Credit to my friend Astaroth for helping me write this!


Hajime awoke, eyes blinking as he stares at the ceiling of his new home. He took a moment to reflect on the past year, from his mother announcing they'd be moving, to the flight, and settling in on the island deemed 'Alola'. Having come from Kanto, it was quite the culture shock- even the pokemon were different! As he finally brought himself to push his achey limbs up, sore from pulling in boxes and working on chores and setting up, he took a well-deserved stretched. "I guess...I'll be here for now on. This is odd atmosphere to wake up to, totally different from back in Kanto..." Hajime muttered to himself, in his nearly empty room. Boxes littered the area, opened and unopened- all he had unpacked was his computer, and bedding. It hadn't been personalized- but he'd hoped to do so. In the meanwhile, he reflected on the fact he'd left his previous pokemon in the daycare back at Kanto, as well. Though...he preferred that over the PC method. Either way, he found himself rising to the smoky smell of fresh, alolan bacon, from the mart.

Hajime took his sore body, and lifted himself, heading out of his room and into the main area, immediately glancing to the kitchen bar area. He saw his mom, cooking bacon with a small but sizable pan. "Hey, mom. Bacon?" He asked, as she gave her son a warm smile. "Jime! You're up!" She announces, as he turns his head. "Ahhh, don't call me that..." He said, a bit less then firmly. Meanwhile, his mom rose a suspicious eyebrow. "Did you get a shower?" Hajime groaned, "I haven't had time!" He said, as his mother sighed. "Fine, after you eat your bacon, though." She muttered.

Eventually, they were sat down, eating, simply talking about Alola, and how they expected it to be a good fit. Hajime had expectations that he could continue his journey in Alola, and that he could make more prominent discoveries and fill up the pokedex to it's complete form. He glanced upward at the ceiling after he finished his bacon, ten minutes or so later. His mother, urging him to shower, giggled slightly at his hasty and awkward form, loose form-fitting pants, and unwashed short-sleeved oxford. "It's been days since he's washed up. He needs to! Then I can let him go make friends, and stuff! I remember when I was a teenager..." She murmured. Hajime disappeared into the bathroom, for what seemed like hours.

Eventually, the Alolan sun still shining in the windows, he stepped out of the bathroom, dressed in naught but a towel. Scurrying to his room, he heard the quiet sound of Jazz and tropical music from the living-room of their one-floor home. A small smile formed on his face as he thought about his mother taking in the fresh, island air. In his room, meanwhile, he decided on a white-short sleeved oxford shirt, and some black swim-trunks with white stripes on the sides, ending just above his knees. "Good thing those double as shorts." He muttered, before scrubbing the towel loosely on his head, excess water flung about as he glanced out the door. "I'll grab my phone, bag, and head out, then." He muttered to nobody but himself, as he grasped a slightly dusty bag off the floor, and his phone, which was dinging excessively. Sighing, he put the thing on silent, wanting to enjoy his first official day to roam, as he left the room. He shouted for his mother, who was laying on the sofa, head leaned back, the fan pointed in her direction as she enjoyed the Island weather, and the cool breeze technology brought. He waved, "I'll be back later, I'll text you if I'm out after dark." He mutters. The woman simply smiled, her eyes closed as her lips opened slightly. "Of course, Jime. I trust you to tell me that stuff." She quietly said, unheard, as her son disappeared out the door.

As Hajime stepped outside his house, the Alolan sun beating down on his Body, we see a group of Spearow flying through the sky...And then we hear the voice. The friendly Narrator voice of course!~

Pokemon! Wonderful creatures that inhabit our beautiful world You can find them in every corner of the globe! In the ice caps, the Forests, even volcanoes! We can see groups of Diglet chatting and digging underground, along with multiple people outside, playing with various types of Pokemon.

People and Pokemon have a bond stronger then life itself! People use these bonds to grow stronger during the worlds renown sport: Pokemon battles! Today, we focus on the Journey of Five People In particular: Extraordinary People who form strong bonds between people and Pokemon! Their journey will fill your mind with lush landscapes, evil societies, and adventures that will astound you! Here, we Have Hajime Hinata, A Young boy who moved from the Kanto region to the mysterious Alolan reigion. He wishes to become a pokemon master, and quite possibly complete a near impossible task! filling up the pokedex!]

Today he begins his new Pokemon Journey, and he will gain his first Pokemon partner in Alola! Let's see what Happens as this journey begins!

Hajime stepped out into the world, looking upon the slightly roughed up dirt path as he began heading down the road, upwards, towards the inner areas. From the outskirts of the beach, he looked around as he walked, his shoes digging into the soft, warm dirt as he did. Pokemon wandered the grass, and played with one another- a few children talking along the road as he walked. As he came- he came across a bridge. Staring across it, mustering up the courage, he grasped his fist tightly, a small, but excited smile forming on his face as he pumped it, his eyes squinting. He looked proud, he was taking his first step, towards the Alola region. As he stepped forward, though, a hand reached out to his shoulder.

"Nyahaha!~ Hello! You Are Hinata, correct?" A peppy, Cheerful voice echoed down his ear drums and filled his brain."I heard from Atua that you would be coming today! Looks Like Atua was right once again!"

"W-Wha?!" He exclaimed, flinching back from the bridge. "W-Who're you? How do you know my name!? Who the heck is Atua?" He suddenly asked, turned around, a flabbergasted look on his face, as he tightly grasped the pole of the bridge. He let it go as he turned to face her, taking a meek step back.

The girl had fair tan skin, and Deep Dark grey eyes. Her hair was long and white, and she wore a yellow rain coat over a white Bikini. She wore sandals that dug into melemele sand. She grinned at Hajime, Teh teenager about his age giggling."Huh? Didn't Atua tell you who I am? I am the prophet who will grant you our spirit guide on this mighty journey to appease the gods you have set upon!"

The girl had fair tan skin, and Deep Dark grey eyes. Her hair was long and white, and she wore a yellow rain coat over a white Bikini. She wore sandals that dug into melemele sand. She grinned at Hajime, Teh teenager about his age giggling."Huh? Didn't Atua tell you who I am? I am the prophet who will grant you our spirit guide on this mighty journey to appease the gods you have set upon!"

He could already feel the cold sweat running down his face. "Uh...yeah...sure..." He awkwardly muttered. His mothers words echoed- "Hopefully he can make friends!" That's what she said. Well, shit. That's kinda hard when the only person you know seems to be from a religious island cult. He stared at angie, hand reaching behind him as he rubbed a hand behind his hair. "So...uh...where's- the nearest town...?"

"Huh? Why you're standing in it!~" SHe giggled, and raised her arms, allowing her graceful yellow raincoat to float around her gently."Welcome to Atua Town, Named after our mighty God, The creator of Arceus the go d of pokemon!" She giggled, tilting her head."I am the trial leader of this town, where I set off every individual on their Spirt Journey! Or, As people from Kanto would call it, A Pokemon Journey!~ I am Here to give you your starter, yes? So let's go!" The Girl walked by Hajime and grabbed his hand, and quite literally, began dragging him.

The boy was stunned, as his mind automatically thought- 'God of pokemon? Please.' Though, sweat began running down his forehead- he sucked in a breath. "S-Spirit-" He tried to say, before the definition was promptly given- though, before he could ask if 'Atua Town' was the actual name of a town, he was pulled off. "H-Hey! Wait! Let me go! I barely know you...!"

"Nyahaha!~" Angie laughed, and released his arm, turning to him, as her white hair bounced. "Sorry, Sorry. Atua just told me you were feeling nervous. I understand. Your confused, yes? Startled?"

"U-Uhm...yeah. A ton..." He admits- rubbing his arm quite sheepishly.

"Uh...yeah. I'm really hoping to meet lots of Alolan pokemon..." Hajime muttered, looking off the edge of the unstable bridge as he swallowed." If I die, I seriously hope that it's not by this cult chick! His mind screamed this at him, though he managed to keep up his awkward smile. His phone was tucked in his bag, and he was more then simply nervous.

"Well, I can help then, Ehehe!~" She giglged, making her way finally across the last lenght of the bridge, and two the trial grounds. "Before you can continue on your journey here, You need a starter. Therefore, Atua will help guide you. Come On out everyone!~" SHe reached towards her belt, and flung three Pokeballs, each one colored and painted by her. they were beautfiul. three pokemon burst out: Litten, Rowlette, and Popplio.

ajime's eyes widened- he'd never seen pokemon like this before. He looked at the three, almost instantly designating their types, as he momentarily forgot the fact he was with a weird religious cultist. "I've seen them online..." He mumbled, before looking between the group, eyes fluctuating to looking at each pokemon directly. "Those pokeballs are gorgeous, you painted them yourself? Wow..." He muttered. For once, he was stunned, in a pure, and small moment of enchantment and wonder.

"Mmhmm!~ I like to give all my beloved pet's a gorgeous home. Atua channels it within me. Meet Rowlette, Litten, and Gerard." She blinks, poitng at Popplio.

"Ge...rard?- Nevermind." Not gonna question that...he thought. He looked at them, firmly deciding he wasn't going with Gerard. "...A grass type." He mutters, recalling his Venusaur.

"...Could I have the...Rowlet?" Hajime was well versed in the power of grass types, due to woning a venusaur back in Kanto. He also liked that the Pokemon had a green tie, even though it was a bow tie and not a nomral one like Hajime's.

Rowlette had vanished! Hajime suddenly felt a presence on his head. The owl bird had decided that Hajime's ahoge was a proper sleeping place, and had cuddled up into the sharp spike, and snored. Angie blinked. "Well Well! Looks Like Rowley really likes you!"

"H-Huh?!...Oh...oh. I-It does?! spike...Hi, Rowlet!" He exclaimed, trying to make do. "..Nice to meet you, we're gonna be partners now!" He announces, reaching up to pet the rowlet.

The bird did not respond, and just snored out loud, shaking the entire trial ground. Yonaga blinked, before she grinned. "Nyahaha!~ Yep! Your aprtners now! Here, take this." She tossed him the painted Pokeball. "You can wash off the paint if you want. it might be a bit too girly for you, Atua tells me. But with this partner, your journey begins!"

Hajime stares at the pokemon ball in hand, before nodding, grasping it tightly. "Definitely...this is, my new start!" He exclaims, glancing to the side and off the trial grounds, sweat running down his forehead as he glanced out to the alolan scenery, the town down the mountain, and the ocean in the distance, the other islands in sight. He took in the fact this was going to be a long journey, though, whatever he thought as he began to walk- Rowlet on head, "...This pokeball is perfect. Thanks...angie."

"Nyahaha!~ Again, it's no problem. Ah- wait, You need your pokedex. Mioda-san, could you-" 8She blinked, and looked around.* "Ehhhh? Where is she?" The girl who was living with her had vanished once again, no doubt off to go practice music, or play with that odd little pokemon she had found once again.

"Huh, who...?" Hajime instinctively said, raising an eyebrow. "Ah...yeah, a Pokedex! Who's Mioda-san, though?" He suddenly asked, looking to the island girl with slightly confused eyes. Sweat rolled down his forehead- the poor boy was unused to the alolan sun. He glances from her to his surroundings.

The girl sighed, scratching her head, looking frustrated and angry. "My assistant. She came here from another Island, saying that she needed a home or soemthing. Atua always provides those who needs help with help, but they need to give soemthing back! Mioda should have been ehre with the Pokedex a while ago!" She frowned, staring up the forest trail, waitig for her to appear. But Nobody came. "Ughhh! Atua is really frustrated with her!"

Hajime raises an eyebrow, however nods as he takes in this information. "An assistant, huh? Maybe she got distracted somewhere?"

"Hm...Atua says you are correct!" ANgie declared, raising her hands up to the sky. She then rustled around in her robe for a few minuts, and shoved six pokeballs into Hajme's arms. "Atua tells me you should go and check on her, Nyahahah!~ Besides, without her, you'll never get a pokedex! She has my whole supply! One."

"Never- wait, WHAT?!" He exclaims, barely able to hold them all as he awkwardly shifted them in his arms. "Where do i even start looking?!"

"Don't aks me! She went up that old Route, filled with dangerous ghost pokemon! Oooohhhh! Atua says you should find her there! Be careful though! Don't anger any spearow. They could lead to your doom Atua tells me." She says Onimously.

"Haa- don't try using your religious cult prediction stuff to curse me!" He snaps, going off in the direction towards the old route, eyes angrily paced ahead as he sighs. Man, I thought this day would be relaxing...! Where the hell even is this place!?

Hajime Hinata has gotten himself into it! But before we continue with him...let's move onand focus the spotlight on someone else for a bit, hm?