The scene opens in outer space where we see the blue planet called earth, then suddenly a big black object was closing to the planet, it appeared to be a space ship of an unknown origin, inside of it a figure was close to the windows of the command bridge of the ship who appear to be staring deeply at the earth, like it was contemplating it.

"After years of searching, I finally found the planet I heard so much about." Said the figure with a devious look.

It would seem something evil had its eyes on earth, and if that was the chase, who will rise up to this threat and protect its home?

It was another normal day in the city of japan, people were walking in the streets without a care in the world, until an explosion appear nearby and everyone started to panic, running and screaming for their life's. In the site of the explosion two figures could be seen despite all the smoke and it looks like the where fighting.

One of the figures was push aside roughly, this figure looked to be a humanoid black skinned lizard with long grey hair, sharp back plates on its back and tail and was wearing a samurai armor with two katanas on each hand.

"Damn, she's a lot tougher then I thought." He said to himself.

The second figure approach him, this one looked more like an insect with the aspect of a woman with sharp spikes on almost every part of her body, she had large bat like wings, a tail with a big stinger on the end, she also had four arms, the upper arms having crab like claws instead of hands. The insect woman approach the lizard man with a seductive look.

"I'm sorry I had to go rough on you, but then again I do like it when my prey pulls up a fight, especially if that prey is you~." She said to her opponent, still maintaining the seductive look.

"Well if you want a fight then you got it." The lizard man went straight for her, reading his katanas to attack.

He swing the katana on his left hand at her but the insect woman anticipated his attack and flew upwards with her wings before the sword could hit her.

"Woo, you almost had me there, c'mon Junior we ben over this already, you know I won't give up until I have my claws on you, so why don't you just stop fighting and get this over the easy way and who knows, maybe you'll end up enjoying it~ ." She said to him while liking her lips seductively, still flying above him.

The lizard man now known as Junior didn't flinch at her comment, looking directly at her, prepared for anything she might do.

"I'm telling you for the last time Megaguirus, there's no way I'll ever be attracted to a crazy bug like you!" Junior said to the insect woman.

"Is that so, well then if I can't convince you" Megaguirus flew directly at Junior with more speed readying her claws, her pure red eyes now filed with madness and forming a creepy smile, revealing her scary looking sharp teethes "¡THEN I'LL JUST HAVE TO TAKE YOU BY FORCE!"

When Megaguirus was close to Junior she attacked him with her claws while still flying, however Junior was able to block her attacks with his swords like it was nothing.

Megaguirus then tried to attack using her stinger but Junior move to the left, quickly dropping his sword on he's right hand and catching it, he then started spinning Megaguirus around and then letting her go, causing her to crash hard on the ground.

"Alright time to finish this."

Junior makes a fist, then focus all the energy he has on he's body in he's right arm, causing the veins to start glowing in a bright blue color until eventually the arm was glowing with a bright blue light from the fist to the elbow.

Megaguirus rise up from the ground looking more insane than before.

"¡I'll make you regret that!" She lunch herself at Junior at full speed, she was so angry that she didn't notice Junior glowing arm until it was too late.


Junior brought his arm forward, hitting Megaguirus in the stomach, the impact was so strong that it created a shockwave that sent her straight to the ground once again this time creating a cloud of dust in the process.

After using his energy on that move, he's arm stopped glowing, then he pick up his sword and put it in its sheath along with the other one. The he approached Megaguirus to see the kind of condition she was in.

From what he saw she wasn't in such a bad shape, it seemed the impact got her unconscious but other than that he didn't notice any fatal injuries, her exoskeleton really was tuff.

"You're lucky that I've went easy on you or you probably be dead by now." Junior said to her, even tow she was unconscious.

"Well, I better leave before the humans get here."

Junior took out a talisman with strange symbols that started to glow, then a portal appear in front of him and he walked towards it, after he went inside, the portal started to closed, leaving Megaguirus behind so the humans can take care of the rest.

Back inside the ship near the earth, the figure looked at a screen, having witnessed the fight between Junior and Megaguirus.

"That lizard sure seems strong, this could pose a problem."

That's all I have for the first chapter of the story, I really hope that you liked it, if I wrote wrong some of the sentences please just let me know and I'll fix it.

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