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O - O - O - O - O

The World Government is the most powerful political organization in the world, having over 170 countries that span across every sea in the world under its rule. To help maintain their influence, the World Government sends a sea force world famously known as the Marines to every country allied with them to protect these countries from dangerous criminals, such as pirates, bandits, and Revolutionaries. The Marines also help maintain order and uphold the law of the land… but most importantly, they actively impose the will and might of the World Government itself. However, certain political situations and threats will arise that the World Government simply can't have the Marines publicly involved in without sparking world wide controversy and panic, which will inevitably disrupt and worsen the World Governments influence. For this reason, the organization of Cipher Pol was created.

While the Marines are the military branch of the World Government, Cipher Pol is the intelligence branch of the World Government, usually operating behind the scenes performing undercover missions through espionage, reconnaissance, sabotage, and spying. There are eight publicly known Cipher Pol groups, these groups being named Cipher Pol 1 to Cipher Pol 8. These groups specialize in intelligence gathering, but what intelligence they are gathering remains unknown to the public. However, due to their allowance of applying a radical form of justice, there is a special Cipher Pol group that is hidden to the public eye, Cipher Pol 9. Cipher Pol 9 performs all of the duties the lower groups do, but they specialize in missions that require assassinations. In addition, all Cipher Pol 9 agents have the license to kill any citizen that does not cooperate with the World Government's will, or otherwise is perceived as an imminent threat toward themselves or the World Government.

In recent years, Cipher Pol 9 has been noted to be growing stronger and stronger with each passing year by their primary enemies, the Revolutionary Army. This is most noticeable with two men in the group: Rob Lucci and Wyatt Errol. These two men were by far the strongest in the group's history, and both of these men expressed their license to kill on non-targets, typically through mass killings. However, while Rob Lucci merely struck fear into the heart of his enemies for this, Wyatt Errol would single handedly bring peace and prosperity in nearly every country that he visited by simply killing the correct people. Soon, multiple countries would take notice of this vulgar, yet wondrous trend. Even though no one knew who was responsible for these mass killings that brought about wonderful times, they simply dubbed the possible assailant "The Agent of Darkness".

Currently, three Cipher Pol 9 agents were gathered in the chief of the groups office, Spandam, awaiting for the arrival of the other agents that were escorting a pirate known as Nico Robin, a dangerous individual who knew knowledge that could potentially destroy the world, at least according to the World Government.

"Looks like they're back… Lucci and the others… and they brought us the best present possible! It's been five years… since all eight of CP9 have been together!" Spandam cheered. Spandam was a pale and slim man, with wavy lavender hair. He wore a brown studded leather mask which covered parts of his face, long brown leather gloves, black high-collared leather vest with matching pants separated by a studded belt, a long-sleeved light gray shirt decorated with a diagonal squiggle pattern below his vest with the collar turned up, and white shoes with brown tassels extending from their heels. Before Spandam continued, he walked towards his desk plopped right in front of a large window and held up a newspaper. "And what's the deal with this news story!? The plan was to kill the rebellion leader… a total of three targets were to be eliminated… but, you killed twenty three people! Do you have anything to say!?"

"Yoyol! It's all my fault! I take full responsibility!" Kumadori spoke up as he jumped out of the couch he and the other two agents were sitting in and stood on his hands, bowing in an awkward position. Kumadori had a large frame and huge mane of pinkish hair. He wore a black suit, a black shirt, a green tie, handguards around his palms that covered the back of his hands, black pants, and black shoes.

"Enough, Kumadori! A man shouldn't lower his head so easily! I'll explain what happened. Just sit quietly!" Jabra ordered. Jabra was a dark-skinned man, with a Fu Manchu mustache, a pointed goatee, and long black hair braided in a thick queue that somewhat resembles a scorpion's tail. He also has a scar running diagonally down his left eye. He wore small, pointed sunglasses on his forehead, small hoop earrings, a black tie over his bare chest, a black tangzhuang that was white down the middle and open, and a red sash around his waist over black pants and shoes. After Jabra gave his order, Kumadori immediately stood on his feet, where Jabra would then start whining. "But come on! Errol gets to kill as many people as he wants with no repercussions! That isn't fair, he's the youngest one in the group!"

"Well unlike you idiots, Errol knows precisely what people to kill! His off-target killings benefit the rest of the world, including us, whereas yours simply brings us a multitude of problems and setbacks. Until you learn to effectively play judge, jury, and executioner, then lighten up on your killings!" Spandam barked with saliva coming out of his mouth.

"Yeah, Jabra!" a voice yelled from the back. Everyone in the room turned towards the door, seeing an obese man opening it and slamming it shut. He had short and puffy black hair, a pointed nose, predominantly round ears, and wore a short-sleeve cardigan that was open, a red tie over his bare chest, and a white sash under his black pants and shoes. Spandam's face immediately lit up at seeing who it was, and greeted him with open arms.

"Well if it isn't the Agent of Darkness himself! Come, please join us!" Spandam called out.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm here," Errol sighed as he walked up to the couch and plopped down right beside Fukurou. Fukurou was a big, round, oddly-shaped man with a zipper across his mouth and green hair, purple dimples on his cheek, and a strand of hair on his chin. He wore a black suit, a black shirt, a light blue tie, red armbands, black pants, and black shoes. "Let me guess, Fukurou announced the assassination plan to the town they were in. Am I right or am I right?"

"Uh, no…!? We were ordered to go in quietly, but… we couldn't have known that our plan was leaked!" Jabra feverishly explained. Fukurou then opened his zipper and began to speak.

"Errol is correct. I'd announced it to the town. Chapapa…" Fukurou admitted. Jabra immediately turned towards Fukurou with an angry expression.

"What!? You, again!? Why do you have that zipper on your mouth if you never use it!?" Jabra yelled. As the everyone else in the room began to argue with each other, an elephant with leather strappings on it slowly walked toward Errol. The elephant wrapped its trunk around Errol's neck, and Errol recuperated the attention by placing his hand on the side of the elephant's head.

"It's good to see you, Funkfreed. Sometimes, I feel like you and I are the only ones who don't have a few screws loose around here," Errol sighed.

O - O - O - O - O

"Sir! Kaashi and Omo are currently… holding them off at the front gate! I don't believe there'll be any problem!" a government official said through Spandam's Transponder Snail.

"...I see. Have you captured the Straw Hat?" Spandam asked through his Transponder Snail while sitting at his desk.

"Sir! Er… the estimate is… about four hundred," the official said.

"Four hundred? What are you talking about!?" Spandam grumbled.

"It's the damage report, sir!" the official explained. Spandam quickly grew panicked and sat straight up on his chair.

"Ah!? Damage report!? Are you saying four hundred soldiers are down!?" Spandam asked.

"Ah… no, sorry. I'd like to correct that!" the official started. Before the official finished, Spandam interrupted him and began ranting.

"Of course! There is only one of them! Our soldiers aren't trash! We can't have that many down! If there is damage, report it correctly!" Spandam ranted.

"Yes… five…" the official started, but a loud thud was heard, and the official ceased talking.

"Five!? Idiot! How could you mistake five for four hundred people...!?" Spandam yelled.

"Because he didn't," Errol answered as he stood up. Spandam hung up the Transponder Snail and turned to Errol.

"What do you mean!?" Spandam asked.

"Because there were four hundred people when you started talking to him, but since then, a hundred more people were defeated. He meant to say five hundred, not five," Errol explained.

"W-What…!? You really think this Straw Hat Luffy is that strong…!?" Spandam exclaimed with sweat drops pouring from his forehead.

"Yes, I do. Don't worry, I'll take care of him immediately. I've been sitting here for what feels like hours now, I'm bored," Errol said as he began walking away. However, a government official opened the door and took a few steps into the room. Errol stopped, wanting to see what the official was here for.

"Chief Spandam! Lucci and company are here!" the government official said.

"They are!? Show them in!" Spandam ordered.

"Hm! Nevermind! This should be more interesting…!" Errol mumbled. The other agents sitting on the couch stood up and faced towards the door. After a few short moments, four extremely tall agents crept in the room: Rob Lucci, Kaku, Blueno, and Kalifa.

Rob Lucci had long black hair, and wore a black top hat brown fur coat around his shoulders like a cape, a black suit, a black shirt, a white tie, black pants, and black shoes. Kaku has short blonde hair, a long nose in the shape of a rectangle, and wore a black cap, a black tracksuit, black pants, and black shoes. Bluenol had a black beard, and black hair in which his hairstyle resembles the horns of a bull. He wore a black two-piece suit with a white handkerchief in his breast pocket, a sweater undershirt, blabk gloves, black pants, and black shoes. Kalifa had shoulder-length blonde hair, and wore glasses, blue earrings, a long-sleeved short black dress over a fishnet shirt and stockings, black gloves, and black high-heels.

"It's been a while, sir," Lucci said as he and the others walked towards the couch.

"Ah, your back! Lucci, Kaku, Blueno, Kalifa!" Spandam cheered.

"That's sexual harassment," Kalifa said as she tilted up her glasses.

"By just saying your name!?" Spandam grumbled.

"The criminal, Cutty Flam: wanted for assaulting government agents in Water 7 eight years ago. The criminal, Nico Robin: wanted for attacking Marine ships in Ohara, West Blue, twenty years ago. Both criminals have been escorted here. They are waiting just outside," Lucci explained.

"Oh shit, that weird and annoying cyborg is here, too?" Errol commented.

"Long time no see, Lucci… looks like that flat mug of yours hasn't changed much," Jabra insulted with a maniacal grin.

"Same goes for your stupid look, Jabra," Lucci fired back.

"Settle down, you two. We haven't met for a very long time…!" Kaku said.

"What're you talking about? I visited you guys at Water 7 all the time!" Errol pointed out.

"Yoyol! That was just you! The chief never gave us special privileges like that!" Kumadori explained.

"Maybe if you guys didn't suck at your jobs as much, you could have special privileges yourself!" Spandam commented. Fukurou opened his zipper and began speaking.

"Chapapapa…" Fukurou said. He then fiercely dashed toward Kalifa, but Kalifa kicked him toward Blueno. Blueno then slammed him toward Kaku. Kaku then elbowed him toward Lucci. Lucci then kicked him off to the side, making him crash against the ground.

"Couldn't keep your mouth shut, could you, Fukurou?" Kalifa asked. Fukurou stood up and positioned himself in a meditative-like stance, focusing on something.

"Game style! If a typical armed guardsmen… considered to have a doriki of ten… let's see… let's see… Kalifa at 630 doriki… Blueno at 820 doriki… Kaku…! 2,200 doriki…! Lucci… hmm… it's exactly equal to Errol's doriki! 4,000 doriki!" Fukurou revealed.

"4,000 doriki!? Hey, are you kidding!? I've never heard of such a high number! Are you trying to tell me that Errol is on par with Lucci!?" Jabra barked.

"It's true! Everyone's gotten stronger since then, chapapapa!" Fukurou said, then turned toward the rest of the group. "I've already measured Jabra's, Kumadori's, and Errol's strength, so everyone is ranked accordingly!"

Wyatt Errol - 4,000

Rob Lucci - 4,000

Kaku - 2,200

Jabra - 2,180

Blueno - 820

Kumadori - 810

Fukurou - 800

Kalifa - 630

"I don't believe it!" Jabra screamed as he began pointing his finger at Kaku with sweat dripping from his forehead. "Forget about Lucci and Errol for a moment, you're saying that I scored lower than Kaku as well!? Even if hell freezes over, I still won't believe it!"

"Chapapa! Kaku's gotten stronger, too!" Fukurou said. Jabra then turned to Kaku, pointing at him.

"Damn you! Don't try to rub it in!" Jabra screamed

"Calm down, Jabra! Remember, you still have your wolf form…!" Errol explained as he rubbed his temples, growing annoyed at Jabra's yelling and whining.

"Yeah, that's right! All that game style measures… is your physical power! When I fight for real, I also use my devil fruit power! Then I'll definitely surpass you!" Jabra yelled. While Kaku tried his best to ignore Jabra's attempts of getting a rise out of him, Errol noticed Lucci slowly walking towards him in the corner of his eye. Errol faced Lucci, and saw that Lucci was giving him a menacing death glare, a glare that could kill someone who was already dead.

"Oh, hey Lucci! Are you still mad that I killed your pigeon friend a couple years ago? What was the poor fellas name, Henry or something? Anyway, it must've made playing the quiet game at Water 7 a hell of a lot harder, so I don't blame you!" Errol laughed off, rubbing the back of his head. However, Lucci's face went unchanged.

"I'm surprised that a pathetic whelp such as yourself is on my strength level… not that I really care," Lucci insulted.

"What do you have against me…? You couldn't have possibly cared about the pigeon that much… besides, shouldn't you be feuding with Jabra about how Gatherine dumped him in hopes that she could get with you?" Errol suggested. Jabra, who overheard what Errol said, stopped feuding with Kaku and turned towards Lucci.

"Yeah, that's right! ...Wait, Errol, how do you know about that!?" Jabra yelled.

"I told him, as well as everyone else on Enies Lobby," Fukurou admitted.

"Damn you!" Jabra yelled as he ran up to Fukurou and began to stretch his cheeks.

"Would you all just calm down now!? Who cares if the ranks says you two are on the same level, they're meaningless! The fact is, when you all completed the Six Powers training, you've all gained superhuman strength! You're a superman even if you achieve only 500 doriki!" Spandam said.


"The chief's doriki is 9. Chapapa," Fukurou blurted out, then zipped up his mouth. Spandam then slammed both hands on the desk.

"Be quiet! That doesn't matter, since I'm just the guy incharge! Plus, I have my sword should I ever need it!" Spandam yelled. He then looked over to Funkfreed, who was affectionately smothering his head next to Errol.

"Haha! I don't know, Spandam! I think your sword likes me more than it does you! He might leave you for me someday, you know!" Errol joked as Funkfreed continued to smother his head on Errol. Spandam made incomprehensible grumbles at the notion, and simply carried on.

"Regardless, all of your hard work over the last five years is greatly noted. Later, I have some gifts for you. But first, show me... the hope of the world!" Spandam exclaimed.

O - O - O - O - O

The couch that was sitting right in front of Spandam's desk was split up into seven chairs. The chairs were split up into two rows lined up vertically on each side of Spandam's desk. While Errol decided to stand on the right side of Spandam's desk next to Funkfreed, the other agents took their seats on the chairs. When the time was right, two government officials opened the door from the outside of the room, revealing the two prisoners awaiting their fates in the prison hell known as Impel Down: Cutty Flam, better known as Franky, and Nico Robin.

Franky was tied up with large chains wrapped around his torso, battered and bruised up. Franky was a tall, well built man with enormous forearms that had blue star tattoos on them, bright blue hair that pointed up, as well as having a prosthetic iron nose. Franky simply wore sunglasses on his forehead, an open red shirt with lime green palm trees decorating it, and dark blue briefs. Unlike Franky, Robin seemed completely fine, only that she was in cuffs that were entirely made out of seastone. Robin is a tall and slender young woman with shoulder-length black hair. She wore a short leather dress with long sleeves over a lighter, white polka-dotted under dress, and black thigh high-heeled boots.

As the pair were escorted into the room, Franky simply looked down in shame, while Robin looked around, seeing all of the agents and Spandam glaring at her, almost as if they were starring deep into her soul itself. It was clear that she was the main prize of the game, and that Franky was just a bonus reward. When she finally looked at Errol, she immediately stopped moving and froze in place as Franky continued forward. Her eyes and mouth widened, and her heart began beating faster and faster to the point where it broke the heavy and dreadful silence of the room.

"Move forward!" a world government official ordered. Robin snapped out of her short lived trance and moved forward, slowly catching up to Franky and stood next to him. When the world government officials closed the door, Spandam, who was sitting on his desk, began to laugh uncontrollably.

"Hoo hoo hoo… wahahahahaha! I couldn't be happier…! What a miracle this is… that you survived the crash eight years ago, Cutty Flam. And you, Nico Robin, the world-wide threat that has been long sought after. The people of this world may not know… of the glorious achievements we made here today. It'll be years before these events are made into songs and sung the world over. But from our perspective, the justice of the old men in the World Government today is too weak! You can't hope to achieve anything without making a few sacrifices first! Towards peace for all mankind… we still drive with all our might! Any trash that gets in our way must be destroyed! Absolutism is a small price to pay for world peace! Anyone, like that merman, who refuses to give us what we want, is no more than a traitor who deserves death!" Spandam ranted. Franky grew extremely furious at Spandam, and began to speak his mind without thinking about the consequences of his actions.

"The reason Tom sacrificed his life to protect the blueprints… was to keep it away from scum like you!" Franky growled, then opened up his mouth and bit the top of Spandam's head.

"Gyaaaaaaaaaa!" Spandam screamed as he struggle to get Franky off him, but to no avail. "Sa…! Sa-Sa-Saa…! Save me, you guys!"

"Yoyol!" Kumadori chanted as he leaped out of his chair. "Yes, sir!" Kumadori then dashed toward Spandam, knocked Franky off him, and then pinned Franky down on the ground. Before Errol could properly react to what he had just witnessed, he heard a voice coming from Spandam's Transponder Snail, which had the receiver off the hook.

"Sir, this is the mainland defense! Spandam, sir, please respond!" a Marine called for over the Transponder Snail. Seeing that Spandam was still recovering from the attack, as well as not wanting to hear another one of Spandam's annoyingly grandiose speeches, Errol made his way to the Transponder Snail and picked up the receiver.

"This is Agent Wyatt Errol. Chief Spandam is currently busy and left the receiver off the hook like a beginner. What is it that you need?" Errol said.

"Hey…! Put that down! That Transponder Snail is for my use only!" Spandam ordered, but Errol simply placed his index finger up, signaling Spandam to be quiet.

"Sir, Straw Hat Luffy is getting through the mainland and is heading towards the courthouse as we speak! We need back up!" the Marines explained.

"Got it! I'll be on my way immediately! Try as best as you can to make sure he doesn't reach the courthouse! Those weirdo judges who like to pretend that they are a three headed man won't be able to stop Straw Hat!" Errol said.

"Aye-aye, sir!" the Marine said, then hung up his Transponder Snail. Errol hung up the Transponder Snail he had and began walking toward the door.

"Hey, get back here! I'll let you fight when I give you the order too!" Spandam demanded, but Errol ignored him.

"Errol! Wait!" Robin yelled. Everyone in the room immediately turned their attention to her, including Errol himself. Robin gulped, and began speaking as tears began streaming down her cheeks. "I'm begging you…! Please don't kill him…! Please…! I know you have the strength too! But please don't! Please…!"

"Wahahahahaha! Are you seriously requesting that the Agent of Darkness himself not kill your pirate friend!? Wahahaha! What a delusional..." Spandam started, but Errol put the rest of the Spandam's insults and taunting at the back of his mind, and focused his attention toward Robin. While Errol simply gave Robin a heavy, unempathetic frown, Robin gave Errol the eyes that would come from a small, innocent puppy. For all of the lying and treachery that she had committed over the last twenty years of her life, it was clear that Robin did care about this band of pirates that she joined. She didn't want them coming to rescue her. She didn't want them to fight for her. She wanted them to be safe.

"Maybe you should've thought about their safety before foolishly turning yourself in," Errol coldly responded, and then walked out of the room, leaving Robin only with her concern for her friends' lives.

"I was…" Robin quietly mumbled to herself.

O - O - O - O - O

At the center of Enies Lobby, Straw Hat Luffy himself was fighting hordes of Marines and government officials on a rooftop, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake. Luffy was a slim man, and had short black hair and a scar under his left eye. He wore his trademark straw hat, a red vest, blue shorts, and sandals. Luffy was spinning in the air as he punched a government official back. Before he fell to the ground, he quickly pulled out his legs with the bottom of his feet touching each other, and prepared to kick both feet with his toes.

"Gum Gum… Spear!" Luffy yelled, then kicked with his feet, causing both of his legs to stretch towards another government official. However, before his feet could make contact, Errol appeared out of nowhere and grabbed them, causing Luffy's torso to fall to the ground..

"I'll handle Straw Hat! Go to the front gate, now! There are more pirates that are breaching the gate!" Errol ordered.

"Yes, sir!" the Marines and government officials said in unison. The horde immediately ran off, dashing towards the front gate where the other pirates had just now busted through.

"Hey! Who are you!?" Luffy yelled while he struggled to get his feet out of Errol's grasp.

"I am Agent Wyatt Errol of CP9," Errol responded as he let go of Luffy's feet, causing his legs to retract.

"So you must be friends with that top hat guy…!" Luffy said as he stood up.

"I wouldn't say friends… I wouldn't even say coworkers really, since we've never gone on missions together. We just happen to belong to the same group," Errol said.

"Well, it doesn't matter! Get out of the way, or I'm taking you down!" Luffy declared with a determined and serious face.

"Go ahead, see what'll happen if you try," Errol taunted. Without warning, Luffy dashed toward Errol and stretched his arm back far away. Errol simply stood in place, not even taking a fighting stance.

"Gum Gum… Pistol!" Luffy yelled, then threw his fist toward Errol, but Errol caught it with no effort. With Luffy being right in front of Errol, Errol rapidly pushed his index into Luffy's body multiple times, piercing Luffy with each stab. Luffy began falling over, but Errol grabbed him by the vest, quickly spun him around, and placed him in a chokehold. Luffy was attempting to struggle his way out of Errol's grasp, but his stamina was severely drained from the multiple stabs he had suffered.

"Let… go of me…!" Luffy growled as he continued to struggle, but to no avail.

"Listen carefully… you need to be on your guard when facing users of the Six Powers, especially when they happen to be CP9 agents...! I know you have more in you than that, so don't fuck up again! If it were any of the other agents right now, you would've already been murdered!" Errol whispered. He then pushed Luffy off him, and Luffy took a few steps forward, nearly tripping over himself.

"Haa… haa… huh...?" Luffy mumbled, then turned toward Errol.

"Look, I don't mean to brag, but I'm one of the strongest agents of CP9, and if I actually fought you for real right now, I could keep you at this spot for as long as I wanted to. Obviously, you don't have time for that, though," Errol said.

"Wait... why are you helping me?" Luffy asked.

"Because you and your ship of fools are the best chance I have of leaving this job without being branded as a criminal. If you guys ruff up those agents and save Robin, then everyone will get fired, including me. I can tell everything I know about the other agents fighting-styles, powers, and their strengths and weaknesses," Errol said.

"Um… no thanks! I think I'll be fine! Thanks for the offer, though!" Luffy said. Errol then began twitching his face at.

"Uh... really…?" Errol mumbled.

"Yup! My friends and I are pretty strong, I think we'll manage!" Luffy reassured. Errol then regained his composure.

"Well, it's your loss. Don't come crying for my help in the future. If I'm seen helping you guys, I'll be branded as a criminal. I don't want to be chased to the end of the globe for the rest of my life. Also, don't worry about your injuries. For someone as strong as you, a few stab injuries shouldn't cause too much of a detriment," Errol said.

"Shishishi! I'd stick around and talk to you longer, but I'm in a hurry! See ya around!" Luffy said with a cheerful smile. He then hopped down from the building and ran off.

"Hopefully not… damn bumpkin," Errol insulted.

O - O - O - O - O

"Hey guys, what's going on?" Errol asked as he walked up towards Jabra, Fukurou, and Kumadori. The three of them were standing just outside of Lucci's room in the Tower of Justice, poking through the door.

"Chapapa! Kaku and Kalifa are about to eat Devil Fruits that Spandam gave them!" Fukurou explained. Errol then poked his head through the as well door and found Lucci, Kaku, and Kalifa sitting around a small table in the middle of the room. On the small table were two plates that had Devil Fruits sitting on them and silverware sitting next to the plates.

"Why would you want to eat a Devil Fruit using silverware? Bleh!" Errol said. Errol then noticed that Blueno was nowhere to be found. "Uh… where's Blueno at?"

"Well, you were taking too long, so Blueno decided to head out on his own! He's probably at the courthouse waiting for Luffy," Jabra explained.

"Yeah… I was actually going to tell Spandam that I had lost track of Straw Hat, but I guess everyone already knows..." Errol said.

"Say it ain't so! Would you like me to help you commit suicide so you don't have to live with your failure!? Yoyol!" Kumadori offered.

"Er… thanks, but no," Errol said.

"Don't worry! Spandam already knew that you'd lose track of him anyway! Chapapapa!" Fukurou added.

"That makes me feel so much better, Fukurou…" Errol replied in a sarcastic tone.

"Kaku! Kalifa! Don't do it! Nothing good will come of it!" Jabra yelled, panicking that Kaku and Kalifa were holding their fruits ready to eat them.

"Jabra just doesn't want Kaku to power up, chapapa!" Fukurou explained.

"Envy and jealousy hurts a man's good name, yoyol!" Kumadori said.

"I really hope Kaku gets a hilarious Devil Fruit! Hehe!" Errol laughed.

"Shut up! Think about it, you two! You could sell 'em for hundreds of millions! But one bite might mean a lifetime of problems, you know!?" Jabra warned. Errol then placed a hand on Jabra's shoulder.

"Just give it up already. You know they're going to eat those fruits," Errol said.

"Hm… it would be fun," Kaku said, then began eating his Devil Fruit.

"...If it's a winner, then I'll gladly welcome it," Kalifa said, then began eating her fruit.

"Uoo! They eat them! Damn it!" Jabra whined. Kaku and Kalifa made disgusted faces as they continued eating their fruits, with Kalifa nearly throwing up the bits that she was chewing. As the two were nearly finished eating, Errol and others rushed into the room.

"Did anything happen!?" Fukurou asked.

"Yoyol! Anything weird happen to your body!?" Kumadori asked. Kaku and Kalifa finally finished their fruits, and the both slouched down on the couch with a sigh of relief.

"Yuck…!" Kaku groaned.

"It really does taste awful…!" Kalifa moaned.

"You two are idiots. It only takes one bite out of a Devil Fruit to gain its effects," Errol explained.

"Wish you would've told us that earlier…!" Kaku grumbled.

"H… hey! Do something! What kind of power did you get!?" Jabra asked.

"Haa… haa… I don't think anything changed…" Kalifa said.

"...You'll realize the change in due time… this is the birth of more ability users… I'm looking forward to it… so get a hang of your powers at least...! Depending on the chief's orders, you might be in battle soon. Blueno… couldn't wait around, so he went ahead to the festival. Speaking of which…" Lucci started, then turned to Errol, "did you really lose track of Straw Hat? I find it hard to believe..."

"Well I found him, but the little bugger didn't even try to fight me. Instead, he ran off into the hordes of Marines like a suicidal madman where I couldn't track him," Errol lied.

"Hmm… you should learn how to make up stories on the spot. That skill might save your life in the field one day," Lucci said. He then stood up and walked out of the room without saying a word.

After Lucci shut the door, worries of being found out about helping Luffy began racing in Errol's mind. Despite Lucci and Errol being equal in strength and considered as the two strongest agents in the group, it was Lucci who had more experience being an agent. While Spandam had considered Errol to be his golden agent for some time, it was Lucci who the other agents considered the de facto leader of the group. If anyone could convince the others that Errol was a traitor, it was Lucci, and if the others believed that Errol was a traitor, even Spandam himself could possibly be swayed into believing.

"Yeah… I think you are lying…!" Jabra growled as he stomped over to Errol. Suddenly, all of Errol's fears seemed to have been coming true. Instead of planning on what to do next like normal, he decided to go with the flow, not wanting to arouse any more possible suspicion.

"Why would I lie?" Errol blurted out. Jabra firmly grasped Errol's shoulder, which caused a frightful chill to run down Errol's spine.


"Because you don't want to admit that you failed like a beginner! Gyahahahahaha!" Jabra laughed uncontrollably. Errol felt a huge wave of relief flow inside his body, now being able to put down his mental and physical defenses. All he needed to do was act annoyed like usual and leave the scene as fast as possible.

"Haha, very funny... I'm going to my room," Errol grumbled as he walked out of the room.

O - O - O - O - O

Hearing the loud commotion coming from Spandam's office, the agents decided to head there to see what was going on. When they arrived, they found large amounts of dust and debris covering the entire room. There was also a giant hole in the wall, and the large net that surrounded the Tower of Justice was completely torn down. Robin was standing behind the ledge that the net was connected to looking down at the courthouse, while Franky was standing behind Robin, yelling at her.

"Oowa… oowa hahahahahahaha! Interesting! What're they gonna do now!? Wahahaha!" Spandam laughed as he danced and clapped in place.

"What're you smoking!? They risked their lives to come this far, and now this…!" Franky exclaimed.

"...They did that on their own," Robin coldly responded.

"You might want to move aside. Rectangle nose behind me is being a bit of a grumpy pants right now," Errol commented as he walked past Franky.

"Whaaaat!? Don't be a foo-" Franky started, but Kaku immediately kicked Franky off to the side.

"Move," Kaku coldly stated as he walked up to the ledge.

"Gyahahahahaha! Kaku! Did you do that out of spite!?" Jabra taunted as he walked up to the ledge.

"Oh, shut up. Besides, I like it!" Kaku claimed. The rest of the agents gathered on top of the ledge, while Robin stayed behind it. Down below was the courthouse, where Luffy stood alone on one of the ramparts.

"Wahaha! Glad you're all here, CP9! But, let's wait for a while… the Straw Hat crew… has begun to fall apart! Let's see where this is going! This is amusing!" Spandam exclaimed.

"Oh, our enemy is just Straw Hat himself?" Kalifa asked.

"Yoyol! Even if he's alone, he came this far, and that's praise worthy!" Kumadori commented.

"Right, Blueno got owned. Gyahaha, what an idiot!" Jabra commented.

"I guess he's lost his touch after being a bar owner for five years," Lucci said.

"Even if he's lost his touch, would he lose that easily…?" Kaku asked.

"He lost! Chapapa!" Fukurou said.

"Blueno lost because he's weak. You guys remember that his doriki was only 820, right?" Errol commented.

"Thank you for not killing him…!" Robin quietly mumbled, who was standing to the left of Errol. Errol didn't give Robin a verbal response, but instead gave her a quick glance without turning his head.

"You want to die!?" Luffy called out.

"That's right!" Robin responded.

"Hey, chief! Couldn't we just go down there and wipe 'em out so that'd be the end of the story?" Jabra asked.

"Well, just wait… a captain being rejected after coming this far to rescue her… have you seen anything funnier than this?" Spandam asked.

"Me calling myself Mike Hawk whenever I visited Water 7. That shit's way funnier than this," Errol spoke up.

"That's one of the oldest jokes in the book…" Spandam mumbled.

"Robiiiiin! Is death what you want!?" Luffy called out.

"Wahahahaha…! Listen to his grievous scream! I wonder what the look on his face is while saying that…!" Spandam exclaimed.

"What the hell are you talking about!? You!" Luffy yelled while picking his nose. At the realization of the disgusting act that Luffy was doing, Spandam's entire body shrieked.

"Eh!? He's picking his nose!" Spandam yelled.

"Listen, Robin! We've come all the way here!" Luffy called out. Suddenly, an explosion occurred right behind Luffy, blowing out the rooftop, and three people flew out. One of them was a jury man that worked in the courthouse, but there were two others who Errol didn't recognize. The first one was a slim woman with neck-length orange hair. She wore a blue denim jacket, a brown blouse with cream-colored liners, a pale blue, pleated mini-skirt, and black high-heeled gladiator sandals. Another one was an extremely buff yeti-like creature, had a blue nose, and brown covered his entire body. He wore a maroon top hat with a sideways medical cross on it, a blue backpack with a sideways medical cross on it, and maroon shorts. The woman landed gracefully on the rooftop, whereas the creature fell on its back.

"Landed," the woman said.

"Gyaaaa!" the creature yelped.

"So we're gonna rescue you anyway! And… if you still wanna die, then die afterwards!" Luffy called out. Right afterwards, a man was seen crawling out of the hole that the explosion created. He was muscular, had cropped green hair, and carried three swords. He wore an unzipped, bright yellow jacket, a white shirt, trousers tucked inside black boots, and a green haramaki.

"Sigh… this's what I should've done to climb up from the start," the man said.

"Zoro! I knew it was you! We're still alive only because we took an indirect hit! If we'd been hit directly, we'd be dead by now!" the woman complained.

"Ah!? What's going on!?" Zoro asked, not putting what she said into his mind. Before anyone else could say something, another explosion occurred at the back of the rooftop, and a slim and muscular, long-legged man jumped out. He had blonde hair which was brushed over the left side, and was smoking a cigarette. He wore a black suit with golden buttons on it, a long-sleeved blue shirt under his suit, a dark blue tie, black pants, and black shoes.

"Boar Soup Boot!" the blonde man said as he flew out the whole he had created with a sidekick. He then gracefully landed on the rooftop. "I'm Definitely the first one to get here…! Now, Robin, you've been waiting… I've come here to rescue…" he stopped his speech when he noticed that Zoro was already on the rooftop, and lost his temper, "what!? Moss head, how'd you get here before me!?"

"Ah, you're late, did you get lost?" Zoro taunted.

"Oh…! Oh… ohohoiohohoi…! And where did you learn that word!?" the blonde man fired back. While the two of them were arguing, a slim man with a long nose was seen flying in the air. He wore a gold colored sun-like mask, brown overalls, a white sash, a blue and white striped armband on his left arm, a red cape, bandages on his nose, neck, arms, and hands, and brown boots.

"Ah! Sniper King!" the creature called out.

"Eh? He's flying!" the woman said.

"What's he been doing all this time?" the blonde man wondered.

"I wonder if he can land safely?" Zoro mumbled to himself. Zoro's question would be answered, as Sniper King crash landed on the rooftop.

"Sniper King!" the creature yelled. He then ran over to Sniper King and helped him get on his feet.

"Oh ho, one after another…" Kaku mumbled.

"What the hell are we even witnessing right now…?" Errol mumbled. All five pirates who showed up on the rooftop marched forward, and stepped on ramparts next to Luffy.

"I beg of you, Robin…! I don't care what you want, whether you choose to live or die…! But whatever you decide… say it while you're with us!" Luffy called out.

"That's right, Robin!" the blonde man called out.

"Robin, come baaack!" the creature called out.

"Now, leave everything to us!" Luffy declared.

"They came here by going through the Aqua Laguna. That's amazing if you think about it," Kalifa pointed out.

"They have good luck, don't they?" Jabra said.

"Now we have permission to kill," Lucci stated.

"Perfect. It'll be much easier if we don't have to hold back our own power," Kaku said.

"So many pirates have come!" Spandam screamed, his eyes bulging and sweat dropping.

"Relax… it's only six pirates. We can take them," Errol said. Errol's words helped Spandam calm down, but Spandam's mental state wasn't what was on his mind. Will these pirates really be my golden ticket out of here…?

"Sigh, thanks for the reassurance. Sometimes I forget that I'm surrounded by super humans," Spandam said. Franky was looking at Robin, and he appeared as if he was about to say something. Errol noticed this, and stopped him by side kicking him in the head, sending him flying off the side.

"Sorry, Flam. Can't can't have you talking now. Spandam is about to start another one of his long speeches," Errol said.

"Thank you, Errol! How ever so kind of you!" Spandam said. He then gave the other agents his attention, and addressed them. "CP9. Listen guys, I give you full permission to wipe em' out, but take them down at the Tower of Justice. It's not like they could get up here to begin with!"

"Wait, aren't we just in the upper floor of the Tower of Justice? Why would say it like we aren't already in it… nevermind, I'm just over complicating things for myself," Errol mumbled to himself.

"Waaaahahahahahahaha! You idiot pirates! Do you realize no matter how brave you are, nothing would ever change!? We have the full strength of an assassination group, CP9! We have the heavy Gates of Justice that human power cannot open!" Spandam proclaimed. Before going on with his speech any further, he pulled out a Golden Transponder Snail out of his pocket. "Moreover, I now have the power to use this Golden Transponder Snail to trigger the Buster Call!"

"The Buster Call…!" Robin mumbled to herself. Errol noticed that Robin's stern and unyielding look now became a look of worry, uncertainty, trauma, and fear. Unfortunately, Spandam noticed this change in Robin's demeanor as well and decided to taunt her about it personally.

"That's right. Exactly… twenty years ago… It's the power that obliterated your hometown, Nico Robin! The word Ohara disappeared from the following year's map, didn't it?" Spandam taunted.

"Stop it! Don't do that!" Robin warned.

"Oooo, I really like that responsel. It's very thrilling. What!? Does this mean that I should press this Buster Call's trigger? Eh? Hm…?" Spandam taunted.

"Do you even know what'll happen if you press it!?" Robin asked rhetorically.

"Of course, I know it very well…! The chances of you pirates getting off this island will be zero… by just the push of the button on this Golden Transponder Snail…! What? Did you have something else in mind? Wahahahahahahaha!" Spandam taunted.

"It's not that simple! Stop it!" Robin pleaded. Spandam grew increasingly irritated at what he thought was pathetic attempts of mocking his intelligence.

"Eh? Don't get cheeky with me now…!" Spandam warned.

"You said Ohara disappeared from the map, didn't you…!? Did you see any humans on that map? You could only be so cruel because you look at the world like that…!" Robin exclaimed. She then got down on her knees and spoke again with a defeated tone. "The Buster Call is a merciless power that makes you lose sight of your own purpose…! Ask for the Buster Call now… you'll be blown up, too… along with the rest of Enies Lobby…!"

"Don't be silly! How could we be blown up by our own allies' attack!? What're you talking about!?" Spandam asked.

"Twenty years ago… just one attack took everything from me and ruined the lives of many people! That is the Buster Call…! That attack… is now aimed at the dear friends that I've finally found. The more I wish to be with you, the more my fate will bare its fangs at you! No matter what sea I go to, I have this great for that I can't shake off! Because my enemy is the… the world, and it's darkness…! First, the incident with Blue Pheasant! And now this…! I've gotten you involved twice already…! If this goes on forever, even good-natured people like you… will eventually consider me a burden! In time, you'll betray me and abandon me! That's what I'm most afraid of…! That's why I didn't want you to come save me! If it's a life that I'll eventually lose, I just want to die right here, right now!" Robin called out.

"Wahahahahahahaha! I see… that's so true! Of course, no one could think you're a burden with all your problems! Wahahahaha!" Spandam cried out. He then pointed up towards the World Government flag that flew on top of the Tower of Justice, and continued. "Look at that symbol, pirates! That mark represents the unity of over 170 countries nations in the four seas and the Grand Line…! This is the world! Do you understand how insignificant you are to stand against us!? Do you understand how big of an organization is after her!?"

"I understand Robin's enemies very well!" Luffy stated. "Sniper King…"

"Hrm?" Sniper King mumbled.

"Shoot that flag!" Luffy stated.

"Roger!" Sniper King responded. He then pulled a giant green slingshot, placed some sort of ammunition in it, and stretched back the rubber. "New weapon: The Great Pachinko called Kabuto! Carefully observe its power! Fire Bird Star!" Sniper King fired off his slingshot, and a massive flame in the form of a phoenix flew straight at the World Government Flag, burning it completely to a crisp.

"...No way," Robin muttered.

"Well fuck me…" Errol mumbled. Both Errol and Robin realized that by burning that single flag, the Straw Hat Pirates had officially declared war on the World Government.

"Ah… argh…! Are you bastards insane!? Don't you dare to even dream that you'd survive having the world as your enemy!" Spandam screamed in anger and shock at the burning of his beloved flag.

"I'd be happy to live with that! Robin! I haven't heard from you yet! Say you wanna live!" Luffy shouted at the top of his lungs. A thousand memories began to flood through Robin. Memories of the great many people that told her that her existence was a crime. Memories of the very few that told her to have hope that she would one day find people that she could truly call a friend. The most impactful memories, though, were that of her friends. From the good times she had with them, to when they showcased each of their remarkable traits. All of these memories replayed in her head over and over, until she finally reached her boiling point. Now being fully convinced that her friends would never abandon her no matter what, could truly admit to herself what she really wanted.

Live…? I thought it was something I couldn't wish for… nobody has ever allowed me that. If I can really declare my wish… I… Robin thought, then took a huge breath in, and cried out at the top of her lungs, louder and she had been before in her entire life, "I wanna live! Take me with you to the sea!"

"Good job Spandam, now you'll have to deal with Robin trying to escape while you escort her to the Gates of Justice. You just made life a lot harder for yourself," Errol commented.

"Shut up, Errol!" Spandam yelled.

"Woooooh, I Love you guys, damn it!" Franky cheered as he wiped tears from his eye. A draw bridge that connected the courthouse with the Tower of Justice then began to lower, and each of the Straw Hats began to prepare for their upcoming battles.

"Gyaaaaah, don't come! Errol! Get over there and kill them all, now!" Spandam panicked. The Straw Hats had heard Spandam loud and clear, and responded by turning their attention towards Errol, ready for the moment he jumps over to the courthouse and attacks. Robin gave Errol a frightened face, worried that Errol may decide to attack her friends, and scared that one of them may perish at this moment. However, Errol was not planning on attacking them. Instead, he decided to come up with a good excuse for not attacking them, and he knew exactly what to say.

"Spandam, I'll follow your order if you wish, but I suggest that you stick with what you originally told us to do: fighting them on the lower floors of the Towers of Justice. It's clear that I myself can't take all of them on at once. Having the others with me also wouldn't be a good idea, as that rooftop is too small for us to utilize our strength and powers properly if we're all fighting there at the same time," Errol said. Spandam took a moment to think, and ultimately agreed with Errol.

"Good point, Errol! Fine, you'll have it your way!" Spandam said. The Straw Hats heard this, and lowered their defenses.

"Hoohoo… they're so determined to save Robin," Kalifa commented.

"Gyahahaha! How dare they disrespect the flag of the World Government!?" Jabra said.

"Useless. They'll never defeat us," Kaku boasted.

"Alright, I've seen enough," Errol said as he hopped down from the ledge and began walking away.

"Hey! Where are you going!? Get back here! That's an order!" Spandam barked.

"Don't worry, I'm just going to prepare for my fight. If you want someone to protect you, Lucci should more than suffice," Errol said as he headed off.

"I don't care, get ba-" Spandam started, but then he heard a loud explosion occur on the lower left of the drawbridge, catching his attention.