Hello everyone. Here is the LGBT history month one-shot for this year. I hope that you will enjoy it. :)

It is the Amazon rainforest close to the country of Brazil, where a Spix Macaw-Scarlet Macaw couple are sharing a dance. This couple is well-known, because it consists of a girl who is called Bia whom is the second daughter of Blu and Jewel Gunderson in her family. She is a Spix Macaw, although the female Scarlet Macaw is called Alondra who is from the country of France after having been born there herself to a deep-rooted religious family.

The two have had very different experiences in their lives, Bia was lucky to have a family who accepted her attraction to girls. Alondra wasn't so lucky, because she had been in a family that was disgusted with her attraction to other females including the fact they saw it as a sin. It was a horrible time for young female Scarlet Macaw, who only wanted to have a better life for herself in a world and place where she can finally be herself without fear.

That journey was long and hard in itself for various reasons, despite the fact she had suffered the losses of many girlfriends. They had died brutally, because of the fact that they were different from the rest of society along with the fact that they loved someone of the same gender. These thoughts of pain and injustice, had drove Alondra on until she had a place that she can truly call home and feel safe in the fact she won't be judged for being a Lesbian.

It was when she was first recruited into the Rio Army itself, did she feel belonged in the knowledge that she was accepted. It was also during a mission, when she would not only meet the bird that she now calls her wife and rescue her as well as her loving family. It is also sometime after that mission, that the two would start spending time together that would eventually lead to them getting to know each other more before they both eventually fell in love.

Their relationship would last throughout their adventures, until they finally got engaged before they got married to each other. That day was full of joy, because it meant that for both females that they can now spend the rest of their lives together in love and harmony. It also meant that for Alondra, she is now part of a family that accepts her sexuality in the knowledge that she can be a loving and faithful wife to their second daughter Bia Gunderson.

Today for both of the two loving couple however, it is a time where they can spent it dancing together in each other's wings. They are also taking the time to remember, all of the events that happened in the past including the Stonewall riots that helped fight for LGBT equal rights. The two have heard about that, knowing that it is something that is going to be worth remembering in every struggle for Equal rights for everyone involved wanting to be treated as equals.

"So, what do you think of the Stonewall riots, Bia?" asked Alondra as she smiled at her loving wife. "Do you think that, they helped the fight for Equality?".

"Yes, I do, Alondra, everybody stood up for each other" said Bia as she sighed in delightful content. "They just wanted equal rights, that's all, just equal rights".

"Yeah, but, unfortunately, there are some people, Bia" said Alondra as she kissed her wife's cheek. "That hope to make other people feel inferior, to feel superior".

"Definitely, at least, it won't be happening to us, love" said Bia as she laid her head on her wife's chest. "We will never let something like that happen to us at all".

Alondra smiled before she'd brought her beak down, until she felt it make contact with Bia's beak that resulted in a deep loving kiss. It lasted for few minutes, until they released each other before they just carried on dancing in the moonlight in order to enjoy LGBT history month together. The two lovebirds still danced, until they finally a final kiss for one last time before they decided to go to bed together in order to snuggle up together in each other's wings.

When they got back to their family tree hollow, they kissed their children goodnight before they had finally arrived at their bedroom. It is here they began to sleep, before they'd wrapped their wings around each other with the happy couple taking the moment to look into each other's eyes. They both smiled at each other, until Alondra gently encouraged her wife to lay her head on her chest as Bia did just that all the while smiling in content before she closed her eyes.

"Goodnight Bia" said Alondra as she kissed her wife's forehead. "I love you".

"Goodnight Alondra" said Bia as she snuggled up to her wife. "I love you too".

Awww, those two are just perfect for each other :)

Also, happy LGBT month to those celebrating this tremendous occasion, I hope that you have had a good time and I hope that every straight person and all of the LGBT people will continue to fight for Equality for all in the hope of creating a better future for the next generations and beyond. :)

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