~~ 1 year timeskip ~~

Standing on top of a box I was looking at my reflection in the mirror I was currently in the bathroom at the orphanage. With a familiar warm flowing feeling my eyes transformed from there once black from to there now red ones. My hair was black and I had it cut short so it wouldn't get in my eyes or face. My face alway seemed to have a small frown on.

It had been a year since I had moved here at the orphanage there aren't many kids here around 12 of us me being the youngest one. The next youngest is 4 yours older then me so i dont really have any friends here not that I minded. There are 4 caretakers that work at this orphanage 1 main one and 3 helpers. So far it hasn't been that bad.

During this year I have been training my chakra as much as i can only stopping when I'm close to exhaustion. During the day i would secretly do little chakra control exercises like sticking things to me or things of the like. But during the night before I sleep I would spend a couple of hours keeping my sharingan on. More recently I had started to walk agian which was the best feeling in the world, being able to go anywhere i want by myself. But with that i had also started doing wall walking exercises to build muscles in my legs and improve my chakra control.

Right now I had 2 tomoe in both of my eyes while I had my sharingan active. I haven't been able to learn any jutsu or anything yet but thats fine I'm not in that much of a hurry for that yet. Right now I can keep my sharingan on for about 10 hours straight from what I've tested, which isn't to bad for where i am right now but eventually I'd like to be able to keep it on all the time.

I have also found some things out about my current place in the time line, the leaf wasn't at war at the moment which means I am either after or before the 3rd shnobi world war. The way I found out was becouse the kids here are excited to go to the ninja academy and the age for entering is 12 which leads me to believe that I've been born after the 3rd war, that would be i deal.

Today is the day i would be going out side for the first time, the matron said she'll take me to a park near here. I was excited for it not because of the thought of playing with kids close to my age, no i was planning to see if i could narrow down the time line so i can see how much time i have to prepare for the stuff that's going to happen sooner ot later.

Closing my eyes and reopening them, I was back to looking at my plan black eyes. Jumping off the box and opening the door I head towards where the matron would be waiting for me by the front door. When I Arrived she was just getting there with a couple of older boys that stayed here, saying they were still only 6 and 7 years old.

Noticing me coming there way the matron spoke up " good morning Shiko-chan ready to head out. You must be exited going out side for the first time" the matron had a smile while she put out her hand for me to take. Nodding I grab her hand and show her a small smile, At this moment in time I had not fully started speaking to them yet keeping my answers as short as possible.

Calling the other two boys to pay attention she opened the door and we head out. Walking slowly through the village i took the opportunity to observe my surroundings. The first thing I noticed was the hokage rock minato's face wasn't on there yet which could mean a few things, other than that there was a calm peaceful air about the village, hopefully that would mean the 3rd war was fully over.

Reaching the park after walking for 15 minutes or so the two boys had split off to play with there friends."Shiko-chan why don't you go play with them as well?" The matron asked me look at the group of kids from what i could tell there ages were from 1 to 7. Looking up at her I just nodded my head and smiled agian. While walking away I saw the matron and a few other mothers all starting to talk.

Taking a turn I moved towards a line of hedges that were tall enough to hide me from view but still give me room to see back at everyone. Climbing over I found a nice patch of grass big enough to run around in for me. "This is were ill train physically from now on" I wispered to myself. "hmm!" Nodding I set off on my small work out I started with push-ups barely managing 5 before my arms gave out. Next ran around my like area as long as I could following up with some sprints. For the final part I did sit-ups.

Finishing my new workout plan I looked back over to were everyone was right on time because the sun was about to reach mid-day. The matrons calls of my name were proof of that, We had to head back so we could eat lunch. Climbing back over I ran back over grabbing her hand " did you have fun Shiko-chan" I simply answered with a small yeah looking up to see her smiling happily at me. " lets go home then" waling along side her the four of us made out way back to the orphanage.

When we returned I had let out a fake yawn and said I was tired and not really hungry with as few words as I could so I could go back to my room. Thinking I was probably tired from my first day outside and playing the matron had let me go telling me she'd wake me up for dinner with a kiss on the forhead. That had brought a true smile on my face.

Once I made it to my room I closed the door and got on my bed. I was sore from what little exercise I did do today but it's to be expected I am still a child in body. Sitting down and clearing my mind I started the next part of my training that no one can no about aleast not right now. Slowly my eyes morphed into the sharingan and everything became startlingly clear. Moving to the edge of my bed I slipped my self off slowly. The hardest part of using the sharingan is the sharp contrast between moving in what you interpret as slower motion and normal motion when its off. The first time I had started to walk with the sharingan on I had thrown up on my self from motion sickness so I train, in time ill be able to use it in active combat with no problems that I know.

By the end of the day I had eaten and gotten tucked into bed for the night. I had tired myself out I could feel that my chakra reserves were low and I trained the best i could for now. Staring at the roof I was happy how the day went, getting so much done felt good now i just need to continue like this. Closing my eyes slowly letting sleep take me.

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