"Are we sure this is going to work?" Josie asked nervously, as Lizzie started setting up the spell around Hope's unmoving body.

"Of course not," Lizzie said, glancing at her sister. "We literally have no idea what this spell does...for all we know, it could blow us up."

Josie froze. "You don't think it would actually do that…" Josie said, looking worried.

Lizzie rolled her eyes. "I was being sarcastic. It's not going to kill us...probably."

"Probably?" Josie repeated. "We're screwed, we're completely screwed."

"Jo!" Lizzie said, raising her voice. "It's going to be fine."

"And if it's not?" Josie asked.

"We'll figure it out, besides we owe it to Hope...and nothing we've tried has worked yet," Lizzie said, standing up and walking over to her twin.

"We don't even know what the spell does, this is completely reckless and dad would kill us if he knew we were doing this," Josie said, forehead creased with worry.

"Fuck dad. He's done nothing but lay around and give out false promises." Lizzie sneered, angrily.

She was completely done with her dad.

Alaric Fucking Saltzman was an ass and completely irresponsible.

He had tried all of 3 things to try and wake Hope up but when that failed, he gave up. Then he started drowning himself in his alcohol while ignoring his daughters calling out to him for help.

At least their mom had been trying.

So far their mom had contacted at least a dozen covens searching for anything that might help but their dad just laze around all day, except for when he had to act like a headmaster.

To say Lizzie was pissed was an understatement. If this was how her dad treated Hope, his favorite daughter -even if she wasn't his daughter- then how would he treat Josie or her if this type of thing happened to him.

Would he even try?

Probably not to be honest.

Lizzie had already been on testy water with him after she overheard him say that if she got too out of control he would send her to a prison world.

But now, she just wanted to commit murder.

Anyways, the twins had found a spell hidden in some ancient text that from the little bit they could decipher, it said stuff about waking up, renewing, and fixing something. It also had something about changing and correcting paths but Lizzie was hoping that wasn't that big of a thing in the spell.

Guess they were about to find out.

Hopefully, the spell went correctly since this was the first time in a few months that Josie was doing a spell.

It had taken a lot of convincing but Lizzie had gotten her to agree to take back her siphoning abilities for this spell because it was supposed to be very powerful.

So Lizzie played the 'she could die' card if she did it alone.

Was it true?

To an extent. The likelihood of her death was definitely way higher than other spells but Lizzie didn't think she would.

Should she feel bad for manipulating her sister?


Did she?


'Sorry, Jo but you can't run away from magic…' Lizzie thought to herself before shaking her head.

Lizzie looked back at her sister, who seemed lost in thought as well.

"Jo?" Lizzie said, calling her sister out of her thoughts. "I don't know what is going to happen. This may end terribly or it could work. I know this is reckless and stupid and we probably shouldn't be messing with ancient magic that we have no idea what it does but Hope…"

Lizzie reached out and grabbed her sister's hands.

"Hope is family and she would do anything to get us back. She literally chose us over her boy-toy. And we have to at least try…"

"Ok," Josie said, nodding her head as she squeezed Lizzie's hands. "You're right."

"I'm always right," Lizzie said, smirking slightly causing Josie to laugh.

"That's debatable."

"No, it isn't," Lizzie denied, with a grin.

Lizzie released Josie's hands and held up her pinky.

"Are you with me?" Lizzie asked, softly.

Josie smiled and linked her pinky with Lizzie's. "Always." She promised.

"Let's finish setting up the spell," Lizzie said, walking back towards the setup.

Josie followed and together, they finished up everything that was needed.

The setup was a pentagon drawn by chalk with a ring of fire around the witches casting the spell. The twins sat on either side of Hope and started siphoning from an object that the twins had found in their dads office.

It had been radiating powerful magic, so the twins decided to use it.

The twins both closed their eyes as they siphoned.

And Lizzie felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise, as the powerful yet intoxicating magic flowed through them.

It felt like a high without any negative side effects.

Once they were done siphoning, they cut their palms along with Hopes and allowed the blood to drip into a bowl.

AN: Pretend spell is some ancient language; I just typed into google translate for Latin for the spell

"Mutare viam tuam" The twins chanted, as they went through the motions.

Although they had to cut Hope's hand a few times because it kept healing.

Josie dropped the mushed dahlia flower into the bowl, while Lizzie poured a few drops of oil over it.

"Excitandis locum novam veritatem. Fatum negavit tamen quod nulla oblivione delebitur." They continued to chant.

Then Lizzie lit it on fire and a strange smell filled the air.

"Semita figere semel capta"

It wasn't bad in any way but it wasn't good either.

"Verum intra se e somno expergiscitur"

It kind of just hung around them, enveloping them with a sense of power and eeriness.

The twin's voices got louder as the fire surrounding them flared to life, creating intense heat around them.

"Opprimere per spatium per tempus tuam. Non sunt universi"

There was a strange pulsing in her head, almost like a drum. It got louder and louder with each word spoken.

"Opprimere per spatium per tempus tuam. Non sunt universi"

They repeated the last part again, and Lizzi e felt a strange sensation...it felt like she was leaving her body.


Her eyes snapped open, locking with her twins, then everything went dark.

Lizzie gasped awake, shooting off a bed of some sort. She looked around wildly as she became aware of her surroundings.

She was in a kids room.


Lizzie noticed two bears that seemed familiar sitting on a bean bag chair on the floor.

Lizzie took a step forward but stumbled.

It felt weird..she felt weird, awkward almost.

She looked down and barely kept from screaming.

Her legs...were short and tiny.

She was tiny...

Where were her boobs?

Her hips?

Her muscles?

She was in the body of a child.

Lizzie looked up, eyes scanning the room fearfully.

Why was she so afraid?

Why would she be so afraid?

Lizzie felt her confusion rise.

Something caught her eyes on her left.

The wall...

There were pictures of two girls.

One brunette, the other blonde.

It was her...and Josie from when they were younger.

What was happening?


Lizzie looked to the right spotting a mirror and ran over, stumbling over her feet.

When she was right in front of it, she nearly fainted.

She was a kid.

She was around 7 or 8 years old.

What did that spell do?

Lizzie felt her fear reach an overwhelming level, making her want to cry.


She was 17 for fucks sakes…

Then Lizzie paused in realization.

What if that fear wasn't her own?

But also was?

If this...was her...then where was her younger self's mind.

It couldn't have disappeared right?

Lizzie closed her eyes, focusing inward.

Lizzie felt a strange wall thing where emotions were rushing through, yet thoughts seemed locked in.

Was that her?

The younger her?

Was she trapped in her own mind?


That would be terrifying.

Lizzie sent soothing waves towards the wall, hoping that since she could feel little 'Lizzie's' emotions , maybe Lizzie could send her own.

It worked.

The younger her seemed to calm down as Lizzie scanned the room she was in. It was her bedroom but not.

There were differences, like different color schemes and things she didn't remember having. Something was right.

The door to the room burst open and Lizzie tensed, instinctively going into fight or flight mode...which strangely came from both little 'Lizzie' and her.

Lizzie didn't have time to think on that as a bundle of skin and bone slammed into her and all she saw was brown hair.

Lizzie immediately relaxed.

Her twin bond told her it was Josie.

"Lizzie, please tell me this is you," Josie begged.

"It is. I'm here too, what the hell happened with the spell?" Lizzie asked.

Josie pulled back, shaking her head. "I don't know."

Lizzie stared for a moment as Josie's little face stared back at her.

"This is weird." The twins said in unison.

Both of them immediately started laughing straight afterward.

"Why are we laughing? That wasn't even funny." Josie said after the laughter died down.

"I think it's our younger selves," Lizzie suggested.

"You have your younger self too? Thank god, I thought I was losing it," Josie said, shifting to look around the room. "This doesn't seem right…"

"I know…" Lizzie said, agreeing with her.

Josie turned to Lizzie with a pointed look. "This is why we don't mess around with spells we don't understand."

"Well, we could be dead." Lizzie pointed out.

Josie sent Lizzie a glare causing her to back down.

"Ok, your right." Lizzie conceded. "But what do we do now?"

"Gather information...this doesn't seem right...I mean we look the same but things seem different somehow. Even inside of me, if that makes sense?" Josie said, looking at Lizzie.

"It's the same for me. It almost feels like my magical makeup is different but similar to before." Lizzie said, looking down at the bears on the bean bag.

"Lizzie...what about Hope?" Josie asked, in a whisper.

"Shit, we have to find her and figure out if she's here too. Then gather info, then find a way home." Lizzie said, looking determined. When in reality she was panicking.

They were screwed.

"Let's go," Josie said, grabbing Lizzie's hand as she pulled her from the room.

The twins walked hesitantly down the hallway, feeling strange in their new bodies. They saw people glance at them warily as they walked past.

But they were left alone as the twins got past the main area of the school.

When they reached the end of a hall, a familiar voice that was now so young, stopped them.

"Well, if it isn't the Parker Twins." Alyssa Chang said mockingly.

Lizzie looked at Josie with a startled look. And Josie shared the same expression on her face.

Parker Twins?!

The two girls turned to face Alyssa.

"Parker?" Lizzie blurted out without meaning to.

Lizzie felt Josie freeze next to her.


Alyssa gave them a nasty look. "Aw, can the little abomination not remember her family name? I mean, I knew you were crazy but wow."

Family name?

Their last name wasn't Saltzman?

What the actual fuck?

Then Lizzie caught the nickname Alyssa gave her.

"What did you just call me?" Lizzie asked, feeling her anger overwhelm her disbelief and worry.

"Lizzie," Josie's much higher voice called to her warningly but Lizzie could tell that Josie was just as confused as she was.

The twins had been called abominations many times by witches passing through but never by students at the school.

Even the Alyssa they knew never went that far.

"Oh, please. Don't act like you don't know your school nickname. You can't be that dumb." Alyssa sneered, which looked very strange yet also fitting on the young girl.

"What do you mean by school nicknames?" Josie inquired, stepping forward.

Alyssa rolled her eyes at them. "Wow, there is something really wrong with you two today, even more so than usual, and that's saying something."

"Ok, listen here you little brat, what nicknames?" Lizzie said, practically growling.

"Abominations, freaks, psychos, leeches, little devils, demons and one of the most popular ones are, dark princesses. Those are the ones you both share but Josie is called a know-it-all, or little miss can't do anything herself. While Lizzie has the most names, unsurprisingly. After all, she is her father's daughter, she's called mini-Kai, little sociopath, crazy twin, and little miss freakouts." Alyssa said all while sounding sympathetic, which both of the girls knew was false.

Lizzie was frozen.

Father's daughter?

She felt a sense of foreboding at those particular words, even if they didn't make that much sense.

And Lizzie completely understood what mini-Kai meant.

Did people think she was like her uncle?

That wasn't exactly surprising but no one had ever said it to her face.

Also, a part of Lizzie was surprised...who knew kids could be this cruel...like damn Alyssa.

While the other was questioning how intelligent Alyssa seemed. Something wasn't right there...children didn't say things the way Alyssa was saying them. It almost seemed adult-like.

She didn't know whether to be impressed, angry, or suspicious.

"Alyssa?" Josie said, hesitantly.

"What?" Alyssa spat.

"What do you mean by father's daughter?" Josie asked, fearing the answer because Lizzie had never been called that by anyone. Lizzie was always her mother's daughter.

"Did you two hit your head or something? Your father is Kai Parker...you know? The crazy psychopath who killed his entire family and coven." Alyssa said, sarcastically before pausing at the looks on their faces, and she started to realize the twins hadn't been trying to mess with her this entire time.

The twins exchanged horrified looks.

That explained the nicknames and why the school actually seemed to hate them if the nicknames were anything to go by.

Alyssa looked between the two. "You two are bigger freaks than I ever thought."

Lizzie was panicking internally as the emotions/urges of her younger yet different self pushed themselves forward.

In a split-second decision, she decided to act on them.

"At least we aren't to blame for the deaths of our parents...shame you didn't kill yourself along with them." Lizzie hissed, eyes flashing dangerously.

She heard Josie gasp beside her, but she ignored her, focusing on Alyssa who was staring at Lizzie with pain and hurt in her eyes.

Lizzie felt sick satisfaction as her eyes welled with tears and she ran away.

"Lizzie, why did you say that? She's a child." Josie said, words rushing out ash she stared at her sister horrified.

Lizzie glared at her sister. "So are we, our emotions and feelings are blended together with this other self who is a child, who is apparently very sadistic, then again so was I but I never had the ability to actually form the words to be that cruel until I was our real age," Lizzie said, defensively.

"I know. I wanted to say something too but I held back. You need to be stronger than your younger self emotions. We know a lot more than any of the kids here and we know how to hit their weak spots...but that doesn't mean we should." Josie said, shaking her head.

"Are forgetting I'm bipolar...at this exact moment I am double the normal amount of crazy because I have my bipolar emotions and my younger self's, which are slightly irrational. It's not a great combination." Lizzie snapped back.

Josie paused, as she had never considered the problems being bipolar could cause in this situation. It was hard for her already but with heightened and extreme emotions it would suck way worse.

"I'm sorry," Josie said, as the realization that this wasn't really her sister's fault settled.

Lizzie blinked in surprise before her eyes softened.

"I'm sorry too. I promise I'll try not to go off on little kids that can't handle mean words very well. Although, you have to admit those names they call us are very cruel…" Lizzie said, thinking back the strange conversation they just had.

Josie nodded in agreement. "I can't wrap my head around it. We're Parkers? Uncle Kai is our dad? We're outcasts here? What is going on?" Josie wondered.

"I don't know but let's try to find Hope," Lizzie said, glancing around them.

"Agreed," Josie muttered.