I haven't really gotten the chance to finish my bless the harts/king of the hill crossover. So I'm gonna do that.


"Hill Residents: 2:46PM"

Just a few days after the Hart's moved in. Things have changed. Bobby began improving art skills with Violet. Wayne got a job working with Hank at Strickland. And Jenny... Well was still unemployed. So she just sat around the house, chatting with Luanne.

"So like, what do you do around here?" Jenny asked. "Oh I just sit in my room, sometimes hang with Bobby, or go to the mega-lo-mart. What about you?" Luanne said.

Jenny thought for a moment. "Well I used to work at the last supper diner, and thats about it. We moved here, and yeah" She replied.

"Wow! Tell me all about it." Luanne said, pulling out her journal.

Back to Bobby and Violet. The two sit on the edge of the bed, sketching what they saw outside. Just then Joseph appeared at the window. "Hey Bobby, wanna hang out?" He asked.

"Sure." Bobby replied, running towards the window. "Hey Bobby. Who's your friend?" Violet asked.

"This my friend, Joseph" Bobby said. Violet picked up her notepad and began drawing. "This is what the two of you look like together" She said, holding up her picture.

"Ugh!" Bobby said, swallowing his vomit. "Oh, I think i'm gonna heave!" Joseph said, covering his mouth.

Violet put her book down, and left the room to go to the bathroom. "Is that your new girlfriend?" Joseph asked. Bobby sighed. "Yes."

Joseph laughed and walked away.

"Strickland Propane: 3:09PM"

Hank stands outside talking with Enrique, watching Wayne struggling to carry a propane tank. "Come on Wayne, put your back into it" Hank yelled. Wayne eventually sat it down, sweating from exhaustion.

"Alright now I want you to make a delivery. Here's the keys to your truck. The address is on the clipboard." Hank said. Wayne sighed, took the keys, and drove off.

"Hank I hope you know, he hijacked my truck" Enrique said.

Hank chuckled. "I know. But I'm sure he didn't mean to."

Down the road, Wayne's phone began to ring, he tried to ignore it, but it was no use. He reached over and answered it. "Hello!" He said, putting his phone on his shoulder. Jenny began mumbling on the other line. "Listen babe I can't really talk while I'm on the job." He said. Jenny continued mumbling, ti'll Wayne hung up the phone.

"Gosh. Oh well we need more wine." He mimicked. "I'll stop by the store after work!" He said.

After his delivery, he headed back to Strickland's and returned the truck, then rushed down to the store to pick up a fresh box of wine.

When he returned, Peggy and Jenny were watching TV, while drinking a fresh bottle of wine. "What!?" Wayne said confused, "We had a fresh box already?." Jenny looked up. "Hm... Yeah, I thought you already knew."

"But you said we were fresh out. You told me over the phone, remember?." Wayne said. "I said we needed more milk. We were fresh out." Jenny chuckled, "But that's okay, I'll go to the store later."

Wayne growled. Just then, Dale, Bill, Boomhauer and Hank pulled up. "Wayne, you need to get back to work." Hank said. "Can you show me how to untie this Yo-yo again?" Bill added. Everyone was babbling and screaming at Wayne, until he finally blew it.

"THAT'S IT!" He yelled, walking into Bobby's room. "Come on violet!" He said pulling her by the hand and out the door. He did the same for everybody else. They walked back to there house to pack everything back up again.

"Wait. Why are you leaving?" Hank asked. "Well let's see... I can't stand your humidity, it makes my feet sweat like hell. Your neighbors are rather insane, or unstable. AND YOU HAVE CAUSED WAY TO MUCH INCONVENIENCE!. Our family cannot stand it." He yelled.

Just then Leonard pulled up. Hank gasped. "Come on guys. We can work things out." He said, "Please, give us another chance."

Wayne sighed. "Fine!"

After about a few months. Everything went smooth. Not a single fight broke out between the family, ever again.

Wayne continued his job as a propane salesman, which helped Strickland stay in business. Violet and Bobby started putting there masterpieces in the Arlen museum. And everything went as planned.

"I'm glad we haven't had anymore conflict between us." Wayne said. "Me too" Hank replied.