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Summer of '04

Bogotá, Colombia

After a long mission, he prided himself in having a few drinks at the bar and taking someone back to his hotel room, he was a man of habit. As he got off the elevator and walked towards the hotel bar, Harvey Specter was dressed casually in a white shirt underneath a linen cream jacket and matching trousers. Wearing his black thin framed sunglasses he approached the bartender and ordered his drink. He sat on the bar stool as he sipped on his Mcallen 18.

Staring at his watch, he noticed in the corner of his eye men dressed in black packing heavy machine guns, he turned around in his seat as they approached him and the bartender.

"Sir we are looking for a woman in her late 20s, she is traveling alone and we saw her enter this hotel. Have you seen her?"

The bartender shakes his head and the gentleman approached Harvey. He tilted backward into the bar table as he reached for his gun under his jacket.

"How about you sir, are you traveling alone and have you seen this woman?"

Just as Harvey was about to reply, a red-haired woman walked into the hotel through the patio door, she was followed by a few men holding assault rifles. The large man stopped her and screamed,

"Ma'am, are you alone?"

Harvey stared into the stranger's eyes. He walked towards her and dropped his hand from his weapon

"No, she is with me."

They met halfway and he linked his hand through hers. The group of men ran out towards the street as Harvey and the red-haired approached the bar. Sitting on the barstool, Harvey orders her a margarita and a glass of scotch for himself.

"So since I have earned the title of the knight in shining armor and saved your life. How about we get dinner maybe some drinks?"

He smiled at her as he tilted his head slightly to the side. Holding his drink in his hand.

"Oh, a knight? Where's thy sword."

He moves his upper body closer to her.

"Some women need to get a few drinks in me before I show them my sword, but for you, we can skip the drinks and head straight to the bedroom."

He smirked taking a sip of his scotch. She turned herself to face him her legs crossed between his spread ones. She leaned in and ran her hand on his thigh. She whispered in his ear.

"You don't even know my name."

Pulling back she flipped her hair to the side. He extended his hand towards her,

"The name is Michael."

"Hi, Michael I'm Natalie."


June 2019

Manhattan, New York

She struts into the Pearson Paulsen's offices on a sunny Thursday morning, the world was Donna Paulsen's runway. She had on her white suit pants that fitted her curves perfectly with a black lace bodysuit and a matching white jacket, she enters the scanner and waits for the processer to end its evaluation. She steps out of the tin machine to be met by her secretary Amanda.

"Good Morning Ms. Paulsen."

"You know very well its Donna."

"I know, but I won't say it, and you know that."

Amanda hands Donna her coffee. Donna glares at her and smiles before turning and heading for the partner's offices. Taking a sip of her coffee Donna listens to her morning messages

"Jessica wants to see you in here office, immediately about a high profile case; Ms. Pearson informed me that she will brief you on it once you get here. You also have 2 missed calls from your dad asking you to call him back. A text from your mom asking why she doesn't have grandkids yet and that you are not getting any younger and a voicemail from Mark asking to have dinner tonight."

"Oh, and the bag you ordered from Hermes has finally arrived in store so I had it delivered to you by the end of the day."

Donna abruptly turns around.

"We have waited 3 weeks for this we should celebrate. I assume you got something for yourself?"

They continue walking down the hallway

"Why wouldn't I?"

Donna smirks as they stop outside Jessica's door

"So what did you get?"


- "The one with that strip?"

"Is there any other?"

"God, you are a woman after my own heart. I'll call my parents later today. Tell Mark that I enjoyed last night but it was a one-time ordeal and I hope he can move on."


Walking into Jessica's office she finds the woman at the windowsill staring at the bustling streets of New York. Even though Jessica and she are on the same floor she still gets jealous of the view in Jessica's office. Walking towards the tall woman, Donna stood beside her

"You summoned?"

Jessica turns toward Donna "How nice of you to join us, Ms. Paulsen"

Smirking Jessica moves towards her glass desk and hands Donna a file.

Jessica Pearson is a formidable and powerful woman. At the age of 25 against her parents' wishes of going to Harvard Medical, she started her female spy agency. She believed that anything a man can do women can do it better therefore if a company started by a woman, run by a woman, and consisted of only females, well, no one could defeat them. She is an unstoppable force of nature. She did not allow anyone to stand between her and greatness.

"I have assigned you to a new case, high profile. The targets name is Paula Agard she is an associate of one of the biggest organized crime groups. 2 weeks ago we gathered Intel that she had a meeting with none other than Stephen Huntley the head of the terrorist organisation Hessington and Darby. The information provided by one of our undercover agents is that Agard, as well as Huntley, are planning one of the biggest attacks on US and European soil. We do not know exactly where the attack is going to happen but we do know where Agard will be this Saturday night and so will you. You will be attending a gala dinner party hosted by none other than Thomas Kessler. Your mission is to find out when the attack is going to happen, how, and where. After gathering Intel you are assigned to arrest Agard. The rest of the information regarding the case is in the file. Good luck I know, you won't disappoint me?"

"When have I ever disappointed you?" Donna stands and heads out the glass doors headed to her office.


June 2019

Manhattan, New York

Across town

Harvey sits in the conference room of Zane Specter Williams Litt. Sitting alongside side him at the head of the sleek black conference table is Robert Zane the CEO of ZSWL. Opposing him sat a shorter male, with dark strands of hair, his arms crossed as Louis stares at Harvey. Beside him Louis sits Alex, he is currently relaxed in his seat as Harvey and Louis continue to glare at each other.

"That is enough you two!"

The deep voice boomed from the head of the table. All four senior agents are being assigned a different case, Robert has given Harvey one of the biggest cases the firm had ever come across. Robert trusted Harvey to have the best skills to complete the mission.

Louis, however, is protesting. Which led them to this moment right now. Alex watches and laughs at how ridiculous the men were acting, well more on Louis' side.

"Robert! This is unfair. I clock in more office hours, my paperwork is above standard, and I can handle each case without making a mess of it or having the agency pay millions in damages. So why does he get an important case? My name is also on that goddamn wall!" Louis screamed

He stands from his chair and bangs his hands on the table. Harvey smirked,

"You answered yourself, Louis, you clock in more OFFICE hours I, on the other hand, get the job done in the field. That's why my title is Harvey Specter, best goddamn field agent New York has ever seen."

He pushes himself away from the black conference table and lifts himself off the chair and buttons his black well fitted Tom Ford suit.

"Louis you see, if you want the best cases start being in the field and not in the office otherwise why don't you become a clerk."

He grabs the case file and heads out to the conference room towards his office. He opens the file and begins studying the case, upon entering his office he sees a dark figure near his records.

"I swear if one record is out of place -"

"You will shoot me and bury me six feet under I know. What's the 'big, exciting' case about?"

"Hessington and Darby. Mike, we finally going to get that son of a bitch, Huntley."

Summer of '04

Bogotá, Colombia

The day had turned into night, there was a slight breeze, the smell of rain was filling the air as Donna and Harvey looked at each other over the wooden table. The courtyard of the local outdoor restaurant was filled with tourists and locals drums of fire were placed around the seating area. The beat of Latin music was playing from the shelter near the kitchen. A small crowd had gathered on the makeshift dance floor swaying to the music.

"So Natalie, what is it that you do?"

"I'm a Broadway actress."

She took a shot of tequila and bit into the lemon.

"An actress, wow would I have seen you in anything?"

"Well, you don't look like a man that enjoys plays you seem more like the movie type."

"Is that so?"

She leans closer "Yes"

"Great guess."

"What about you Michael what do you do?"

"I dabble in this and that."

"This and that being?"

"Law, baseball, any sport that makes money. I'm a sports lawyer."

"Interesting, what would you be doing in Colombia?"

"Meeting people, celebrities, negotiating deals, having a good time."

He leaned back into his chair and slides his arm to rest on the back of the chair as he supports his chin. He stares at her intently and licks his bottom lip.

Natalie stood up from her chair and moves closer to him. She stands between his spread legs as his hands move to her thighs. She approaches his ear and whispers,

"Well, are you having a good time?"

She gently bit the lobe of his ear and looked into his eyes

"The best."

His hands caressed her thighs as they move under her short dress. He was not sure whether it's the air or his hands but he felt goosebumps down her legs. She wore a short cream coloured dress that went off her shoulders and ended mid-thigh, she had on a silk white scarf around her neck and a pair of wedge heels that made her legs go on for miles.

Michael leaned up and attempted to kiss her however she pulled away. She removed the scarf and wrapped it around his neck and pulled him off his chair and towards the dance floor. The energy between them was electric, Michael placed his hands on her waist as they swayed to the music. Michael stood still as he watched her moved up and down his body. His breath heavy, his eyes dark with lust as she moved back up his body.

He spun her around until his chest was pressed against her back and pulled her closer until there was no longer any space between them. She tilted her head to the side, as his warm breath hit the back of her neck. She swayed her body down once again and Harvey picked her back and held her body as they moved in sync. He groaned as she grinded slowly on him.

Turning to face him, Natalie bit her inner lip and in an instant, he placed his soft lips on hers and kissed her passionately. He had never felt so much emotion in a single kiss, he had never wanted anyone in his life the way he wanted her. She sucked on his bottom lip and bit down on it gently as she pulled away. She took his hand and went to their table grabbed their belongings and headed out the restaurant to his hotel. One thing they didn't know; this was going to be a night they both remembered.

June 2019

Manhattan, New York.

Zane ZWL

"So the mission is for you to "capture" and by capture I mean sleep with Paula Agard at this Thomas guys gala dinner party, question her and then arrest her to stop Hessignton and Darby? This sounds like an easy job. Way too easy, Harvey."

"Mike, this may seem easy but remember we need to interrogate Paula and to find out when, where, and why they are planning this attack."

As they walk towards the double doors of the 51st floor.

"Harvey I know, but there is something not right about this. Why would Stephen Huntley firstly get a civilian doctor; a therapist no less to help with this so-called terrorist attack?"

"It seems like someone has been doing their homework but Mike Stephen Huntley is a sick bastard. He probably needed to lay all that off to someone else. I don't know okay I don't sleep with him."

He smirks and winks at the secretary at the front desk as they come to a halt.

"Harvey, I'm your oracle it's my job and you know me I'm not the paranoid type but something smells fishy."

"Okay Mike I'll be careful but can I get everything ready for the mission or are you going to keep babbling?"

"Okay, let's go get geared up. By the way, you could sleep with Stephen."

"That is not who I'm planning to sleep with."

The room was white filled with many different gadgets, Harvey and Mike walk towards David and Vanessa; his tailor.

"David, I heard you had some great suits for me."

"Yes, now we have a total of four suites to choose from for this weekend only two will be allowed to be released for your mission."

"Just two?"

"You tore 4 suits on your last mission," David says as he looks at Harvey with a stern expression.

"Technically, I tore 3 suits the fourth, well, that was an aggressive Russian model." He smirks as he approaches the mannequin. The navy blue suit attracting Harvey's eye.

"That's Tom Form of course, straight off the runway. An ink coloured trousers tailored to your body with a matching blazer that's longer than an average suit jacket also double-breasted. I prefer you to wear it with a turtle neck. There are pockets on both the blazer and trousers." Vanessa removes the coat and helps Harvey slip the suit jacket through his arms.

He fits it over his shoulders and buttons it to ensure it fits snuggly. He walks towards the mirror and looks at himself in the mirror.

"I'm taking this for Saturday evening. What else do you have?"

"We have one black and one white Armani tuxedo and one black Brioni."

"I would go with the Brioni. It's a better fit and cut."

"Okay pack the Tom Ford and the Brioni. I'm going to head to Damien while you wrap the tuxes."

"You in those suits will have all the women swooning which will just be boosting your ego from one hundred to a thousand, hear ye, hear ye, get ready the man with the biggest balls is about to walk into the room."

"You should've been a comedian, you might have done a better job than as my sidekick."

"Hey! I'm not your sidekick. I'm the guy that saves your ass when your back is against a wall. I'm the brains to your brawn."

"Are you suggesting I'm stupid?"

"Well, if the shoe fits."

Harvey taunts his fist toward Mike, he ducks, and moves slightly away from Harvey.

They walk straight towards the glass doors and turn towards a man with jet black hair and a black tux. Beside him was a tall and cheery man that wore a checkered shirt and khaki coloured trousers with brunette hair.

"Mike, Harvey so glad you could join Damien and me."

"Hi Benjamin, how's your mom?"

"She is holding up, good thing I there stay with her she wouldn't survive without me. Harvey gives Benjamin a tight-lipped smile.

"Damien, what do you have for me?"

"Well. Since this is a routine op not much, I have a standard Rolex watch that is used to monitor your health in the field as well as find your target. We have a platinum ring that once you press the button on the inner side of the ring it will inject a sedative into your target. Regular com link that will be placed in your ear. We have two weapons for you; High Standard HDM with a silencer. 250 rounds on reload. Secondly the Kampo Bayonet 11.4-inch knife with steel and a titanium coating."

"Alright then could you just pack it up? I'll be flying to London in 2 days."

"So what's is my cover? Billionaire playboy? I play a mean Bruce Wayne"

"No, you will be Michael Smith the Sports Lawyer and best closer."

"Wait I have never used a cover more than once, why am I recycling alias'."

"I don't know Robert told me to use it. Take it up with him I guess. Why?"

"This is the alias I used in Bogotá."

"Well, the cover is needed Saturday night Thomas is an ex-football player and now a furniture designer so his friends and colleagues will be attending the launch gala party."

Harvey looked at Mike with a curious expression on his face, Mike was right, there is something wrong here.

June '19

Manhattan, New York.

Donna paces towards Rachel's office carrying a cup of hot coffee, as she enters she notices the brunette on her laptop typing. Rachel hadn't noticed Donna until she knocked on her glass door.

"How is my beautiful best friend?" Donna said as she enters her office.

"Hey, I'm exhausted and it isn't not even 10 am."

"I brought you a little pick me up. What are you up to?"

"Well, I'm updating up your cover. Natalie Gray. Former Broadway and Shakespeare actress, now CEO of an interior design company called Dame d'art et de design, that is how you will be getting into Kessler's event. He is an ex-football player now turned furniture designer."

"Is he gay?"

"Haha, no Donna his married to Dana Scott."

"Why furniture design?"

"Only God knows anyway it's the launch of his company and all his friends and ex-teammates will be in attendance. So what can I help with Donna?" She says as she finishes up typing.

"Well I have a fitting with Valdrin Sahiti at 10 am and then I have to head over to Sonja for a little spa trip maybe even an early lunch, so I wanted to find out if you want to join."

"You had me at Valdrin Sahiti."

Donna walks out of the dressing room wearing an emerald green off the shoulder gown that wrapped around her hips. The dress has sleeves that drape from her left hip to the bottom of the dress. She looks stunning as she approaches Rachel and Valdrin.

"So Ms. Paulsen this is option one, how do you feel about the dress?"

"I love it, but it doesn't stand out the way I want it to. What do you think Rachel?"

"I'm in love with this Donna, you look beautiful. However, before we make a decision let's look at the second dress."

Donna walks back into the dressing room and waits until the assistant passes her the dress. She unzips the cover then the dress and slips it over her sleek body. The first thing she notices was the ruffles down the right arm and on the shoulder of her left arm that end under her breast. There is a dapped sleeve on her left arm and a slit on her right leg that ended at the hip the dress hugs her body perfectly. She then looks at herself in the mirror.

"This is the one." She whispers to herself.

She exits the dressing it's when the designer whistles and Rachel drops her jaw does Donna know that this is a show stopper."

"I think we have a winner."

"I think we do. All we need is a sexy Christian Louboutin heel" Donna said as she twirls.

"All the men will be drooling and all the women will be jealous," Valdrin said.

"Agreed but where are you going to put your weapons?"

Summer '04

Bogotá, Colombia

They entered the Seasons hotel, they were both drenched. The weather had changed on the walk back to the hotel and the thin material of her dress was molded against her body and left little to the imagination. They weren't drunk or tipsy but the energy between them was intoxicating. They both could feel it. Michael's hand never left hers as he guided her towards the elevator. He continued to press the button until she whispered in his ear.

"In a rush?"

"You have no idea." He replied

The doors of the elevator opened and an older couple exited the metal box. They walked into the elevator and he pressed PH. The doors closed and in an instant, Michael pushed her up against the wall of the elevator and devoured her lips, they were sweet like honey and he couldn't stop wanting more. He began a trail of wet kisses from her jaw to her neck. She moaned in his ear and he grounded hips into her with the intent of making her feel his member. She opened her eyes and was faced with the reflection of herself in the mirror. Her lips pink swollen her, eyes rolling back as he sucked on her neck, right where her knees go weak.

She continued to watch him as he grasped her breast through the fabric while he licked on she saw herself grow weak at the feel of his tongue wetting her nipple. He alternated and Natalie held his head closer to her chest. He bit down on her hardened nipple and she feels herself getting wet.

"I'm in trouble she thinks to herself"

At that moment the elevator dinged on the 50th floor.

"Mi- Mich-" she moaned.

The doors opened and he pulled himself away from her, grabbed her hand, and led her out the elevator. He took the key card out of his pocket and opened the door.

She enters the room and is immediately pushed against the door. He kisses her slower and more passionately. She removed his jacket off his shoulders and they don't pull away from the kiss. He unbuttoned his dress shirt and flung into a dark corner. The room was dark but the moonlight and flash of thunder guided them and showed them all they needed to see, each other.

Natalie caressed his chiseled chest and abs as her hands slipped further down to his trousers. He grabbed the hem of her dress and dragged it up the curves of her body. He threw the garment somewhere in the room lost with his dress shirt.

He bit his lips as he admires her half-naked body.

"God, you're breathtaking."

She blushed left in only her underwear and him in his trousers, He leaned in to kiss her grabbing her thighs and lifting her, her legs wrapping around his waist. He walked them toward the master bedroom of the suite. He placed her on the edge on the bed. He moved back unbuttoning his trousers. Natalie sat up and watched him. His pants dropped and his erection sprung up.

She gasps as he stroked himself, she stopped him as she held his dick in her hand. She licked the tip of his member and he groaned. She continued to lick the tip and underside, his head fell back she took him whole into her mouth and he was gone. She swirled her tongue around him and pushes him further into her mouth. He grabs a fist full of hair attempting to pull her off him.

Her head bobbed up and down and she slipped further down and until she couldn't take any more of him, he coaxed' her throat,

"Natalie, I'm not going to last if you keep going."

She moved back on the bed and he climbs on top of her. He kissed her lips, sliding his tongue in her mouth. He broke the kiss and began to kiss down her body. He licked down from her jaw to her neck ending at her breast. Sucking the pink nub.

"Ahh." Her hands rested on his back and neck.

He liked that sound. He continued to leave a wet trail down her body. His hands caressed every inch of skin. He reached her black lace underwear, pulled them off, and threw them on the floor. His hands spread her legs open he then hooks his arms around her thigh. His hot breath right at her core. He looked up at her with a smirk, he could see he had her where he wanted her.

His tongue licked gently on her nub he felt her shiver. He continued with long slow strokes, her stomach crunching each time. Her breath getting heavier her eyes shut,


He increased his pace and continued licking her core. He began sucking her nub

"Ah, yes."

He teased her entrance with his fingers. Until he slowly guided them in. One hand grabbed the sheets gripping them tight while the other grabbed a fist of hair.


He sucked and licked harder, his fingers twisting and curling inside her, her hand left the sheets and held the bedframe. Her walls tightening


She let go around his mouth and fingers. He slowed his movements allowing her to calm down.

Her eyes rolled back he climbed back on top. He stroked himself gently as he coaxed himself with her moisture. Her eyes watched him as he tears the wrapper and wears the condom, he begins to slip himself bit by bit and oh how it felt good for them.

"Ah shit"

He pushed himself deeper, her legs then moved further up his torso sinking himself deeper. They compose themselves and he began to move at a fluid rate. The feeling of them united intensified. Michael kisses her and he groans in her mouth. He opened his eyes and saw his whole world in hers. They smile as he increased the pace. Her hands clawed on his back while his were on her waist.

He thrusted harder and deeper into her.

"Fuck, more. Please"

He pushed her leg up over his shoulder and sank even deeper. Natalie screamed and he knew he had found that sweet spot. He continued the same motion, increasing his pace knowing she was about to release.

"I'm going to come"

"Let go" he whispers.

His was not going to last long so he sucks on his fingers and begins to rub her clit.

"Fuck" her walls clenched and she released in a state of ecstasy with Michael right behind her.

"Ah Shit, FUCK!" He collapsed on top of her. Her hand caressed his back.

He pulled out and laid next to her. He gathered the sheets over them as Natalie turned to face him. She laid on his chest as his hand caressed her hair. They fell asleep in each other's arms.