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Bonus 2: Minette's "Small" Obsession

Warning: Rated Nsfw for sexual references (I could add full on lemons later, but only if it is wanted).

Minette was a shy dagonian girl that was about 18 years old, she was always shy, especially around those she liked, in a love sense of the word "like". There were two people she absolutely adored, the first was Nadia Fortune, the cat-girl whom always would protect her from perverts. But ever since HE showed up, she had a secret obsession with him.

This young man she had her eyes on was none other than Izuku Midoriya, the hero-in-training from a different world. To Minette, he was perfect, an absolute adonis! His muscles were perfectly toned, his smile was so innocent and bright, his eyes were a hypnotizing emerald green, and his hair was fluffy and soft to the touch.

Not to mention how he acted around her, he was the perfect gentleman, supportive, chivalrous and he never expected anything out of her. He was quite the man, and it didn't help that she once accidentally saw his "tool". It was huge, needless to say she would say it didn't fit his innocent personality.

This absolute cinnamon roll of a gentleman did not need to have such a perverse, yet delicious looking phallus, she wouldn't admit it out loud, but she was a bit of a pervert when it came to Izuku and Ms. Fortune. Her obsession with the young man who now worked and lived with her started as a small crush.

He'd always be so kind to her, and his smile made her weak in the knees, if she fell he would catch her, unknowingly allowing her to feel his toned chest and abdomen. It was like heaven to her, and his continued innocent acts of kindness only made her love him more and more! Her secret perverted nature started to take hold when Ms. Fortune would tease him, and her at the same time.

She always wanted a steamy night with Nadia, but now she wanted Izuku added in, having him take both her and Nadia, making them both his. Needless to say she truly wasn't as innocent as she acted, but she tried to not think about her lewd dreams as much. While there was one thing that she was happy about, it was the fact that she didn't go as far as to make a shrine.

Instead of the shrine though, she would write about all her sexual thoughts towards Nadia and Izuku, hiding her locked journal under her pillow, and hiding the key in a zipped up smaller pillow. But she would always make slight hiccups when it came to hiding her perverse thoughts.

She once was nearly caught pleasuring herself by Nadia, and once walked to Izuku's room in her sleep, straddling his chest and rubbing her nether region against the muscular boy's body. She woke up then just before she could release, thankfully she was able to sneak back to her room and take care of the rest.

There was one other hiccup, one that just happened the night before. She was in Izuku's room with Nadia and the green haired hero himself, Nadia pushed Minette onto Izuku's lap, teasing Midoriya as well, making him get flustered and noticeably hard. The tent that was pitched in his pants was rubbing against her crotch as she tried to move so it wouldn't.

This made her incredibly horny, she nearly came just from the touch of the male's hard-on against her woman hood. Luckily Izuku moved her onto his bed and he went into the bathroom that was connected to his room, locking it and calming himself down. Nadia herself said that he didn't even jerk off to relieve himself, he just waited until his erection went down.

It made her both happy and sad, happy that he wasn't a pervert, sad because he didn't jerk off to the thought of her, she knew he was trying to be respectful of her, but she wanted to hear him moan out her name while masturbating to wet daydreams of her. She knew she should try to do the same, stop trying to think of him making love to her, but it was so hard to do.

And then she thought back to the dreams of Nadia kissing her while Izuku thrusted into her and he played with Nadia's pussy. She longed for a steamy threesome like that, and she wanted both of them to herself. Izuku seemed like the kind of guy to treat any woman he fell in love with like a Goddess, even if it would feel like she was pleasuring a god, and she wanted that for herself.

Then there was that fact, both Izuku and Nadia had great asses, Izuku's was more muscular but still looked and felt soft, and Nadia's was just like a cushion. After his ass, Izuku's thighs were perfect as well, she wanted him to squeeze her head in between them as she pleasured his unmentionables with her mouth, the same counted towards Nadia's thighs.

She was truly obsessed with the two, and she wanted them to make love with her just like in her dreams.

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