stop saying I like him when I absolutely and obviously don't!"

"Exactly." Amber leaned back on the couch, popping some skittles into her mouth and continued to watch.

Next to her, Loki muttered, "Yeah, right," but shut up and watched when Amber flicked popcorn at her head - after flicking some back, of course, starting a popcorn war until they accidentally spilled the soda. They stopped after that and sat back to watch the marathon.

The two girls were so busy watching, they didn't realize it when the sun slowly went down, the sky slowly turned darker, the city outside the window slowly got less and less alive. In the glee of rewatching their favorite show, neither realized how much their surroundings were reflecting it.

Not noticing the gradual change, they were slowly taken away from their own world and transported to another place.

They only noticed when the couch below them finally faded, along with the TV, and they were dropped onto the hard ground.

With the Joker smiling in front of them.

"Crap!" Amber said, dropping her package of skittles, as Loki dropped the bowl.

Loki looked up at him and, despite her fear, smirked at him in all his terror.

"Hi Joki, what's up?"