Chapter 1

Jennifer is sat at her desk in her office in the BAU a troubled woman. Emily had been distant the last few months. She was still her Emily but something was not quite right, their usually active sex life was now, almost nonexistent, she sighed.

"Engage your targets at Will, your weapon re qualifying tests start now," the range master instructed

Emily picked up her loaded magazine, but dropped it onto the floor. She tried to pick it up but struggled to get it

'Thank god, got you'

She loads her weapon, and commenced her test. After running through the targets, she safes her weapon and holsters it. The range master hands Emily a pink sheet of paper, indicated that she failed. Morgans going to love this she thought.

Emily returns to the bullpen and goes to Hotch's office

She hands her weapon re-qualifying failure notice to him. "I failed! I'm stuck in the office or precinct for the next month, until I can be retested," Emily tells hotch

"What happened? Your nearly as good a shot as your wife," Hotch asked concerned.

"Tired I guess, I've not been sleeping well," Emily lied,

"Go home, take your wife, I'll see you both in the morning, rested," Hotch tells Emily a little concerned

Emily knocks on JJ's door and goes in "hi, we have been sent home by Hotch, her wife informs her

"I know he just rang, forgetting the little snippet, about your failed gun re-qualification," JJ mentions

"I would have told you, honestly," Emily smiles

"Sweetheart, are you ok! You can speak to me you know," JJ says in a concerned life

"Not here!" Emily says in a quite voice

Emily drives them home, suddenly she pulls into the parking lot of a park.

"Let's walk, I will tell you everything," Emily smiles rubbing her right hand.

They walk along hand in hand in silence, JJ knows from years of marriage Emily will talk when she is ready.

They stated to walk towards a park bench, JJ notices her wife's right leg is moving strangely. Suddenly Emily crashes into the bush she was walking beside.

"Emily, are you all right?" A concerned JJ asks

Emily makes no attempt to get up, she suddenly started to cry. JJ sits down next to her, not giving a dam that she was in a bush.

"Talk to me, sweetheart what's wrong?" A concerned JJ asked

"My Right leg feels strange, it seems to feel heavy and it feels strange, watch," Emily tells JJ

JJ watches her wife kick her leg out to the front. Suddenly it start to move rapidly like its being electrified. It stops when she lowers her leg a little. She repeated the demonstration a few times until JJ yelled 'stop' you'll hurt your self.

"It doesn't hurt, unless you hit something," Emily sniffs

They manage to get to the bench, Emily sits down dropping her head into her hands.

"I failed this morning. 'Sniff, Sniff' I could hardly feel the pistol grip in my hand, the trigger, I could hardly feel. My right arm and hand feels like I have slept on them all night. ... the more I use my fingers, the fatter they feel and more useless they become, Oh, Jen, I've googled my symptoms.. .I think I have Multiple Sclerosis! We're going to get a divorce, your not going to want me now... " Emily's rant is stopped by JJ,

"You stop, stop, I vowed to you at our wedding, in sickness and in health. Now look at me, look at me! I'm going nowhere, your going to the doctors, do you understand me?" A stern JJ told Emily looking directly into watering brown eyes.