It's an ordinary day at camp

Emma: You guys we have great news.

Destiny: What's the great news?

Zuri: Our brother Luke is coming to visit us.

Lou: That's amazing.

Matteo: Is he the one who got stuck in summer school?

Ravi: Yes. He was in summer school for 2 years then he got stuck in summer college.

Finn: That sucks.

Emma: He visited us last year and the following year.

Luke comes down in a helicopter

Luke: Hey guys.

Emma, Ravi, and Zuri: Hey Luke.

They all hug

Emma: Great to see you, Luke.

Luke: you too. I got 3 weeks off from summer college so mom and dad said I can come to Camp Kikiwaka.

Zuri: That's wonderful.

Ravi: Luke I like you to meet our new campers. Destiny, Finn, and Matteo.

Matteo: Nice to meet you.

Destiny: We've heard about you.

Finn: That was cool of you coming out of that helicopter.

Luke: Thanks.

Lou: How do you keep getting stuck in summer school?

Emma: Yeah how?

Luke: I have no idea.

Ravi: It would be nice if you were here for the whole summer running the camp with us.

Luke: I know bro.

Lou: Well Luke why don't you get yourself settled. You'll be in Grizzly Cabin.

Finn: Sweet.

Luke: Alright Ravi it looks like we're roommates.

Ravi: I missed you brother.

Luke: Aw, I missed you too, buddy.

Luke gives Ravi a hug and Ravi gives Luke a hug

Destiny: Aw brotherly love.

Zuri: It's nice.

Emma: Besides Mrs. Kipling, Ravi's only best friend is Luke.

Matteo: What about us?

Finn: Yeah.

Ravi: You're my best friends too.

Lou: There's no law saying you can't have more than one best friend.

Luke: This is going to be the best 3 weeks ever.

Ravi: Yeah. It will be the best 3 weeks ever.

Note: This is obviously taking place during Season 3

Note #2: Luke finally meets Destiny, Finn, and Matteo

Note #3: Mrs. Kipling is mentioned

Note #4: If this seems a little short, my apologizes