Disclaimer: I own Nothing! Also, The prologue is fast paced but the actual chapter afterwards I made sure would last longer. Also I am making him 18 in the fanfic, I know he is 16 in cannon but I just wanted to make him a bit older so there could be more chances for romance for him. Also he can use up to 75% of one for all without drawbacks just to make him a force to be reckoned with if attacked in the world of New Meridian.

Prologue: Farewell Hero!

Izuku Midoriya was on his last legs, well he only had two anyways, but that's not what I meant. He was running out of stamina as his fight with overhaul, otherwise known as Kai Chisaki, the leader of the Yakuza known as the 8 precepts of death. Izuku Midoriya was a hero in training who was fighting to save a young girl named Eri from being used as a tool for Chisaki's own gain.

Izuku was also the successor of One for All, or the previous owner of the quirk, All Might, the symbol of peace. Normally he wouldn't be able to access 100% of his quirk but with the help of Eri's quirk, rewind, she just resets his body over and over again to where it isn't injured so he could use it without drawbacks other than stamina dropping.

Soon enough Izuku manages to land a final hit on Overhaul, knocking him out and Eri touched the villain, erasing his quirk. However, while this was the end of the battle, it was not the end of Izuku's troubles as suddenly a portal opened underneath Izuku. Before he could be swallowed up though Izuku tossed Eri to safety, being the arms of one of his peers, Neijere, one of the big three, fainting from exhaustion after tossing Eri.

"Hah! Finally we got rid of him!" Exclaimed a raspy voice, which belonged to a hidden villain, one who had several dismembered hands all over his arms, head, and face. "Farewell Hero." He said again as the portal closed.

Chapter 1: Where am I?

Yu Wan was not expecting this from the early in the morning, it was confusing to say the least. He went into his restaurant to start preparing for the day when he saw a dark shadowy portal appear out of nowhere in the middle of his restaurant. Out of the portal fell an injured Teen who looked no older than 18.

The boy had curly green hair, freckles on his face and was wearing strange clothing, the arms of his suit were torn and remnants of injuries from his arms were seen. Yu Wan instantly ran to the boy's side as he was unconscious and was bleeding out from a couple of cuts on his body. "MINETTE! NADIA! GET THE FIRST AID KIT! THERE'S A KID THAT NEEDS HELP!" Yu Wan yelled up the stairs.

The two who heard this call were confused but weren't going to question it and the two females got the first aid kit and rushed down the stairs to see the boy. Yu Wan had the two girls lift the boy as he disinfected the cuts and wrapped bandages around the injured areas. "Y-yu Wan, why is this boy here?" Asked Minette, the dagonian girl who was trying her best not to look down at the boy's bare torso.

"I don't know. One second a portal opened and dropped the kid onto the ground and then it was gone. Check if he has any identification." Yu Wan replied and the cat-girl, Nadia, nodded and checked. She found his wallet and opened it to find strange currency as well as a strange license, she couldn't read most of it as it was in a different version of the language they all spoke but she could understand his name.

"It says here that his name is Izuku Midoriya. He's 18, and the rest... I can't tell." Nadia said. "Hm, take the boy upstairs to rest, he'll need to recover, once he wakes up we'll have to ask him more about him. Especially why he's so beat up and looks like he's injured himself more than once." Yu Wan said before the two girls nodded and did there best to carry the boy upstairs as Yu wan cleaned up the mess.

A day passed by and Yu Wan had closed up his restaurant and walked up to the guest room where the boy from earlier was lying. "He still hasn't woken up yet, has he?" The Dagonian man sighed as he walked to the side of the bed. "Yeah, he hasn't even stirred! Not that I mind looking at him for hours on end! His muscles just make me want to purr~." Said Nadia who was having to hold herself back from cuddling the boy.

"It's surprising, he looks so innocent and soft due to his face but his muscles are well toned." The cat girl giggled. "Nadia, please do not take advantage of the boy while he's asleep. We still don't even know what kind of person he is." Yu Wan sighed yet again. Just as he was saying this Izuku Midoriya slowly woke up, grunting in pain as he started to sit up, rubbing his head.

"Woah there kid, lie back down, you are seriously injured." Yu Wan said as he placed a hand on Izuku's shoulder. "W-where am I?" The boy asked as he looked to the three different people in the room, Minette just joining them as she was getting ready for bed. "Who are all of you?" The boy added.

"I'm Yu Wan, chef and owner of the restaurant just downstairs, this is Nadia fortune and my Daughter Minette." Yu Wan explained to the boy. "As for where you are, you are in New Meridian, in the town of Little Innsmouth. I am assuming you aren't from around here at all." He added.

"A-ah... thanks for bandaging me up.. and yeah, you could say that." The green haired teen grunted as he laid back down a little as he tried to rest. "Now, would you care to tell us what you were doing to get those injuries and where you were before falling through that portal earlier?" Yu Wan asked.

"Well, I should explain more about where I come from for you to understand what happened." Izuku said. "To start off I come from a country known as Japan. I am assuming this is an alternate universe or dimension where it doesn't exist, but that's besides the point. In my universe 80% of people have superpowers called "quirks" it's a strange name but it is easy to deal with." He began.

"Anyways, in this world there are actual Super heroes and Villains, however heroes have to be licensed in order to actually use their quirks, those who use their quirks for heroism are called vigilantes which are seen as villains with morals while villains just use their quirks for self gain and to harm others." He continued.

"I go to a school where I am being trained to be a hero and I obtained my provisional license just a month ago, as for how I got these recent injuries they were from a battle with a villain named Overhaul who wanted use a young girl's quirk for nefarious purposes. I managed to save her and toss her to one of my comrades who helped save her before I fell through that portal, the battle was strenuous to say the least." Izuku kept going.

"Now as for the other injuries, they are from over usage of my own quirk, it enhances my strength and speed but I can only use up to 75% of it before I start breaking myself. Two years ago I could only use up to 15% percent so as you can tell.. I injured myself much more. Broke my arms and legs a couple dozen times, but most of them I got from helping others so I don't have any regrets in getting them." He said before explaining the four most massive battles he took part in before he finished.

"Wait, so you're telling me, that you broke yourself multiple times, by using an ability that you gained since you were 4?" Nadia asked. "A-actually I was a late bloomer and got my quirk Two years and three months ago." Izuku explained and Nadia nodded in understanding. Meanwhile a certain dagonian girl was starry-eyed as she was still enamored by Izuku's tale.

"Hearing your story was very interesting and I must say, you are much nicer than most people in New Meridian so you have my respect. But since you have nowhere to stay I will offer you a place here and a job once you get well enough, just to support you as you try to find a way back to your world." Yu Wan said as he patted the boy on his back.

"If you are hungry just have Nadia go and heat you up some leftover food from today that we saved for you." He added before he left the room. "Soo, now that he's gone, how about you tell us more about you, after all, Curiosity is killing this cat~." Nadia said, flirting slightly with Izuku to joke around a little.

"Pawssibly." Izuku joked back with a light chuckle, making the cat girl smile. "I knew I would like you." Nadia said as she sat next to the hero in training, making him blush as she placed her hand on his bandaged chest and kissed his forehead, steam now coming off of Izuku's face.

"Seems like this boy is just as shy as you Minette!" The cat woman giggled yet again. "Nadia, we just met him! You can't just flirt with him like that!" Minette pouted as she pulled Nadia away from the boy so they could leave him to rest more. Izuku sighed as he lied his head back down, wondering if his friends were ok.

Chapter end.