The battle seemed to be a tie, and the two masked men evenly matched. Little did Deathstroke know that the mirror to himself was related in more than his chosen attire. When Deathstroke finally started to gain an upper hand and knocked down his opponent a young woman jumped on his back. This strange attack startled him, and when he had grabbed her neck he threw her off and was about to attack her further when his mirror attacked him with more ferosity than before.

There was a connection between his mirror and this young woman, Deathstroke decided to use this to his own advantage. When he had beaten his mirror back again the young woman attacked him, this time he was ready. He grabbed her and pulled her in front of him. When he was about to put a sword through her he heard his mirror yell, "Wait." To his surprise the man was taking off his mask and that surprise was amplified by it being, "Dad, please."

Impossible, Grant was dead. But he was right here, "How?"

Seeing that his father was ready to talk, "Let her go, and I'll tell you everything."

Deciding it was a trick Deathstroke got an even firmer grip on the girl. "No, tell me first."

Grant, "You are thinking this is a trick, and to prove it is not I'll tell you something only Grant Wilson would know." He looked at the girl before taking a breath, "When I was ten you took me on a camping trip. You told me that it was just so that we could spend more time together and I was truly happy." His father was still masked and holding the one he loved, "It was at a large willow tree that we found initials, T.L.C. and S.J.W. the second of which were yours." The sword was lowering in a slackening grip, "It was then that you told me that no matter what love a soldier finds there is rarely one that is lasting," the sword tip was on the ground, "after mom divorced you that changed to no love ever lasts."

Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke looked at his son, "I was angry when I told you that."

Grant nodded, "I know." He looked down at the girl, "Please let her go."

With a nod Slade released his grip and the young woman went to Grant without getting in the way if either one attacked. When the scene remained the same she stood at Grant's side and he put his arm around her. Slade spoke, "How are you alive?"

Grant looked at the young woman, "Because of my wife and her family." He looked back at his father, "When I ran away I was going to come back home, but there were people who wanted to experiment on the son of the legendary Deathstroke." There was a slight break in his voice but the girl covered his hand with hers and he gained strength again to continue, "The experiments went badly, but I managed to get away and the McGrafs took me in. They were able to reverse the worst parts and fix the ones that went wrong." Then looking up at his father, "When I woke up at their lab I realized I didn't want to be the son of Deathstroke, I wanted to be myself so I let everyone believe that the son of Deathstroke was dead."