Yes I have other fics I need to be finishing, however, I have had an email back from the lovely MiraculouslyLazy YouTuber. They have graciously given me permission to use their videos as inspiration for this fic. Search for them on YouTube, to watch their videos on our favourite love square duo.

There might be some plot holes in this, I ask for your forgiveness. There will be mild language and when you see the likes of '**************', please imagine a high pitch beep, and use your imagination to fill in the blanks, ya filthy animals!

Lady Rhi X

"I've had enough Tikki!" Plagg, who was circling his red counterpart, was sick of his kitten being pushed away by the girl who loved him. "Their dance around each other is never going to end," he continued ranting, slowly raising his voice, forgetting about the bluenette sleeping in the room below. "She loves him, he loves her! Why can't this just be simple!"

Tikki said nothing. Sitting on a plant pot, she waited for him to calm down in his own time. They had been having this conversation for weeks, and Tikki was getting sick of repeating herself.

Plagg continued, throwing his arms in the air out of frustration he added, "that bug of yours is going to ruin this! All because she can't see what's so plainly in front of her-"

Tikki snorted. She couldn't help herself. "Plagg, your kitten is just as oblivious as my bug."

Green eyes rolled at Tikki, huffing, he stopped circling and hovered before her. "Sugarcube, I can't keep watching his heart break." Sighing in defeat, he knew what was coming.

"I'm in the same position Plagg," Tikki countered with a calm disposition. "Marinette has tried so many times to tell Adrien how she feels, but you and I both know he would turn her down because, ironically, he is already in love with her masked alter ego."

Plagg settled next to Tikki, as she twiddled a half eaten macaron in thought.

"We're in quite the pickle aren't we sugarcube?"

"That we are Plaggypops, that we are."

Both Kwami had found themselves drawing the same conclusion. The same conclusion they had settled on for the past month. Countless meetings between the two gods had taken place, but none of their solutions had come to anything. Marinette flat out refused to share her identity, Adrien respected his lady too much to shock her... Neither of them fell for the suspiciously sudden beeps coming from their Miraculous, and both had been blind when their Kwami had just happened to leave two pictures next to each other, of the other holder in both guises. Never in their years, had two holders been this blind. Ever.

"We've got to do something, it would only take them finding each other on one side..." Plagg sighed defeatedly, "none of our holders had this much potential-"

"And they need to come together to reach it. I know." Tikki finished his sentence. "It's not just about their hearts hurting anymore though, is it Plagg?"


"Not with Mayura now working with Hawkmoth and their team exposed."

Silence fell between the two gods as they each contemplated what their next move should be. Not usually ones to meddle in the lives of their holders, they were going against what they had always done: sit back and let the pieces fall into place.

The fall of the guardian and the appearance of Mayura had unfortunately left them with this predicament. Their holders were strong yes, in tune with each other, but the lack of realisation on both their holders parts would hold them back from their inevitable pairing. A pairing that would no doubt make them the strongest holders Tikki and Plagg had ever known.

Variables were being thrusted into the situation, variables that neither Plagg or Tikki had accounted for. The pull between the two Miraculous' were usually enough, but the awfully stubborn pair had not been able to fit the pieces into place. Something Tikki was now cursing their former guardian for. In many ways Master Fu had been correct in keeping their identities secret from each other, but not even Master Fu had seen his untimely resignation coming. Marinette had barely had any time to prepare, and although she was doing well, she was mainly winging her way through life.

Before all of this had happened, and the duty of guardianship had been thrusted upon her shoulders, Marinette was struggling to hold it together. With this new added stress, Tikki and Plagg knew having her partner by her side both in and out of the mask, would make life so much easier for both holders. Their connection would be complete, their powers would become stronger and they would have each other to share the responsibilities that came with the territory.

Tikki was at a loss.

Plagg had an idea.

"We break the fourth wall."


Tikki gaped at Plagg, her eyes wider than he had ever seen them before.

"We break the fourth wall." He stated, as if it was obvious. Looking to Tikki like he was almost bored, the tiny black god of destruction waited for her to shoot his idea down.

"Plagg we cant do that!" Tikki flew up in a panic, zipping left to right as if pacing in mid air. "You want to show them footage or something don't you! It would ruin it for the audience if they knew they were part of a TV show!" Tikki was spiralling, as her thoughts came quickly out of her mouth, "or do you want them to read some FanFiction? Oh my Plagg, what if they accidentally read smut!" Tikki flung her nubs to her face in shock, "they would be permanently disturbed by some of that!"

'Or inspired," plagg thought to himself as he waited for her to stop, silently chuckling to himself while shaking his head at the tiny red god. "No Tikki." He deadpanned, "I am not going to get either of them to read anything to do with Adrien putting his **************** into Marinette's ******************, or Marinette reversing the roles and *************. It wouldn't be right."

Tikki paled. Completely dumbfounded by what Plagg had just said. "Do they really insinuate actions such as ************."

Plagg nodded, amused with Tikki's naivety on the smutty side of the fanfictiom which had been inspired by a children's cartoon. "Yes Sugarcube, I was just as surprised as you are."

Tikki eyed him skeptically, "Plagg, something tells me you weren't surprised at all." Finally sitting down next to him, Tikki wanted to leave talk of ************* behind them and focus on what he was suggesting. "What was your idea then?"

"You know what YouTube is right?"

Tikki rolled her eyes, 'of course this was where it was going.'

Plagg had explained about a YouTube account he had 'stumbled' upon. The owner had done some rather detailed, but not too detailed as in to give the identity of either holder away to the other, videos which would highlight the growing or repressed feelings they had for each other in their other forms. Plagg and Tikki only needed to decide which one they would now choose to show one of their oblivious holders.

Since Plagg had already, somehow miraculously, managed to hoodwink Adrien's computer, he had also hoodwinked the link that he would send. This would allow for only the desired video to be shown, and then Plagg programmed the link to automatically shut down, to prevent anymore 'stumbles'. Tikki was not buying that he had only 'accidentally stumbled across this video' or any others for that matter... Tikki knew him all too well.

Plagg got to work by setting up an email account for him to use. He had chosen the aptly named email address 'LadynoirOTP4life 'at' hootmail . com' for himself, and had suggested Tikki keep things simple, and just use Marinette's. That way Tikki could easily access it, without added complications of logging in and logging out, with Plagg having already showing her how to delete the emails once she had received and sent them.

Sat at Marinette's computer, a few nights after their initial talk about this whole new approach, Tikki waited. Tikki Prayed that Marinette's sleep was deep enough for her not to wake up, and was hoping Plagg's plan would work. Tikki was also wishing her god of destruction was next to her while doing this, as she was not great on these darn computers.

After finally getting the links to work and watching the two videos, Tikki thought it would be best they show Marinette the video relating to Ladybug and Chat Noir. It would be easier to believe that someone would take a look into their relationship, as opposed to Marinette and Adrien's. Tikki thought that would be too difficult to explain to Adrien without giving waaaaay too much away. Although, he was pretty oblivious, maybe it actually would not be too hard to explain someone having all their private convers- scrap that. Ladybug and Chat Noir's video would be better all round.

Ugh! Why did she agree to this again?

I honestly think the first one would be easier to explain. Is there a way to edit it first though? Try and get out as much of the talk about seasons and episodes and maybe get rid of the logos on the screen? I'm still not comfortable telling her it's a show...

www. youtube watch?v=Vq8i0_90cnk&list=PL3xjYUslN57SbHp9tXPIMxqqPFaik9tdL

www. youtube watch?v=1DtwV1TSMJY

"Why won't it send?" Tikki mumbled to herself, not realising she had clicked forward and not reply.

Typing in 'lady', Tikki clicked on the first email address which appeared on the drop down.

"Oh no no no!" Tikki panicked, when she realised she had clicked 'ladyblogger4life 'at' hootmail . com' in stead of the correct one for Plagg.

"No matter, I will just..." Tikki selected the correct email for Plagg and hit send. "That was close!" She exclaimed in hushed tones. Remembering to delete the received and sent emails, Tikki floated off to nestle on the cushion Marinette had placed above her bed for her.

Sat at Adrien's computer, Plagg was stunned when he got the reply. Not only because Tikki had actually managed to send the email back to him, but there was another recipient who had been copied into the email.


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