On the outskirts of Titan City, two motorcycle riders race their bikes down a desolate stretch of road that is surrounded by woods while under the light of a crescent moon. Both riders, a man and a woman, are wearing leather jackets and both are carrying a set of weapons. It's Becky Lynch and Jon Moxley. They are monster hunters, secretly protecting their community by hunting down the things that go bump in the night. They are on a hunt right now, but this one is different. This hunt is a personal one because it involves saving the lives of the people they care about and love, their mentor Steve Austin and fellow monster hunter Seth Rollins. For Becky, it is even more personal because in order to save Seth, who is her fiancé and the love of her life, Becky has to confront an evil from her past.

That evil was once a man named Dr. Henry Jekyll, a scientist from London who studied the duality of human nature. He created a serum that resulted in him transforming into the monstrous, evil brute known today as Mr. Edward Hyde. Hyde travelled the world, leaving death and destruction in his wake. Soon, his heinous acts caught the attention of Becky Lynch and Finn Balor, who trained Becky in the art of monster hunting. Together, they managed to track Hyde down to Athens, Greece and confronted him there. Becky managed to fight off Hyde by shooting an arrow into his left eye, but not before Hyde managed to mortally wound Finn Balor. Finn ended up dying in Becky's arms…

Fast forward a few years to a couple weeks ago when Mr. Hyde reared his ugly head up in Titan City and started committing several murders. Becky recognized his handywork and, along with Seth and Jon, was determined to track Hyde down and kill him to avenge Finn's death. Unbeknownst to Becky and the others, Hyde wanted to get her attention. He wanted vengeance on Becky for the loss of his eye. He watched every move the hunters made from the shadows, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Tonight, that moment happened. Hyde ambushed both Seth and Austin and is now holding them hostage at Austin's cabin. Hyde called Becky on Seth's phone and told her that if she wanted to save them, that she should come to the cabin so they could settle this once and for all…

Becky and Jon finally arrive at the cabin. They get off their bikes and take off their helmets. Becky's long orange hair falls across her back and shoulders as she arms herself with a katana that belongs to Seth. She plans on killing Hyde with it. "You ready to do this?", Jon asks her. Becky looks at him. "To be honest, no. I'm scared, Jon. I'm scared that…" "That history will repeat itself tonight?", Jon chimes in. Becky nods. Jon puts a hand on her shoulder. "Listen, I get it. When I fought Dracula all those months ago, I was scared too. But do you know what kept me going?" "Thinking about Renee?", Becky asks. "Yeah but also thinking about Austin, Roman, Seth, and you Becky. My point is that I didn't let fear stop me from killing Dracula and you shouldn't let fear stop you from getting revenge on Mr. Hyde. Besides, you know I've got your back." "Your right, Jon. I've got to be brave for Seth and Austin.", Becky replies. "You are brave, Becky. The bravest woman I've ever known. Seth is really lucky to have you in his life. And so am I." Becky smiles and hugs Jon. "And we're lucky to have a friend like you, Mox.", Becky replies. Jon embraces her as well. After a moment, they let go. "So, now are you ready to exorcise a demon from your past and rescue your soon-to-be husband?", Mox asks. "Hell yeah, lad.", Becky replies. All of a sudden, they hear a loud below and look to see a large club come swinging at them. Both Becky and Jon jump out of the way. They look up to see an 8-foot-tall hairy troll standing in front of them. Jon sighs. "Of course, there's a troll. And I thought rescuing my friends from a sadistic serial killer wasn't complicated enough." He turns to Becky. "You go get your revenge, Becky. I'll deal with the troll." Becky nods and runs toward the cabin. Mox turns his attention back to the troll. "Lets dance, ugly.", he says as he pulls out his 47 magnum and takes aim.

Becky kicks the cabin door open and draws her sword, expecting a surprise attack from Mr. Hyde. Instead, she finds Hyde sitting on the couch. The 7-foot-tall ugly brute stares at Becky with his one good eye and gives her a sinister grin. "Ello, Becky. Nice to see you again, love." "Where's Seth and Austin, Hyde? If you had hurt them in any way…" "Relax, Becky. Both your lover and the Texan are in the cellar all tied up, safe and sound." "And I'm just supposed to take your word for it, you deranged psychopath?", Becky growls. Hyde lets out an evil chuckle. "We all have our little problems. Take your friend outside for example. He's fighting a troll." Becky hears the gunshots and the bellowing of the troll coming from outside. Hyde stands up to his full height. "You too are in quite the predicament. You've got yours truly to deal with." Becky smirks. "That's where your wrong, lad. I'm not stuck in here with you. You're stuck in here with me. Let me prove it to you."

Becky charges Hyde and manages to slice him across the chest with the katana. Hyde grunts in pain and backsteps, tripping over the couch and falls backward. Becky lunges at him, but Hyde rolls out of the way. The katana instead stabs into the wooden floor board and gets stuck in the wooden floor board. Before Becky could pull it out, Hyde backhand slaps her. Becky collapses to the ground and Hyde begins to choke the life out of her. Becky struggles for breath as Hyde begins to taunt her. "I'm disappointed in you, Becky. Balor put up a bigger fight than this. He would ashamed of you for giving up so bloody easily." The fury of a vengeful tigress awakens within Becky and she lashes out by kicking Hyde right in the balls. Hyde yowls as the pain forces him to get off of Becky. Becky staggers back to her feet. She pulls a set of brass knuckles from the front pocket of her leather jacket and puts them on. "Giving up isn't the Irish way, lad. Besides, I haven't even begun to fight." Becky then lunges forward and starts wailing on Mr. Hyde's face. Left, right, left, right. She pounds Hyde's head like it's a punching bag, each impact creating gaping wounds on his face. Becky's fists are soaked with blood but she doesn't care. "I know the real reason why you want to kill me, Hyde.", Becky says as she continues to punch. "Ever since that night in Athens, I've been living in your head rent free. It's all because of how I made you feel when I shot out your eye. In that very moment, you felt vulnerable. You feared for your life. But most of all, it made you afraid of me." Left, right, left, right. She pounds Hyde's head like it's a punching bag, each impact creating gaping wounds on his face. Becky's fists are soaked with blood but she doesn't care. She can't let up. She has to keep fighting. "You should still be scared, lad. You made this personal from the moment you took Finn from this world. But when you came back into my life and threaten the lives of the ones I love, then you really signed your death warrant. You started this fire in me, Hyde. I'm going to make sure you burn." Becky manages to back Mr. Hyde into the front window of the cabin. Before she can land another punch, Mr. Hyde suddenly counters by grabbing a hold of Becky by the throat and lifts her into the air. "Bravo, Becky. Jolly good show. Unfortunately, it's curtains for you."

Suddenly, the front door bursts open and none other than Jon Moxley runs in with his gun pointing at Hyde. "Not if we have anything to say about it.", Jon says. Hyde raises an eyebrow at Jon. "We?", he asks. All of a sudden, a great pair of arms covered in grey fur come smashing through the front window and grab onto Mr. Hyde's torso. At the same time, the great head of a large wolf crashes through and bites into Hyde's shoulder. Hyde screams in pain as the beast's fangs and claws sink into his flesh, causing him to drop Becky. Becky manages to land on her feet. She looks towards her savior and recognizes him immediately. It's the alpha male lycanthrope. "You alright, Becky?", Mox says as he joins up Becky. "Just happy you both showed up when you did.", Becky replies. "I take it the troll is taken care of?" "Thanks to the help of Mr. Big Bad over there.", Mox replies as he points towards the alpha. Suddenly, the lycan picks Mr. Hyde up and throws him across the living room. "Duck!", Mox shouts. Both he and Becky crouch down as Hyde flies above them and crashes into the wall connected to the stair case that leads upstairs. The alpha goes to finish off Hyde, but both Becky and Mox stop him in his tracks. "We can take it from here, lad.", Becky says. "Thanks for the help, big guy.", Mox adds. The alpha nods his head in acknowledgement. He then drops down to all fours and runs off into the night. Hyde groans in pain as he tries to stand back up. As he gets up on his knees, he looks up to see Becky now standing before him and pointing the katana's sharp end to his face. "I told you that you were stuck with me, lad.", Becky says before shoving the katana straight through Hyde's heart. She pulls it out and Hyde falls dead. Beauty had killed the beast. A moment later, something happens. Becky and Jon are shocked to see the dead body of Mr. Hyde morph back to the dying body of the man he once was: Dr. Jekyll. Jekyll manages to mouth the words "thank you" to before passing away. Moments later, Becky and Mox go down into the basement and free Seth and Austin from their bindings. Aside from being a little banged up, they are unharmed. After that, the four of them bury Dr. Jekyll's body deep in the woods.

When dawn finally came, Becky and Seth sat on the front steps watching the sun rising from the east. "You feeling OK?", Seth asks. "I'm fine. I was so worried about you, that's all.", Becky replies. "I was worried about you too, but I knew you would come save me. Never doubted it for a second. I've never known a woman like you Becky. Beautiful, smart, brave, caring, and so fun to be around. I just can't wait to get married to you." Becky gives him a warm smile. "You know what they say, Seth: good things come to those who wait.", Becky says before kissing Seth. Up upon the ridge above the cabin, the alpha lycanthrope watches the two lovers embrace and lets out a cheerful howl to honor them.

A Few Months Later

"Rhythm of My Heart" by Rod Stewart plays as Becky and Seth dance at their wedding reception. Their new life together has just begun and in more ways than one. A few days ago, Becky found out that she was pregnant. Seth was thrilled. After all, Becky did tell him that good things were coming their way.

The End