Author's Notes : I don't know anything at all,even your OCs that you will kindly create for this story.

I decided to do this story because one of the writers didn't continue this interesting idea. So I'll do the same concept but I will modify some things to avoid copying him.

Scenario : The story takes place in Seattle,Washington where a group of survivors try to survive together in this endless nightmare. Will they succeed or will they all die tragically ?

I am ready to accept any number of OCs you will send me,but at the condition it's coherent to the story and that it must be an average person,not a badass survivalist. But I can allow that the character has one or two good weapons. I insist the OCs can be anything (man,woman,soldier,janitor,dog,horse... ).

And finally here's how you're gonna create the OCs :

Name :

Nickname (Optional) :

Age :

Gender (Man/Woman/Trans) :

Ethnicity & Nationality :

Height :

Weight :

Main appearance :

Personnality (Personnality isn't skill) :

Sexuality : (Straighr,Gay,Lesbian,Bi...) :

Parents (Optional) :

Sibling(s) (Optional) :

Love interest (Optional) :

Child(ren) (Optional) :

Other (Uncle,cousin,nephew...) (Optional) :

Former Job :

Biography : (If you wanna give any information hidden at the start of the story,thanks to insert a SPOILER ALERT at the precise information).

Items and Weapons : (Max 3 items and 3 weapons. It can also be personal belongings.)

Attires/Clothes :

Skills : (No superhuman skills;it must be justified precisely.)

Weaknesses :

Vehicles (Optional) :

Death (Optional) : (Most of your OCs must die. I will choose properly who depending on your choices of deaths. If you wanna keep your character alive,you have to give me a very good reason to spare him. The death can be accurate or no.)

Other things to know :

And that's it. If you are in,gimme your OCs very soon please. If you're out,then goodbye.