Happy Birthday Usagi, You Got Yourself Captured!

By: The Crystal Knight

Rated: PG-13 (T = Teens ages thirteen and up.)

Notes: This is a one shot story idea I had and thought I write it for Usagi's birthday!
I may do a follow up sequel one shot story to this later on. What do you think? A
sequel one shot story? Let me know! Please comment, thanks.

Hello, my name is Usagi Tsukino and today I just turned fourteen today. I woke up and it
was a bright sunny Sunday morning and that meant there was no school. Today, I got
up early to enjoy my day as much as possible. I quickly took a shower and then went back
into my room and I found this nice pink dress that had a white bunny rabbit on it. If you didn't
know it, I love bunnies! I just think they are so cute and furry. I put on my socks and quickly put
my hair in my traditional odangoes and went downstairs.

"Hello momma, do I look older today?"

I asked my mother if she thought I looked older today.


My mother answered while she made breakfast in the kitchen. I went to my daddy and spoke to
him the same question and he gave a similar answer. I then went to my little brother Shingo. He
was playing his Gameboy Handheld video game system.

"Shingo, do I look older to you?"

I asked him. I thought he would surely answer me. I was shocked that even he was rude to me.

"Usagi, i am busy. Please bother someone else."

Shingo answered me. I felt bad that no one remembered my birthday. I was so upset that no one remembered
my birthday, I put on my shoes and left without another word. My family must have felt bad that they had
forgotten my birthday, However, I would learn later this was not the case. I learned later, they were planning
a surprise party for me.

I ran down the street upset that my family forgotten my big day. I walked to one of the parks near my home
and sat on a bench while the birds looked for scraps of food on the ground. What happened next took me
by surprise! A monster from the future appeared out of nowhere and confronted me. I was terrified beyond
belief. I had never seen a monster before and why was it here? I did not know why. The monster looked at a
picture he had and looked at me and back at the picture and finally back at me. The monster had this large
gourd by his side and it had a cork on it. I didn't know what that gourd was for. I saw the monster had his
eyes on me and there was no one else in the area. he spoke.

"Yes, you are the one I have been looking for! Prepare to be captured!"

The monster spoke to me. He was large and rotund in his belly. His arms looked very beefy and fat too. His
head was very rotund as well and he looked very hideous.

"Who are you?"

I barely mustered the courage to ask him of who he was.

"My name is the Gourd Master! With my magical gourd, I can capture anything in my gourd and anything
that gets captured in my gourd will vanish over time. And you my girl are the one I have been looking

The Gourd Master answered me. I became terrified. i didn't know if I should run or stay. I decided if
I stayed, I wuld be captured. So I ran as quickly as I could. The Gourd Master spoke again.

"You can try to run, but my magical gourd can trap you in it even you are at a distance from it!"

He told me as I ran and he uncorked his magical gourd and it began a sucking sound and I felt myself
going backwards and then in an instant I got trapped inside the gourd and he corked his gourd again
and with me inside.

"Got you you pretty little lass! You are my prisoner forever!"

The Gourd Master told me. My situation looked grim. What was I to do now. I was no superhero and there
was no one around to help me. So yelled for help.


I yelled at the top of my lungs and my voice only echoed in the walls of the gourd. I continued this
for awhile, but my efforts was in vain. The Gourd Master then started attacking Tokyo and there
was no one who could defend it from this vile creature. I continued my screaming. Someone had
to hear me scream. i was desperate. The Gourd Master opened the cork of the his gourd and he

"I am sorry Usagi, but this magical gourd is sound proof and also you can't break out of it! I will
give you a small gift for you to worry about!"

The Gourd Master told me that his gourd was sound proof and that I couldn't break out of my own power.
Then he threw in a flaming torch with fire into the gourd with me. He spoke again.

"This will help you die quickly and painlessly! Have a good death Usagi!"

He spoke as he closed up his gourd again. The fire from the torch began to cause smoke to rise in the
gourd and I covered my face as best I could to shield myself from the smoke. I was in a terrible situation.
Not only was I trapped but I would be smothered my smoke. Then the next thing I knew I heard something
hit the side of the gourd outside and heard people talking. I didn't know what they were saying.

"How do we free her"

Someone asked the others standing there facing the monster.

"We got to be careful not to break the gourd with the girl trapped inside or she will die."

Another person answered.

"What do we do then?"

This other person asked again.

"Let us be the decoy and you fire your arrow at the monster's belly and that should cause
the gourd to fall to the ground and uncork the prisoner!"

I heard a girl's voice answer. This girl had a very pretty voice.


This other person said and she aimed her arrow and fired at the Gourd Master's belly and it caused the
the gourd to be freed and it fell to the ground and the cork came off and it seemed to me like a rushing
wind sucked me back out and I landed on the ground and a beautiful girl wearing this strange outfit
and having blue hair walked up to me and spoke.

"Miss, are you okay?"

She asked me as she helped me to my feet. i looked at her for a long moment not knowing what to
say. I heard myself give a simple answer.


I answered the girl. I must have been exhausted by being trapped.

"I am glad. My name is Sailor Mercury. I am glad you are safe. You should run to safety and let us
fight this monster."

Mercury was glad I was safe and advised me to run to safety. I was glad to comply. I ran behind
a tree. I heard the Gourd Master speak to these girls.

"You robbed me of my prize!"

The Gourd Master growled at these pretty warriors.

"She is not yours for the taking."

Another warrior spoke to the Gourd Master.

"You know, you can't kill me! Only a non Sailor Guardian can defeat me!"

The Gourd Master revealed to these Guardians. Then I remembered something
from earlier when he was capturing me. He had a red crystal on his forehead. I
determined that must had all his power to control his gourd. I thought if I was
able to jump up to his forehead and jerk that crystal off and crush it, the Gourd
Master would be at those Guardians mercy. I came back out from hiding and
I spoke.

"I am not a Sailor Guardian and I am fine with that plus I have a personal score to
settle! No one captures me and get away with it!"

I yelled at the Gourd Master as I started to run towards the Gourd Master and he
fired fireballs that missed me left and right and they exploded everywhere but I
ignored the danger and I jumped up and jerked his red crystal from off his forehead
and I threw it on the ground and I crushed it with my foot as hard as I could and his
crystal turned to dust when I smashed it.

"There! You scratched my back and now I scratched yours! We are even now Sailor
Guardians! He is free for you to take him out!"

I explained to the Sailor Guardians that since they helped me that I helped them back in
return. I watched them go to work fight the monster.

"Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!"

"Mars Flame Sniper!"

"Jupiter Oak Evolution!"

"Venus Love Me Chain!"

The four powers of the four Sailor Guardians came together and did a lot of damage and the Gourd
Master fell to the ground.

"Your turn Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon!"

I heard one of the other guardians say to their leader and a smaller Guardian with pink hair.

"Pegasus, please hear our call we need you! Twinkle Yell!"

Sailor Chibi Moon yelled as she used her bell contraption and a beautiful white Pegasus with a golden
horn on its forehead appeared in the sky and gave power to Sailor Moon and she spoke.

"Moon Gorgeous Meditation!"

Heard this Sailor Moon say and light came out of her rod and vanished the Gourd Master and i heard him
speak as he died.

"Stage Out..."

I heard him say as he vanished from my sight. Then one of the other female Guardians walked up to me.

"We thank you for helping us. We are glad you are safe."

This girl that spoke had the prettiest purple hair I had ever seen.

"No, thank you for saving me. I thought I was a goner. I need to go back home. My folks would
be worried."

I thanked her and I told her that I needed to return home.

"Before you go." The warrior Mercury spoke again to me and continued, "this is for you Usagi. Happy

Mercury spoke to me and she knew my name, but how. She presented me with a small box and I opened
it and in it was a pair of rabbit earrings made of 24k gold. I was stunned.

"Thank you, but how did you know my name or that it was my birthday?"

I asked Mercury. I was baffled how she knew. I didn't tell them.

"We took a guess that it was your birthday by the pretty dress you were wearing."

That wasn't a good answer but i didn't say anything more about that.

"Thank you for the earrings. I will take good care of them."

I thanked them as I put on these earrings. I spoke once more.

"Will I see you guys again?"

I asked them. Mercury answered once more.

"I guarantee it!"

Mercury answered once again and in a flash they vanished as quickly from my sight.

'What a weird day. No one will believe this.'

I thought to myself as i walked back home. I remembered that I left home earlier without saying
a word and I decided that it was best to return home and when I walked in I got a surprise.

"Happy Birthday Usagi!"

I heard everyone shout at once and I was in awe. The whole place was decorated with ballonns
and other stuff. My best friends Naru and Umino were there as well. My momma walked up to
me and hugged me and she spoke.

"Usagi dear, I am sorry about earlier. Where did you go and where did you get those
earrings? They are pretty."

My momma asked me where I went and where I got the earrings.

"Oh, I was at the park and people I knew from school gave me these earrings. Do you
like them?"

I explained to her. I kept the part I got trapped by that awful monster or those Guardians.

"Yes dear. They look great on you."

My momma told me. Then we hugged. The rest of the day was spent in me opening up gifts
and having cake and ice cream and also playing games too. However, I will never forget how
those mysterious Guardians came out of nowhere and saved me. i would learn later that
those Guardians were myself and the others who were told by Sailor Pluto that we had to save the
past on my fourteenth birthday, if I wasn't saved then, I would die. I would never forget my
fourteenth birthday or what had happened to me.

The End.

This was completed on: 06/30/2020

All characters, items, and events that appear in this story is a work of fiction. Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi and other
copyright holders. This story was created for your enjoyment.