Cuddling is one of the closest and the most romantic things you can do with your partner. It is a comforting message.

It tells your partner that you are there for them, they are safe with you in your arms, and that they are warm and they are protected.

Emi Yusa, reads this off an internet from an article, she was searching up cooking recipes to try but how she ended up in an article about "cuddling"?honestly…even she doesn't know it.

She reads it started to think over her relationship with her long time enemy and now they have been dating for awhile, its been going good, they banter and bicker and laugh, she likes to have him around, he knows her more than she knows herself, when shes sad or depressed, he'd know what to do to make her smile again, and with Alas Ramus around, he helps around, they are truly like a family, thinking that she smiles. She wants him to know how thankful she is to have him in her life, and this could be an answer, she'd give him big cuddles but…shes blushes beet red…its too awkward, how? Its going to be difficult…

Door bell rings breaking her train of thoughts, she rushes towards the door to see who it was. It was Maou…with Alas Ramus, he took her out with him to get some snacks as they were going to watch Alas Ramus favorite animated movie.

"Hey Emi!"


Both of them greeted Emi,

"Hey…you two!" She beamed at them as she took the Alas Ramus in her arms.

"Are you excited for the movie?"

"Yes!" Alas Ramus happily exclaimed.

They all settled on the couch, and begin to watch the movie.

Emi kept looking at Maou from time to time, thinking back to what she read earlier about cuddling, she thought this was her chance so she tried to scoot a-bit closer to where Maou was but it was harder since Alas Ramus was in the Emi trying her best to awkwardly at-least try toput her head on Maou's shoulder but she failed, that didn't go unnoticed by Maou but he didn't say anything and smiled to himself, continued to watch the movie.

Later that night after they put Alas Ramus to sleep on the bed, as they were returning to their futons on the floor, as Emi settled in her futon, Maou surprised her as he all of a sudden cuddled her in his arms which resulted in Emi gasping but then soon settled feeling warm and indeed the article was right, she felt so good but then fake huffed when clearly she didn't want him to stop, Maou while he grinned, "if you want cuddles you could've said so"

"No, I didn't want to cuddles! What are you even saying?"

"Oh no, ok i'll stop it then" Maou said, still grinning, he was enjoying this, he could see what Emis saying is against of what she wants, he's gotten used to her.

" up" Emi just blushed and mumbled, "don't stop" which Maou laugh and he cuddled with her more as he buried his head in the crook of her neck, with that both of them slept peacefully.

Emi could've sworn she never slept so peacefully like this in ages. She could get used to this.