AN: Hi my wonderful readers! This is the first one-shot for the Camp Jupiter forum. It's a Pertemis story!

Name: Emily

Cohort: Third

Prompt: Watching sunset/sunrise

Brief Summary: Artemis and Percy keet bumping into each other. One week turns to two weeks. Two weeks turns to three weeks. Three weeks turns into four weeks. They keep bumping into each other as something started blooming between them.

Words: 2,947

One Week

The moon shines brightly under the dark and vague night. The leaves rustled as the wind blew from North to South. The birds are all resting in their nest, the fishes are calm in the water. The reflection of the moon ripple in the water as the wind continued to blow. The silent night was interrupted by an ear-piercing scream.

Percy shot up from his sleeping bag. He had decided that camping was a good idea to relax so that's how he found himself deep in the forest, by the lake.

His raven black hair was a mess and his eyes were half-closed as he ran toward the scream in his blue pajamas, Riptide in hand.

What he saw made his blood boil. A girl about his age was there, tied to a tree while a man sat nearby, sharpening a sword. It didn't look like he has done anything to the girl yet but Percy won't know for sure.

He crept forward silently, trying hard not to make any noise as he stepped closer and closer to the man.

Twenty feet, ten feet, five feet. He stopped dead in his track like a dear caught in hindsight when he accidentally stepped on a fallen tree branch. The man stood up, weapon in hand as he shouted rudely.

"Who's there?" He snarled at the direction Percy was in. He quickly turned himself into water vapor and travel behind the man before knocking him out. He collapsed onto the ground and Percy jumped away to avoided being stabbed by his sword.

He moved closer to the girl who appears to be asleep. He gently cut the rope off her and caught her before she fell.

She awoke a few seconds later, causing Percy to almost dropped her when he sees her eyes. Silver eyes liked the moon. He quickly withdrew his hand, scared of being killed by the goddess.

"Lady Artemis," Percy bowed before her. "I didn't mean to touch you. There was this man-"

Artemis cut him off. "I know about the man." Her eyes held no emotions as she studied the boy before her. Her silver eyes searching his face for any form of lies. When she is specified, she removed her glaze on Percy.

"What are you doing out here, boy?" She snarled the word boy as if the word will cause the end of the world.

"I was camping out here when I heard a scream," Percy shuttered as he slowly moved backward, away from the goddess.

"Fine," Artemis decided before studying Percy again. "But if I found you this close to my hunters ever again I will have no trouble killing you. I don't care if you are the hero of Olympus."

Percy nodded again before he gave Artemis another bow and quickly walking away. He didn't expect anything better from the goddess of the moon for saving her life. He was glad that Artemis even let him leave for the time being. He only had one question on his mind though. How did she get captured?

Artemis was out hunting with her hunters when she heard a scream coming from the north of her.

"Set up camp," she ordered Thalia before running after the scream. "I'll be back soon."

She walked into a clearing, where a male lay there, clutching his stomach with a hellhound standing over him. Artemis quickly nocked an arrow onto her bow and pulled the string back before releasing it.

It sailed forward, hitting the hellhound as it disappeared into monster dust, blew away by the wind. She doesn't normally check up on males but she had a gut feeling to check out this one. She approached him warily, before kneeling by his side.

He turned to face Artemis and what she saw surprised her. Percy Jackson, the name came to her mind like a wind. This is Percy Jackson, the man who saved her last week, and Olympus.

When he saw her leaning over him, studying him, he immediately tried to stand up and bowed to her. He failed through, wincing in pain when he fell again to the ground. But this time, Artemis had her arms out in time and she cached him in her arms.

"Are you okay?" Artemis asked in a surprisingly soft tone.

"Yeah, fine," Percy winced again and put his hands over his stomach, keeping pressure on the wound. Artemis noticed the wound immediately. She blushed when she realized the position they were in and quickly put him down. She removed his hand from the wound.

"Let me help," Artemis ordered sternly before she put her hands over Percy's wound and she chanted in Ancient Greek, her hands starting to glow bright silver. Percy closed his eyes in order to not get blinded by the blazing light.

Artemis removed her hands a few seconds later. "You're all set."

"Thank you so much?" Percy said, sounding more like a question than a statement. Surprised laced in his tone as he tried to stood up and bowed to Artemis again. Artemis quickly waved him off.

"You still need to heal. I'll send you back to Camp Half-Blood."

"Thank you again," Percy stated as he disappears in a bright light and appeared in Camp Half-blood.

Artemis sat along in the wood, her face in her hands as she sobbed her heart out. Some of the monsters are smarter now, hunting in groups instead of along. Yesterday, the hunters underestimated the monsters, foolishly going into there. At least one-third of the hunters were killed.

Artemis had no one to blame but herself. How could she had underestimated them? How could she let all of those hunters died?

She leaned against the tree behind her, looking above, where all the stars were out this time of the night. She looked at Zoe, or known as The Huntress in the stars. She wondered how she was doing up there. Was she happy? Was that the life she wanted?

Suddenly, another person somehow made their way into her mind. Percy Jackson. She couldn't stop thinking about him ever since they had met two weeks ago. And then somehow they met again one week ago. She wished that she wouldn't saw him this week

It's not like she despised him or something. No, it's far from it. Her heart fluttered whenever he is around, making Artemis both confused and frustrated. No one is supposed the has that affect on her. She is a maiden goddess, not Aphrodite who sleeps around with every man she saw.

Well, she kind of hated him as well. He made her wanted to run into his embrace. His heartwarming smiled light up the night. Artemis smacked herself on the cheek and whispered to herself. "Stop thinking about him."

That's when her bad luck started. Artemis could hear footsteps approaching her as she sat there on the ground. She quickly summons her bow and arrow before pointing the bow to the sound of footsteps. A boy approached. And two her displeasure, it was Percy Jackson.

What game is the fate playing with her? Why do they keep bringing them together? Percy had a concerned looked on his face when he rushed into where Artemis was. His eyes trailed along her body, analyzing her. Up and down his gaze went. Finally, he held eye contact as he asked Artemis.

"Are you okay?"

Artemis was quick to wipe all emotions off her face. All the sadness, all the anger, all the bitterness. She put on a stony expression as she answered Percy. "I'm fine. Why are you here anyway? Are you stalking me?"

"NO!" Percy shouted quickly. "Of course not. I just thought someone needed help so I came here. I heard you crying, and a loud smack."

"Why are you in the wood anyways?" Artemis questioned him again.

He shrugged like it was no big deal. But it was. How could he always be here when Artemis needed someone? When she needed help? But she doesn't need help from a boy though.

"I don't know," Percy answered honestly. "I just felt like I should come here for a reason. Like something is pulling me here," He studies her again. "Are you sure you're okay?"

Artemis was about to nod her head but that's when all her hunter's death caught up to Artemis again. Seeing someone here, asking her if she was okay. She doesn't know why it made her wall break. What is so special about Percy that made her break her wall?

She sobbed. Sad tears dropped like rainfall, soaking the ground as she collapsed. She didn't even think that she would ever cry in front of a male. She thought Percy would just make fun of her and humiliate her to everyone, but to her surprised, he pulled her into a hug.

She sobbed into his shirt, drenching his shirt. His warmth spread across Artemis' body as she hugged him in the cool summer night. "It's okay," Percy whispered softly.

Curse him, Artemis thought to herself when her chest felt warm again when he said it. He made her heart fluttered and she shouldn't felt this way. No one should be able to make her heart fluttered. But Percy did. He somehow made his way into her heart. Now she wanted to stay in his embrace all day. Just the two of them, hugging each other like there's no tomorrow.

Artemis pulled away a few minutes later, a blush creeping up her cheek. "Sorry about your shirt," Artemis mumbled to Percy.

"I'm pretty sure I've embarrassed myself," Artemis whispered under her breath. But Percy heard it anyway and he chuckled as he brushed a tear away from Artemis' cheek.

"I think you look cute," Percy said before quickly covering his month, realizing what he'd said. He looked up at Artemis, expecting himself to be dead but only realized that Artemis was studying him again.

"I won't kill you," Artemis decided at last before a small smile appears on her face. "I think I'm all better now, thank you."

"You're welcome?" Percy questioned. Artemis punched him playfully.

"Take a compliment for once," She said before she disappeared into the wood swiftly. But not before she gave him a soft peck on the cheek and whispering in his ears, sending a shiver down his back. "With our luck, we'll meet again soon."

I can't do this anymore.

I've found someone else.

We just aren't meant to be.

We're done, we're done, we're done.

The words echoes around Percy's head as he sat alone on the beach in Camp Half-Blood, thinking about the recent breakup with Annabeth. He doesn't even cared that he was now soaking wet from the rain.

It normally doesn't rain in Camp Half-Blood, but Zeus' must had been mad at something. He doesn't get it. Why would Annabeth-the sweet and innocent girl he had known since he was twelve-break up with him?

Did he do anything wrong? If so, what did he did wrong? He was too tired and emotionally drained to even acknowledge Thalia when the hunters come visited them today. He saw Artemis though, who gave him a concerned looked before she went back to eating, as if she wasn't looking at him at all.

"Are you okay?" The same exact words he had told Artemis last week were repeated back to him.

"I've been better," Percy answered honestly as he watched the waves reacted violently to Zeus' storm. He felt Artemis sat down beside him, looking at the waves as well. "Do you know why Zeus' is angry?"

"Athena asked to be released from her maiden oath. So I decided I don't want to be bound to that oath as well. Poseidon also announced that he divorced Amphitrite. So father got angry," Artemis explained, her eyes still on the waves. Percy turned to her, but he couldn't read anything from her expression. For some reason, he felt happy when he heard it.

"Why?" Percy asked, shocked.

"You tell me why," Artemis suggested, finally turning her head to look at Percy. Silver met sea-green. Her eyes, unliked her face, show many emotions. Love, Percy realized from the look in her eyes.

He sees the emotion in his mother's eyes. His step-father's eyes. In Poseidon's eyes, even though he doesn't see it often, it is still there. He used to saw it in Annabeth's eyes as well, before they broke-up.

"Who do you love?" Percy asked softly. If he couldn't have his happily ever after, he wanted those he cared about to have theirs. If someone he cared about right now is Artemis, he would deal with it.

Artemis had a faraway look in her eyes as she replied him. "He's taken though. I guess removing my maiden vow just makes me feel like a burden had been lifted off my shoulder."

"Annabeth broke up with me," Percy blurted out, unsure why he had said that. Artemis had a looked of surprise and shock on her face as she turned toward him.

"Really? Why would she do that?" Artemis asked, though you could hear hope in her voice, only Percy didn't hear it.

"No idea. I love her with all my heart. I don't think I will ever love someone as much as I'd love her," Percy mumbled before Artemis stood up with a pained smile plastered on her face. Percy looked up at her with surprise. "You okay? You looked hurt…" Percy trailed off when he saw tears gathered in her eyes.

Artemis furiously wiped the tears away. "Nothing. I'll see you later okay?"

"Bye," Percy called out as he watched her ran toward the forest. She didn't turn back, she didn't say goodbye.

Percy kept thinking about his last encounter with Artemis one week earlier. He hasn't talked to her ever since. It's not like he doesn't want to talk to her, it's just that she kept avoiding him like a plague. Whenever he tried to approach her, she would be talking to one of her hunters, another camper, Chiron, and even Mr. D!

He doesn't get it. What is it with him and girls hating him? Ever since the breakup with Annabeth, his friends were forced to take sides. Most choose Annabeth, but some like Grover and Juniper stayed with him.

He felt like he is once again in school. All alone, no one there for him. Artemis was that someone who is there for him for a while, before she stopped talking to him. As he ran through the camp's forest right now though, he understood why.

She loves me, Percy thought to himself. It would explained the weird behavior. The kiss in the forest, the pained smile on her face when he told her he would never love someone as much as he had love Annabeth. Artemis probably thought that he wouldn't ever love her.

Percy was brought out of his thoughts when he literally crushed into the person he was thinking about. He landed on the forest floor with his back to the ground while Artemis fell on top of him. Their lips brushed lightly before they both blushed bright red and jumping away from each other as fast as possible.

"Sorry," Percy murmured.

"It's fine," Artemis whispered back.

"You know, we really should stop meeting like this," Percy commented. He was met with the confused look of Artemis. "Like everyone one week."

"Oh," Artemis exclaimed. Suddenly, she had a shy look in her eyes as she looked down at the ground. "Can we talk?"

"Sure," Percy agreed. "I know somewhere."

He grabbed Artemis' hand without thinking as they ran toward the beach. She sun was already starting to disappeared beyond the horizon.

"I love you," Artemis said without thinking as they sat on the beach, the sands between their toes as they sat there and watched the sunset.

"I don't think I could love you as much as I have ever love Annabeth," Percy started. He quickly continued his sentence when he saw that Artemis was about to stand up. He grabs her wrist and pulled her back down. "But, I think I can give us-" He pointed to himself and Artemis, "A try."

"I think I love you too," Percy finally said at the end, getting to the point. To prove his point, he brought his lips to Artemis'.

Her lips felt soft against his. They pulled apart a second later, both of them now blushing again as Artemis sat beside Percy, her head on his shoulder as the orangish-yellow sun began to disappeared more and more beyond the horizon.

"Take as much time as you need," Artemis said softly with her eyes closed and her head on Percy's shoulder. "I'll always be here."