(Natsu's POV)

"I want the trade deal done, and I want it now!" My voice bounced threateningly off the walls, it being the only sound in the palace. The frightened mercenaries in front of me shook with great fear like an frightened animal. With big doe eyes. I softened at the sight. "I'm sorry, your highness."

"I apologize for my actions, Isabelle."

"It is absolutely fine, Prince Natsu." The women said, bowing continually. Her tone was still nervous, but most of it was gone. Most. I saw my wife, Hisui, look at disapprovingly me. 'I must've gone too harsh on the poor girl.' Hisui hummed, thinking up her next move. Sighing, she said, "we give you two weeks to finish the treaty with Alvarez. Is that clear?" The young girl looked up mid-bow. "Yes, your majesties."

The girl slipped wordlessly from the main hall, a guard escorting her out. I turned to my wife. "You've May have been too harsh on her, Natsu." Hisui scolded, looking me over with her deep brown eyes. The crown princess of Fiore was wearing a simple light pink satin dress with off the shoulder sleeves. A beautifully designed crown sat on her head, the pink and green jewels glittered in the light. Not really liking makeup, her face was lightly dusted in blush and nude eyeshadow. Her hair was up in a braided bun with little lime hairs escaping, her exhaustion showing. Hisui's feet were in simple flats.

"Relax hun, I let her go. Alive." The last part I added jokingly. A little chuckle escaped her lips. She took a deep breath before replaying with "stay the same, love." I was about to say more, but was interrupted by a annoyed guard, ruining our conversation. "Your highness, a lady requested your presence." He said. 'And we were just about to have dinner!' Next to me, I heard Hisui annoyingly sigh. Guess I'm not the only one who was exasperated by this. I met her eyes, preluded by a short silence. "...bring her in." The guard gestured to the lady waiting by the door. And in walked a tired Lucy. Her usually put together hair was now disheveled, her clothes wrinkled. Lucy's smile, unlike her usually bubbly smile, was now replaced by a ever present frown. She walked with no jingle, her keys being missing.

"Lucy?" I gasped at my best friend's state, not believing what I saw. The said blonde looked up at me. I gestured, silently, for her to explain. "Sting dumped me." The words took a long time to get out. It sounded like she too shocked to even let the words out. "I was even going to propose!" She wailed. The stellar mage fell to the ground with a loud thunk, sobbing silently. The tears Lucy produced wet spots on the ground. I cringed at the sound. At this point, Hisui and me was on the ground and were doing our best to comfort the poor girl. "Did he cheat on you?" I took the glare I got from Lucy as a yes. Hisui then asked if she wanted to in the palace for the night. A quiet yes was heard from Lucy admist the sobbing. With a little help, we escorted her to her room. And left to say goodnight to Wendy. We could still hear the sobbing from our room. That's when I got an idea.

"Natsu, are you serious?" Questioned Hisui. She looked at me with one of those glares, the She-Demon️ Glare. "Yes! We could totally do it" She didn't look convinced we could, however. Even after trying to convince her for a solid hour. "All we need is a tiny bit of Mira's help, and we could do it." The crown princess made a noise, a you're annoying me noise. Let's step it up a bit. "You're really good at making plans, you should totally make this one." Hisui brought her hand up to her face, lightly pinching her nose." I see what you're doing, Natsu. And I'm buying it". She then posed, her hands on her hips, and sighed. "We're doing this plan at the Grand Magic Games in two weeks." I jumped towards her, knocking us both down in the process. And fell asleep right there.

"Morning!" I exclaimed, waving to our servants. Each one of them waved back, politely, before returning to their work. "Right this way, your majesties." A royal guard led is to our beautiful dining room. One of the servants adjusted our training clothes; bare, regular clothes with the Fiore symbol proudly displayed. And hand us a napkin. "Luc-" I started, before realizing the named celestial mage wasn't there. "Where's Lady Lucy?" I questioned a servant. My glare must've been intense, because the servant slightly shook. "S-She went home, y-your majesty." Home to Fairy Tail.

(Authors POV)

Others looked on in pity as the famous celestial mage trudged back to her guild with the royal guards. Lucy was cleaned up, but she still walked depressingly down the street. And it didn't help people whispering about the break up. News was already out about the break up with Sting. One of the three guards with her stopped, and waited for Lucy to start heading in. Her feet slowly headed towards her beloved guild. Even though she was only a few feet away, she could still hear the brawl. "You are dismissed." Muttered Lucy. The guards, who miraculously heard her, headed off towards Crocus. Lucy watched until the guards were merely dots in the distance, and then walked in. With that, the deflated celestial mage headed into her guild. Fairy Tail was in the middle of its famous brawls, so Lucy had to dodge many flying bodies on her way to the bar where her friends were.

(Lucy's POV)

"Lulu, are you ok?" My best friend Levy asked upon seeing me. Concern was evident in her tone. "Truth be told, not really." I replied. Levy walked up, her boots clanking against the hard, wooden floor of Fairy Tail. Wringing my hands, I debated whether or not to tell the truth. But my instincts told me truth. "I-I broke up with Sting!" My voice echoed in my family's ears. Clanking, walking, and shuffling followed and soon enough I had 422 pairs of eyes on me. I didn't look though. I was too busy looking at Levy for some help.

"Lucy, it it true?" By the commanding tone of voice, I knew that was Erza. Her concern made me blush. "Of course it is, Erza. Sting was a bad guy." That was Gray's icy smooth voice. Sensing my uncomfortableness, Levy moved beside me, holding out her hands. Sending a look of what I hope she deciphered as gratefulness, I turned around. My guild mate's concern made me laugh at the miserable, pitiful state I was in.

The looks of confusion were widespread throughout the guild. "Lushy, have you lost your mind?" It was the stupid blue cat. Happy moves back and forth from Mercurius to Fairy Tail. He may have just come back from getting his favorite food, fish. "No, you perverted cat!" I replied hastily. "I though you came from the mental facility; you were guards!" He teased. He was getting on my nerves. "You were escorted by guards? Did you come from the palace?" Erza asked, seeing right through me. I didn't reply back.

Melancholy murmurs started to fill the sound of silence. I already knew they were talking about Natsu. Once he was whisked away for his arranged marriage to Hisui, we all missed him so very much. At first he protested, but he had found love. In Hisui. Now he rarely visits because he's kept busy by his princely duties.

"I wonder how's he doing."

"He's doing fine."

"Anyway, did you propose?" Gray asked. Many of the guild members were shocked at the news, being thats the first time they heard about this. Being one of my closest friends, he knew many things that even Mira doesn't know. And she knows everything. "I-I didn't get to." I admitted dejectedly. "Well, Lucy, you will have to face Sting at the Grand Magic Games". Added Master, with a kind grandfatherly tone. I knew he did that to remind me of the matter at hand.

And It only put me in a more depressed mood. "Oh...no." I sounded like I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. My guild mates sensed that, and tried to cheer me up.

"We'll be him up!"

"He can go to hell!"

"Let's beat Sabertooth!"

Unknowingly, a smile spread across my face.