Ruled Over No. 1

An ethereal body dressed in a glistening dress shimmered in a ballroom as another body stood under the chandelier, dancing together for this so called engagement party. They had seemed like the perfect match in the eyes of the elites around the room, each man or woman had either been a CEO, celebrity, or in some fashion titled with fame and power.

Though the lovely angel hadn't realized the infatuated gaze from a particular Don surrounded by group of bodyguards, all of them homing in the shadows of the room, he'd been gazing at the woman for far too long and she was the only reason he'd came to the gathering; to see her in all of her enticing glory. She caught his eye from the moment he stepped into that club a few nights prior.

The tip of golden locks swayed against the back of a outstanding model who was enjoying the beat of the music in the bar she was presently at; Irene's if you may, it was swarmed with sin but full of deadly truths compared to the cruel lies in the real world.

Having been in the game for so long she had become to learn that everyone placed on a solid façade when famous, and she sure as hell knew how to put one on for the more sane side of the world; a rich, preppy, kind, and flawless Lucy Lucky Heartfilia yet if you knew her more authentic version of herself you must've been considered dear in her heart. Feel free to say, "I'm a really lucky fucking bastard".

You were able to see the way her body flowed to the tempo of each song, it was her true passion hidden behind a preppy attitude or a set of fancy heels and so much more.

This bar she was at was her escape from reality.

She had come one night in hopes that it wouldn't be swarmed with celebrities and turns out it wasn't that big of a club anyway, very hidden actually.

Nevertheless no one as godly as her could go somewhere without attracting stares wheatear it was lust or adornment, but it was hard to ever find both, yet fate had made it happen for her.

A pink haired male sat in a booth across the way with four other males accompanying him.

They each had a stick pressed to their lips blowing out small puffs of smoke into the air while staring off into the crowd in the establishment. The bodies made everything much more stuffy to the displeasure of the man sitting in the middle but who could complain when their was a woman you felt you were succumbing to by just the way her body moved.

He looked over her attire loving each and every way it gripped her curves and imperfections, everything about her was enchanting but his blatant admiring was ceased by a slight snicker,

"A blonde this time boss?" the raven hair man next to him questioned yet continued on, "You sure? Heard their a bit shabby in the knowledge department." And that statement earned three other chuckles of amusement.

All of that was put to a stop when they saw the blonde woman rub against a dude for a moment before grabbing his hand that was trailing up the dress she had on and slightly twisting it. Whispering something in his ear, he was sent running for the hills.

Everyone at the table gave her a another glance again until she looked over to them, smirking.

She had caught their looks and snickers earlier so she had to prove that she could crush them in just seconds; never talk shit about her.

The stares they gave her as she turned her back and strutted over to the exit were priceless, so much for being a dumb blonde.

Natsu let out a deep baritone chuckle, "She's special..Tell your wife to get me all the files on her Laxus."

Laxus nodded and called his wife as the rest of the group sat back and buried themselves in the atmosphere of the bar.

That night had been something special and to see the contrasting personalities was exciting, she'd be a good girl in the streets and a bad girl in the sheets it was an unspoken truth noticed by own a few. Though as the blonde continued to dance with her 'fiancé' his dulled eyes burned holes through the mans skull and he made sure the bastard saw it.

The overwhelming jealousy and possessiveness he felt over the beautiful women shouldn't have been there but it was, and he drowned himself in every moment of it, enjoying the sent of her natural scent as every cool breeze from the air conditioner pushed it towards him. No longer could Natsu sit back and wonder how this women hadn't stepped foot into his life -if you don't count her scene at the club- , and she already had control over his very actions. Once Natsu was up and well on his way to meet the blonde and her fiancé the crowd was parting a way to them murmuring under there breaths about his presence of authority, it practically rolled off in waves as he walked by.

Nevertheless, Natsu had reached the couple and was now taking the hand of the blonde not acknowledging the noticeable glare her fiancé gave him, only to stare into the lovely face of Lucy.

He could've sworn he saw a quick flash of hope pass through her eyes.

"Lucy Heartfilia." she said in a flattering voice while a small red hue ran across her face.

"Nice to meet you Lucy," he greeted while taking her hands to lead them around his neck and letting his palms drag down her figure to settle just above her supple arce, and to say Lucy was enjoying this dance was an understatement and those around could tell but it couldn't be, could it? She was getting married to Dan Straight! A much more suitable man, right?

The once quite chatter of the audience had become more of a debate as many people looked at the dancing 'couple'.

The all mighty Jude had also caught on to the commotion and was about to put the questioning to an end but a soothing rub from a small hand rubbed across his own left hand, and looking down he saw his wife Layla Heartfilia shaking her head lightly then pointedly moving her eyes to her daughter and dancing partner. Jude sighed with a silent nod and an unsaid agreement made him sit down with his wife. Jude was no fool he could see the love in his daughter's eyes they had a discussion about the whole ordeal already as well and it seemed that Lucy had the higher end of the stick now. They made and agreement after all, pinky promise and everything. The blonde's father could help himself from chuckling once remembering the puppy dog eyes his daughter gave him while hold out her pinky to him the day before. (Yes Jude will not the abusive father and Layla did not die! This is somewhat of a utopia -author)

Back to the commotion at hand though the crowd was now dead silent and Jude hadn't realized why until looking at his daughter.

It was a shocking sight indeed. The pink haired man had small scales prodding at his skin and a flame encased them yet by the looks of it neither of them noticed it until some man broke the sound bar screaming in a shrilly voice,


And that's all it took to set the entire place off.

Lucy stood in shock pulling away from the demon slight with the running crowd retreating from her home.

He looked into her eyes searching for any sign of rejection yet surprisingly, he hadn't found one only shock was seen in those chocolate depths, but he couldn't deny it, the tenseness in her body hurt him a little. It hurt to see her that tense even if she was disgusted and only if for a second he saw admiration in her eyes before she was yanked away by her father, his once calm demeanor seeming to harden up and race across the ballroom floor to protect his daughter from this.. this… this beastly monster of a man! No one knew how all of a sudden the don was crumbling under the security of the Heartfilia family but it happened and they were surprised, and yet that didn't stop them from pulling out guns In the now empty room only further shocking the family of three.

Natsu took the moment to release himself from the guards by heating his body to a burning temperature making the security leap from him and shaking there hand frantically in an attempt to cool them.

Come to think of it though.. even in this moment of terror Lucy was wandering where that fiancé of hers was and with a quick glance around the room she found him cowering behind a bush. Wasn't this man supposed to protect her she though with a straight face before stomping over to him, significantly making the elephant in the room grow smaller with each mutter of vocabulary under her breath and stomp of her little feet.

Once she reached the flower pot she needed to be at she glared at the man behind it and grabbed his ear, practically ripping it off and dragging him across the floor to where the commotion was. They group couldn't stifle there chuckles and giggles as the watched the blonde drag the man across the floor even with his many protest to release his ear, as you could've guessed it didn't even go to the blondes ear as she was back to where she previously was.

"Apologize." she said plainly and those who were around were very confused.

Dan looked at her in horror, she knew. Oh Mavis she knew it was him who'd screamed like that!

He was about to protest but a flick to his forehead made him bow his head in shame and he apologized.

Still though, many hadn't know what he was apologizing for until Lucy said "I'm sorry for.." leaving Dan to fill in the rest. Dan groaned and said with quick words, "Imsorryforscreamingdemonandstartingacommotion!"

Even if it was in one swift breath the demons all heard him word for word and the men began barking out laughs mocking the man with things like 'That was you!' and 'Oh Mavis you sounded like a woman!'

That was silenced though when Natsu growled and all tension was back in the room. He was giving of waves of distaste and no one dared mess with him.

To himself Natsu was thinking of the way they had all just fell line and let there guard down because now he had guns pointing to them. He could smell the gunpowder from the second floor of the building, and once her looked at the man in front of him he saw the stale expression on his face. While everyone was stuck in a giggling fit and hunched over they'd been holding quite the staring contest glaring at each other with all the distain in their hearts.

Jude spat at Natsu's shoes and the demon only growled louder.

Through his teeth Jude hissed out "I hate your kind." and a glare from his daughter and wife was in his direction but before either could say something Jude said again, "Fire." and bullet shot rang through the room heading straight for the demons.



Both of the women in Jude's life shouted. They couldn't help the gasp that left her lip when the bullet went through the bodies of the demons.

Lucy's eyes watered and she ran over to the man she had just met, grabbed his hand, and pulled him with her leading him through the wide expanse of her family's mansion halls.

Quickly pulling him into a side room in the mansion she was greeted with a small infirmary that looked to have many medical supplies for any situation. Natsu only chuckled one the blonde turned around only to see that the demons wounds were already healing and that the many bullets shot at him were be absorbed.

"Demons. Soaking up anything that could harm there body and making them slightly immune to it with each time it's been shot at them."

Lucy only giggled at this before her face took a more serious expression.

"Take me." She announced and the suffocating silence make her stomach twist and turn.

Natsu only looked back over at her with and unreadable expression.

"What?" He said almost not believing her words, she wanted him to 'Take her'? As in take her with him or take her..

He'd be perfectly fine with whichever one and judging by the seriousness in her voice she want to come with him, not the latter of the two he'd just thought of and yet Natsu was shocked, but only allowing him to process that leaving no trace of emotion on the outside.

"Okay." he agreed and he heard the girl let out a shuddering breath.

She then smiled at him and pulled him back towards the door of the room looking back with her pointed finger over her lips and he almost let out a chuckled but opted for a smirk and a pull of her body towards the balcony. She looked slightly confused but when wings expanded from Natsu's back her shocked gasp sounded through the otherwise silent room and he beckoned her into his arms, she happily accept and right when the doors of the room busted open Natsu was sipping off the balcony with the Heartfilia daughter in his arms, listening the shouts of her father.

As he looked down to the girl that was gripping onto his suit for dear life her eyes peaked open and she shut them close again griping him tighter then said under her breath, "Dear Mavis, I don't have anything on under this dress." with a clear realization in her voice.

Natsu growled quietly and let his hand trail to under her bottom to grab the dress and pull it to her thighs so it wasn't waving freely in the air showing her goods to the people below because indeed he had seen some of the dazed expression for the men and heard the screams from the women.

He pulled her close to him feeling the way he body began to shiver from the air passing them and warming his body to a comfortable temperature he whispered to her, "Just let me carry you, I won't drop you, mon beau." And Lucy did that exact thing.

She let him carry her through the sky trusting him not to drop her and if only she knew how that good that felt to Natsu. To know that this women he'd fallen for in under 48 hours had some how trusted something like him. He swore on his demon life that he wouldn't let this woman slip from his grasp, he would cherish her till the day he died which would be a long time for him.