Glomgold's Three Wishes

Chapter 1

And the Trouble Begins.

Louie was having a good day. He had sat on the couch most of the day watching TV and drinking Pep. Yeah. He was having a very good day until...

"Louie, honey. Mind closing the garage door for us while your brother's and I help Scrooge move the artifacts to the attic?" Della asked as they came in carrying in huge boxes and different trinkets that Scrooge had collected over the years.

Louie groaned and sunk low inside his hoodie.

"NOW." Donald squawked at him. Glaring at his youngest nephew as he carried a huge two way mirror that was suppose send you to another alternate dimension. Or, bring out evil clones of yourself if stare into it for so long...

Donald wasn't sure.

"Fine." Louie muttered. He got up off the couch and slunked off towards the garage.

"You have to be more assertive when it comes to Louie." Louie heard Donald say to Della. He paused outside the door and listened as they ascended to the attic. "If he had it his way, he'd stay on that couch all day, doing nothing."

"Yeah." Huey chimed in. "The only way you'd get Louie to do anything is if -."

"You paid him." Huey and Dewey said at the same time, and laughed.

"Come on, guys." Della said. "I know I'm a bit soft on him after the whole time tub incident, but -."

"Yeah, a bit too soft." Donald insisted.

Louie rolled his eyes and grumbled to himself as he made his way towards the garage. He knew what they all said was true. But it still stung for him to hear them all say that, it's been several months since their mother had come back from the moon, and even more so after she had grounded him for the first time.


Now Uncle Donald was teaching her how to parent them too? It was bad enough Mrs. Beakly had already given Della a few pointers on how to raise a kid, and even Louie wasn't so sure on her parenting skills

He didn't understand why Scrooge had kept some of the artifacts here instead of the museum he had made built just for them months ago. Was he just that lazy? Or did he want to keep the more dangerous and interesting artifacts for himself?

Greedy gutter. Louie thought, ironically as he made it to the garage.

The garage was practically empty except for the three main artifacts that were standing side by side in glass cases like you'd find at a very well guarded bank. Louie glanced at the side of the door at the security panel and smirked.

He knew the code to make the lasers disappear. It had been one of his most brilliant schemes to get it from Mrs. Beakly, and his most challenging. But it was worth it for the code went to almost everything in the house.

Including the TV where Louie had watched endless paper view channels.

What was the harm in taking a closer look at the artifacts while the other's were doing back breaking work? They did ruin his quite time with the TV after all. If he had to do something he was told, he was going to get something out of it.

He punched in the code and the lasers suddenly disappeared.

He moved slowly inside and saw that only a couple of the artifacts were left. He saw the third eyed diamond, the Genie Lamp that were both from Isabella's Finches journal, the coins from when Scrooge went to the Valley of the Golden Suns but they weren't allowed to go. When he got back and told them Launchpad explained why.

Not only did Scrooge fall victim to gold fever (the real gold fever and not the kind Glomgold forged inside Huey's journal.) but Louie would have also and probably wouldn't have made it back out alive if he had gone with him.

The one adventure Louie had wanted to go and he wasn't allowed?

How unfair was that?

It was almost as unfair as his being grounded while the rest of the family went to Big Rock Candy Mountain.

Louie frowned as he stood mesmerized by the coins. There was about a dozen or so nestled inside a dragon's hide made bag. Louie remembered that Scrooge said something about dragon's hide being imperishable to any type of magic, or trickery. Louie didn't even want to know where he had gotten his hands on some dragon hide.

Louie moved on to the diamond and took it out of it's glass case and held it gently in his hands as if it were made of glass. No one was suppose to touch the newest artifacts they had gathered. Not after the incident with Gene and the lamp. But Louie couldn't resist. He twirled the small diamond across his fingers. It's rough edges felt warm against his trembling hand as he started to feel guilty about what he was doing and started to put it back when

Suddenly he heard a crash from the attic and everyone yelling making Louie snap out of his trance. He figured he'd ought to go see what happened and without thinking twice he put the third eye diamond in the pocket of his hoodie and quickly ran out of the garage leaving the garage open and the security panel off.

Little did he know that this one act of stupidity would cost Louie more then an afternoon of TV, for Glomgold was watching and waiting nearby with an evil gleam in his eyes which haven't moved from a certain artifact that would soon bring down Scrooge and his family once and for all.