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In Midas

A boy runs through the crowds of people towards a young woman with long black hair.

Boy: Riki hey Riki.

She turns around to see a boy with brunette hair.

Hey Scouchi said Riki.

Riki guess what i got said Scouchi.

She shrugged and continued walking.

Scouchi ran ahead of her,

Do i get a guess? Asks Riki.

No said Scouchi.

She looks at this bulging back pants pocket.

I'm guessing a wallet said Riki.

Lucky guess said Scouchi.

Nothing lucky about it kid said Riki.

Go home Scouchi ya did good said Riki.

She continued on her way and wanders into an alley.

She is looking for a car to steal as her gang Bison needs money but ran into a Midas Gang,

Leader: so you're Riki the Dark i admit i did not expect you to be a woman.

Leader: you have the reputation of a rat.

What do you mean? Asks Riki,

Seems like you're always worrying when you've said Riki.

Riki breaks the car window.

A nice car said Riki.

Leader: watch your tone.

Leader. All of us are citizens of Midas.

Riki puts her right hand on her hip.

Yeah? So what? Asks Riki.

I haven't go time to play around all of you said Riki..

Leader: we're elite bodyguards.

Leader: we're patrolling so that scum like you don't roam around Midas.

I don't know about elite bodyguards said Riki.

She battle cries and then starts to fight the gang.

She punches a silver haired one in the gut and turns to the leader.

He backs away.

Unknown to them a car pulls at the end of the alley.

A person watches from the backseat.

Back in the alley.

One of the gang members grabs Riki's legs causing her to fall over face first.

She turns over to see the guys arms are hooked under legs.

Bastard said Riki.

She goes to attack him but is put into a headlock by another gang member.

We've got her said the leader.

So much for your elite bodyguards if you need 4 against one said Riki.

Shut up said a gang member.

He kicks her.

Hey said the leader.

Try saying help me said the leader.

You don't have the right to complain if you're killed said the leader.

He takes a laser knife out.

Does one rat frighten you so much? Asks Riki.

Your lot are the lowest of the low said the leader.

Go to hell said the leader.

He goes to stab her but is stopped.

She prepare for the blow but it never comes.

She looks up to see the leader is being held by the wrist by a blond man and forced to drop the laser knife into the blonde man's other hand.

The who who has her in the headlock let's go.

Man 1: bl-blondie.

The blondie let's go of the leader.

The blondie gripped him so he left a handprint.

The blondie looks at the rest of the gang members and they all run.

Riki stares at him for a second but then jumps up.

Who the hell are you? Asks Riki.

You didn't have to do that said Riki.

A mongrel and a female at that said the blondie.

He turns and walks aways.

Go back to Ceres said the blondie.

She runs in front of him and blocks his path.

Wait a sec why did you save me? Asks Riki.

No particular reason said the Blondie.

It's against my principles to owe anyone not even an elite from Tanagura said Riki.

She turns.

Follow me said Riki.

I don't have a car you'll have to walk sorry said Riki.

She starts to walk and he follows her.

They walk out of the alley and go left.

In the car a man with a cigarette watches them through the rearview mirror and smiles.