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Two years ago she had been a normal girl that is until I had been drag down a time traveling well. For a long time I had traveled with a group of humans, demons, and a half-demon to defeat an evil creature called Naraku but everything had changed again when I, Kagome Higurashi had found a book in a musty box full of all kinds of books the one that specifically caught the dark haired girl's eye. A thick, royal blue leather bound book but it had no title, no author, and no words but before she could toss the book back with the others a blinding white-light had flashed the cobalt eyed girl making it hard to see, a feeling nausea had overtaken the priestess in training and finally she had blacked out. When Kagome had awaken she had been in a frozen wasteland, a young king had found her and since then nothing had been the same it seemed that Kagome had been stuck in this world but that was over a year ago, Kagome had found peace in this world even finding friends among a royal family that had practically adopted her after she had aided the king with protecting his sister against his own self in truth king Elza had even admitted that if Kagome hadn't been there he didn't think he would of found himself again either, it had touched the priestess in training greatly. Now Elza along with his family and friends took care of the kingdom of Arendelle with great pride. The dark haired girl had taken the role of Arendelle's diplomat and protector as their priestess (not that anyone had known what that was at the time).

A few golden-brown leaves flew past the cobalt eyed girl, a platinum blonde haired man walked over to the young priestess in training with a small smile lighting his face up. He appeared to be hiding something behind his back but no matter how much the dark haired girl tried to look behind him it was impossible to see. Then again Elza was very good at hiding things from her (in a good way), of course the same couldn't be said for Anna which caused a giggle to come out from Kagome.

"What are you laughing at?" He asked with a knowing grin.

"Oh nothing," Kagome went back to looking outside from the balcony from her room that had been placed directly across from king Elza's. "Just thinking about how your very good at hiding things but Anna couldn't keep a secret if her life was on the line." Then it hit Kagome how that could sound. "N-not that I would ever want her life to be in danger."

Elza's frosty blue eyes looked warmly at the priestess in training when had quickly grabbed her right hand placing a small purple box into her delicate hands. "Open it tonight, please. The only reason that I ask you to wait is because there is something important I want to ask you but I need to an answer tonight. For now I'm just happy to bask in your presence."

Her hand reached up without a single thought to cup the young man's face, "I'll wait then, King Icy."

Elza stuck out his tongue. "At least my powers are just an element while your priestess abilities really scared the heck out of my people at first."

"Oh shut it! I learned enough about my healing abilities to aid the sick then they started to trust me." Kagome puffed out her cheeks but still cupped his face.

The young king just kept smirking at the young girl who had become more dear to him then his own sister, Kagome had been a blinding yet enchanting female that saved him from himself when his thoughts and powers had become uncontrollable. The young woman had shown him the powers of being a priestess that she hadn't complete control over either but then again what made the dark haired girl precious to him wasn't only the powers she held or how she had helped bring him home, it was that unwavering loyalty that she just gives. Elza cupped Kagome's face next pulling her close, "I have to go meet with my people but just remeber open the gift tonight then meet me at the lake around midnight. I'll explain everything."

The young platinum blonde man kissed her forehead.

Dressed in midnight blue hakama pants that fell to her ankles with a black obi tied around them, Kagome wore the standard white tabi socks and rice straw sandels. She had a light blue tank top with a lavender kimono top that had black cords stitched into ends of the sleeves and a beautiful design of sky blue butterflies in the top, it also held open slits at the shoulders. Her hair had really grown in the last year just now reaching her waist Kagome kept her hair tied up with a royal blue ribbon. When Elza had found out that Kagome had only the strange clothes on her back to wear he had bought her several Arendelle gowns with a few specific outfits custom made based on what Kagome had explained from her culture. He was always very generous when it came down to the priestess in training, it had been odd at first.

"Are you sure you have everything that you need, sis?" Asked a young woman with golden-brown hair and vivid blue eyes. "You and me are caught from the same cloth when it comes to remembering something." Anna chuckled.

"While I won't deny that, I'm positive this time," the priestess in training replied, she tightened her ponytail one last time feeling frazzled. "Besides it's just a meeting between friends so stop making that face."

"Sure, sure but if Elza asks you why you forgot to do something or remember something then don't say I didn't warn you." The princess burst out into a fit of giggles this time.

While Kagome had always loved Anna the girl had a way of getting to you at times but then again the princess only meant well. Always teasing Kagome and Elza about having feelings for each other it was after three months of living in Arendelle that Anna began calling the young priestess in training, sis. At first, Kagome would remind her that the king was just a dear but then by month five it just kinda stuck and much like Sango, they had begun to have a closer-sister like friendship.

True enough.

Olaf popped up in the middle of the girls, he gave them a big expressive face, "What would you forget, Kagome? You remind to grab my nose if Sven takes it."

"That is true, Olaf but Kagome here can be a ditzy around our king," Anna replied, "now let's make sure game night is fun for the almost lovers." Anna said while squeezing Olaf.

Kagome looked away awkwardly as she got up from her bed to start heading to the door. If Elza planned on asking her what she predicted he might be then Kagome had no idea what her answer would be and if he doesn't ask then the cobalt eyed girl would just seem arrogant, she really didn't want Elza to think she was vain. After Kikyou had pushed Kagome down the well she had decided to close her heart off to romance just until she matured a bit more but with Elza, the king just knew how to touch your heart without even trying to.

Please don't propose to me. It would be just more simple to remain friends.

"We're rooting for you!" Olaf and the princess gave Kagome a thumbs up.


Elza, King of Arendelle, magic wielder of snow and ice, stood next to the clear lake that he always came to when he needed time away from everyone or just a breather from being a young new ruler but tonight he was by the lake with a tender expression on his face. His usual calm, collected attitude would be put up around anyone who wasn't family or friend, still the moment Kagome's cobalt orbs had met his own icy expression he had felt a spark light him up like a hearth. The young priestess in training had came with Anna to assist his sister in bringing the king back to save Arendelle since he had left it in a frozen wasteland at the time. Not even being from the same world as the others, the beautiful dark haired female had saved him, the kingdom, and his sister. After that there would always be a place for her in his heart.

After a long inner debate for months on Elza's mind and probably Kagome as well it had been a friendly interactions between them until one day she had started to hold his hand or cup his cheek like she had today, Elza had even been embraced by the young priestess in training once when she had caught him shedding a single tear for he still missed his parents everyday. It was those emotional, tender moments that had really stole his breath away.

Tonight he would ask her if he could court her officially and if she accepted perhaps in another year or two then the king would purpose to the girl. The council would want him to marry soon and someone of royal blood but it would either be Kagome or no one. As a child the white-blonde young man had practically gagged at anything that had to do with love even if it was something as silly as his parents hugging, or Anna playing with toys having them 'kiss'.

He understood it now. Elza loved Kagome.


There it was again! That blasted singing had been torturing him all day. What was it?

Okay that was part one. This one shot will have three parts to it but it is still just a one shot unless I get like tons of reviews asking for this to be an actual story but again this was just something I wanted to dedicate to one of my favorite authors. You rock Yuki!