You know when i thought about my death I always thought it would be from old age or somthing unexpected, a car crash or somthing of the like, one second im there the next im not. But no i had not gotten lucky we had cought it late there was a tumour growing in my brain and I couldnt do anything about it not really. There was the option of getting chemo therapy but the doctor said there was little chance I would survive and I could afford it so I decided not to and live what little life I had the best I could.

I guess i should tell you alittle more about me, my name is Alex Mason and I'm a 22 year old girl. I had a normal childhood, my parents were happily married. I had 2 older brothers and a younger sister everything was great up untill I turned 18 and discovered my sexualty I was into girls, I thought my parents would have been okay about it but when i came out to them not to long after they kicked me out of the house calling me very mean things.

Lucky for me I had worked every summer for a couple of years saving enough money to get a apartment long enough for me to get a job. From there on out I had no idea what I would do, freshly out of high school I had to learn to survive on my own for the first time. I had fallen in to a depression for a while just going to work coming home and not feeling like doing anything, getting up was hard every morning but I kept going i still wanted to live. During that time I had discovered my love for anime watching hours on end when I wasn't at work it had given me a escape.

Soon enough I had gotten a promotion at work that aloud me to make more money and thus I could start growing my anime and manga collection. My favorites were naruto and bleach, there was somthing that always brings me back to those shows but I wasn't like some other people that would like nothing more to be in those worlds no what the anime showed was the lighter side even when there was a darker part i know I would be alot worse in real life.

And so I would watch anime, read manga go to work and I was happy for a while untill I started feeling like somthing was missing. It took me a while but I had managed to figure it out, I was missing human connection like I had with my family. Sure I had coworkers but we were never close, coming to that conclusion I had decided to start looking for a girlfriend. I started to go to lesbian bars at first but quickly found out It really wasn't my scene with that was at the drawing board.

That was untill I woke up feeling really bad i had always worn glasses and I had just thought it was natural even if no one in my family wore any. Anyway i started getting really bad headaches from then on thinking nothing of it i continued on with my life. Then it had gotten worse a month after the headaches started I'd woken up and couldn't see out of one of my eyes with such a bad headache i thought I would pass out. That is when I went to the hospital and found out I had cancer, I didn't have that long to live.

After having my death sentence confirmed I cried, I had cried for the first time in a long time. I didn't cry when my parents kicked me out, I didn't cry when my siblings stop talking to me. But now I was weeping I would never truly know what it was to live and when things had started to look upon world came crashing down on me.

It took me a week to be able to call my parents they may have treated my bad but they were still my parents and had a write to know. At first i didn't tell them anything, just trying to reconnect without any drama. It had worked out and we had met up, the hole family and we were having dinner at my parents house. After we had eaten and were sitting around talking and laughing I knew it was time to tell them all and so I did, for the first time in a long time I had been hugged by my family it was such a warm feeling.

Thats how the rest of my life that i had left went we spent time together and by the end of 3 months I was on my death bed surrounded by my family. Looking at my mom and dad with my good eye, my only regret was I could experience love. I couldn't raise children of my own and most of all I couldnt truly live. With those final thoughts and a rueful smile on my face I closed my eyes for the final time.

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