A group of pirates, escaping from their tyrant of a captain, find refuge with a group of young girls, who are running away as well…but from a different place. The men never believed in love at first sight…not until that day. Together, they decide to run away and travel together-to live elsewhere, where they'd be safe. However, there are spies watching them…& a traitor among them


Tokyo Mew Mew:

Ryou, Ichigo, Masaya, Keiichiro, Zakuro, Mint, Tasuku, Berry, Lettuce, Pudding, Deep Blue, Kish, Pie & Tart

Sailor Moon:

Usagi, Mamoru, Ami, Rei, Makoto, Minako, Haruka, Michiru, Rini (Chibiusa), Hotaru & Prince Diamond

Dragon Ball Z:

Trunks, Gohan, Goten, Vegeta, Bulma, Goku, Chi-Chi, Bulla & Broly

Original Characters:

Skyley, Kittelya, Haku, Cassius, Neji & Moka

The Good:

Main Characters:

Ryou-21 x Skyley-15

Trunks-21 x Kittelya-15

Masaya-21 x Ichigo-15

Mamoru-21 x Usagi-15

Secondary Characters:

Keiichiro-26 x Setsuna-26

Zakuro-21 x Mint-16

Tasuku-19 x Berry-19

Haruka-21 x Michiru-21

Gohan-25 x Rei-18

Goten-23 x Minako-16

Vegeta-40s x Bulma-40s (32)

Goku-40s x Chi-Chi-40s (35)











The Bad:

Deep Blue-30s







Neji-21 x Moka-16

Many others…

"So, what now?" A man with long dark green hair and green eyes asked as he and five other men sat in a decent sized boat, that could technically fit twelve men, fifteen if you really cram in there.

"We make it to land and go from there." A man with short blonde hair and blue eyes replied calmly.

"What if he sends his men after us?" The first man asked unsure.

"And he will; you know he will." A man with short black hair and blue eyes replied calmly.

"All we can do is run and hope we get as far away from them as we possibly can." A man with shoulder length violet hair and blue eyes said calmly, leaning back while looking at the night sky.

"Besides, we have a three day lead advantage. I guess, if they do find us, we'll have no choice but to fight them." Masaya said, accidently whacking his hands against the boat.

"Calm down Masaya; hopefully, it won't have to come down to that." The black-haired man said calmly.

"Well, at least we have Mamoru; he's a doctor." The man with green hair said with a stupid smile.

"Neji…" The rest of the men growled, slightly annoyed.

"What? It's true; Mamoru is a doctor. Ryou and Trunks are born leaders. And Masaya is a strategist." This Neji said, looking at everyone.

"That's nice and all…but with the exception of being doctors, we're all of those things; we all have our strengths when it comes to leading and strategizing." Ryou said slightly annoyed.

"What's crawled up all of your butts?" Neji asked annoyed.

"Tidal wave." Trunks said, sitting up.

"What? How does a tidal wave crawl up your butt?" Neji asked, not realizing what Trunks was looking at.

"No, you idiot! Tidal wave!" Trunks yelled pointing behind them.

"Everyone hold on!" Ryou and Masaya yelled as they all grabbed a hold of something.

Within seconds, they were all under water, desperately holding onto the seats of the boat.


Five young girls were walking along the beach in the cold rain.

"Seriously, we couldn't have waited until it was nicer to run away?" A girl with long blonde hair tied up in long pigtails with buns and blue eyes asked annoyed.

"I was thinking the same thing…" A girl with shoulder-length red hair tied up in messy pigtails and brown mumbled.

"Maybe we should turn back; Kittelya and Skyley aren't looking too good." The girl with long blonde said in a worried tone.

"They'll be fine; they want this as much as we do. Now, come on; let's keep moving." A girl with short, choppy greenish-brown hair and brown eyes said calmly.

"Moka, that's enough! We're cold, tired, and hungry! Kittelya and Skyley are not built for this kind of weather! Usagi's right; we need to head back…or at least to somewhere warm!" The red-haired girl yelled back at the other girl, Moka.

"Well, Ichigo…why don't we just ask Kittelya and Skyley how they feel about all this." Moka said annoyed, but at the same with an eerie calm.

"I'm cold." One of the girls, with long, wavy orange hair down to her mid back with green eyes said softly, shivering; that was Skyley.

"Can't we for a little bit?" The other girl, with long, wavy orange hair down to her mid back with violet eyes asked softly; that was Kittelya.

"Fine…we'll find some place to rest. God, you girls are such pussies." Moka said annoyed and slightly pissed.

"Why do you have to be such a bitch?" Ichigo mumbled…

"I heard that." Moka said, turning around to look at Ichigo.

"Oh, did you now? Well good." Ichigo shot back.

"At least the weather's past us…" Usagi sighed as she, Skyley and Kittelya watched Ichigo and Moka go back and forth.

"Kittelya, Skyley, what's wrong?" Usagi asked, looking at the two girls, getting Ichigo and Moka's attention.

"What are those?" Skyley and Kittelya asked at the same time, looking at some boards scattered all over the place.

"They look like boat pieces…" Usagi said, looking around.

"And, it looks like there's a lot of them." Ichigo said simply, looking around.

"Do you think someone's been shipwrecked?" Moka asked, very interested.

"Who knows?" Ichigo said, covering her eyes from what little sun was peaking out from behind the clouds.

"Do you think we should check and see if anyone's hurt?" Kittelya asked looking ahead.

"It would be the right thing to do." Skyley said, looking at everyone.

"But, what if the people who were shipwrecked, are pirates?" Usagi asked a little scared.

"That would totally be awesome!" Moko exclaimed excitedly, taking off.

"Wait! Moka! Do you know how dangerous that is?!" Ichigo called, extremely frustrated.

"Skyley, Kittelya, where are you two going?" Usagi and Ichigo asked when they seen the two girls take off.

"We can't let her go alone!" Kittelya called back as she and Skyley followed Moka.

"We might as well go as well." Usagi said, looking at Ichigo.

"Let's go…" Ichigo mumbled, annoyed as they too followed the other girls…