Lucy walked the streets of Magnolia with a sigh, her frown deepening. She was coming back from the guild, Sabertooth, where she got her heart severely broken. The stellar mage's ex, Sting, had broken up with her. Lucy looked longingly at the couples waking hand in hand, enjoying what Magnolia had to offer. It reminded her of a past relationship with Sting; with their heart eyes, and little blushes. Lucy felt deeply saddened even more at the sight.

All she wanted right now was to talk to someone, maybe a therapist, about how she was feeling. But she knew no one was available; Erza was on a mission, Gray was on a date, Juvia was baking, and Levy was dress-shopping for her wedding. Lucy was truly alone.

But in the back of her mind, her subconscious was screaming at her for forgetting about him. She unconsciously listened, her legs taking the two mile journey there.