This story is ridiculous. Why do all my stories with Greaseball turn out ridiculous?
Oh well. Whatever. This is a Dinah/Greaseball oneshot, even though I know this isn't that popular because Greaseball tends to be a total douchebag.

Dinah leaned over the bars that prevented trains from driving onto the tracks while races were in progress, watching the black and gold diesel engine speed around the track for the millionth time. Greaseball had been at this for at least four hours and showed no signs of stopping.
The sun was starting to fall behind the hills, and Dinah's blue eyes were beginning to fall with it. "Greaseball!" She called for her boyfriend.
The diesel paid her no mind; instead he raced forward faster. But something went wrong. With a very loud curse word, Greaseball turned slightly and tumbled down the one slope that the maintenance crews had neglected to block off.
Dinah's voice rose to a scream. "Greaseball!"
She hurried across the tracks, waddling awkwardly over the metal grooves and quickly slid down the hill where Greaseball had fallen, putting all her effort not to careen out of control. Greaseball lay crumpled at the bottom of the hill, half curled in a ball. Dinah gasped. "Greaseball? Greaseball, are you okay?"
Suddenly, the Diesel engine sat up, a smile accentuating dimples on the corners of his mouth. "I'm fine, babe. Just joshin' with ya."
Dinah threw herself into his arms and gave him a bat across the face. "I hate you! You're so mean!" She howled.
Greaseball chuckled at his hysterical girlfriend. "It was just a joke."
Dinah scowled at him, but leaned in and roughly kissed him. "Not funny." Greaseball shifted position, crossing his legs so Dinah was in his lap, and stroked her short, pale blonde hair, in a small ponytail for training. They broke away, Dinah now smiling.
Greaseball flashed a cocky grin. "You know you love me." He growled playfully. "Admit it."
Dinah flipped her hair. "No." Greaseball leaned forward and started tickling her abdomen. "Admit it!" He crowed.
Dinah screamed with laughter, kicking not-that-violently to get him to stop. "Stop it, stop it!" She shrieked, collapsing into fresh laughter again.
"Then admit it!" He retorted.
Dinah could barely speak. "I-I love you!" She gasped. "I love you, Greaseball!"
The Diesel engine ceased his attack and kissed her, keeping her pinned against the grassy ground. "I love you, too." The Southern dining car broke away and glanced morosely at the hill. "I don't want to make that trip."
Greaseball put an arm over her shoulders. "Then let's stay here. Well sleep under the stars. Very romantic." He winked at her. Dinah giggled and leaned against his chest, listening to his cooling fans whirr. "Yes. Let's." She agreed.
With a grunt, Greaseball flopped onto his back, resting his arms under his head. Dinah followed, leaning her head on his shoulder. Both engines gazed up at the winking stars above.
Dinah's blue eyes were beginning to drift closed. "Goodnight, Greaseball."
The diesel yawned, leaning his head on top of hers. "Goodnight"

Actually, this wasn't that horrible!
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