Hello everyone, I'm here with a brand new story idea, this story is a crossover between Harry Potter and the show known as Criminal Minds. If anyone has Netflix, you can easily watch it on that wth twelve seasons. In this story, Harry is born as a female naturally. Her name is Elizabeth Jane Potter, she's a redhead like her mother but with darker hair and has her emerald green colored eyes and dimples when she smiles. In this story, she's secretly in a relationship with one of the characters known as Spencer Reid. I can leave a link to his picture here or you can look him up yourself through Google.



So in any case, onward to the summary and to the story, let me know what you think in the reviews or even pm me if you want to beta it.

SUMMARY: Elizabeth met her boyfriend when she was trapped between a real rock hard place. She had just finally defeated Voldemort in their final battle, before that, her and her friends, Hermione Granger and Ronald Weasley hunted down Horcruxes that kept Voldemort from dying. But during the battle, her friends died protecting each other from the notorious Fenrir Greyback who had a hold of Hermione when they were trapped in Malfoy manor. Her boyfriend brought her out of the darkness when they literally bumped into each other when she was in a dark alley with a knife to her wrists, ready to end her pain when he shoved the knife from her hand and comforted her. He convinced her there was a better way to live by hiding her out in America, from there things just clicked between them almost instantly.

PAIRING: Elizabeth x Spencer

One Dr. Spencer Reid had his computer turned on, waiting for an email to pop up before he officially left work for the night when he felt his friend and co-worker of the BAU came up from behind him, he turned around and spotted Derek Morgan looking at his email. "So Spencer, any plans for tonight?" He asked him, giving him one of his usual smirks of amusement, Spencer was about to respond to him when his computer let out a ding singling he got an email and saw that it was Elizabeth. Grinning a bit he read the message, not caring about Derek reading it, it was about time his team met the girl of his dreams. He started to read it.

Dear Spence,

Hello darling, I know you're probably working overtime, but I was hoping you could find it in your schedule to come to visit me and make up for the lost time. I have some good news and bad news I wanted to share it with you, the good news can wait but I'm afraid the bad news can't. There have been quite a few deaths happening here in New York, all of them remarkably looking almost like me in looks, red hair green eyes. In this time, there have been about five bodies thus far, and lately, I've been feeling someone has been watching me almost a little too close for comfort, and I didn't want to say this to worry you, but someone has been sending me gifts, some earrings, necklaces, but the scariest thing to happen when the last gift I received had hair tied to it. You told me about your team and what your team does, so I was hoping you could come and check it out, I just...it really doesn't make me feel safe anymore, I need you, Spencer. Please come home.

Love, you're Liz

Alarm filtered through Spencer's face and he immediately looked at Derek who looked just as worried as he did. His friend gripped him on the shoulder. "Come on Kid, we'll gather the team and have Garcia look into it." He pulled out his flip out and immediately dialed his baby girl's number. "Talk to me my loves." Her voice sounded out. "Hey Baby Girl, Spencer and I need you to look into something that's going down in New York City. Apparently there have been five bodies, all redheads with green eyes, maybe even some items reported missing from their person's." He asked his girl. He could hear her frown in the background. "Can do sugar, I'll be at work in the morning when the team is rounded up." She told him hurriedly. Derek smiled a bit. "Thanks, Garcia, see you in the morning." He turned to Spencer who was immediately packing away his desk into his suitcase. "Spencer, what are you doing?" He asked him worriedly. Slight panic was on Spencer's face when he paused long enough to look at Derek. "I have to go, I can't wait with you guys...I just don't want to take the chance." Spencer said worriedly. Derek just nodded in understanding before curiosity filled him. "So, this Liz, who is she to you anyway?" He asked him quietly. Spencer paused at the doorway of his desk area and answered. "She's the love of my life and I was planning on asking her to marry me." He said quietly, stunning Derek to the point of collapsing in the nearby chair and he watched Spencer walk away.

Remember guy's, this is just an IDEA that had been popping in my head for quite some time. If you're interested in me turning it into a full story, review me your thoughts, if a yes, I will need a beta writer otherwise I won't be able to continue this into a full story, I hope you understand it. REMEMBER, THIS IS A STORY IDEA! Than you for reading, hope you enjoyed it.