Chuckies Angels 3. The Devil is in the details.

In response to a text I got asking for an "Oh crap" type of story as a Canada Day's gift, and since I also got asked not long ago about an angels short, so here is a something from an old, very rusty writer. I've made a couple of friends that I keep in contact with here and for them here is a short story. As always I own nothing, and they own everything. (you should see how little stuff I own).


1 pm

"Oh Crap this is boring" Ellie looked at the screen, she has been watching the screen for over three hours as the sensors hooked up to her brothers head spiked with each flash.

"Dad, this last patch you sent seems have fixed the 'break out in song' glitch, however, it still has not fixed the random language glitch"

"Merde!" A very frustrated Chuck was pacing through the lab as far as the wired will let him, speaking in what language Ellie was not sure, but she was willing to bet that it was not something that her parents will approve of.

"I don't understand it Elenor…" Stephen Bartowski stated though the special video conference software that he developed several years ago "What on earth happened from the time I sent the upgraded glasses to you and the time Charles received it?"

"I don't know Dad, Chuck must have opened the box and put on the glasses but how this could have happened I just don't know."

Just then the door bursts open and one very PO'ed blonde wearing what could be described as what the best-dressed article in "Jungle Gorilla Wearfare" is wearing this year. Oh and she was screaming into a megaphone that was setting to "EAR DRUM SHATTERING", "Where's my Chuck!"


Yesterday, at 6 pm…


"Hey buddy, you never guess what I scored, I sold the top of, the absolute the top of the line laptop Chuck. Big Mike was so impressed, but right back to my sale, I sold the most expensive laptop ever to this guy who apparently is going to give it to his girlfriend's daughter just because he said he threw her old one across the yard, something to do with a douche, I must admit I really didn't follow anything he said after that. All I know is I really wanted to make Mike proud. Anyways as the guy was leaving he said I looked like a needed a night out so he gave me passes to the HOTTEST night club in town. Chuck can you believe it, Chuck oh crap Chuck you must be home."

Morgan sighed and collapsed on the couch. "Chuck use your Jedi mind powers and come clubbing with me"

Morgan started waving his hands all around and suddenly he knocked over everything on the side table.

"Oh crap, Chuck's going to kill me if I broke another lamp."

Picking up the dropped items, he comes across a pair of the coolest sunglasses he as ever seen,

"Oh man, these are really sweet specs. Well, I'm sure Chuck will not mind me borrowing these just for the night…."

Three hours later

"Well well well if it's isn't the little lonesome buy something or other salesperson. Interesting dance moves you seem to have. I can honestly say in my whole life I have never seen such a manoeuvre" The club owner comes over to Morgan who was dancing with Jeff and Lester in a corner of the club.

"Hey, man, really great, awesone, fab club you got here" Morgan runs overdressed in some sort of bright blue tux-is suit and was about to envelop the owner in a bear hug until a small woman wielding a very dangerous looking knife steps in-between the two "Hands to your self bearded ape thing" She growls and Jeff seems to have created a puddle, however Lester was nowhere to be found.


Two hours after that


"Well wells weelleo whatzz do we have (hic) here" as a certain police scientist picks up a very fancy pair of sunglasses from the corner of the bar. "wowie sooooo cools, this looks like (hic) some sortz of neural 'hic' thingamabob-face."

'oh come on,' A small blonde holding two drinks with neon green umbrellas waves it over to the scientist " He's going over to the piano, come on I've got a bet to win with a certain stick in the mud detective that I can get his to sing sunglasses at night in French"

"You got it Doc and here do I've got the perfect glasses here for him over there.!"

5 AM

"Oh crap, I have never ever seen you hungover this bad. You sure you weren't slipped something by the ape" the knife-wielding women looked over to her boss.

"I'm not sure what happened, the doctor and the good scientist came up and asked if I really could speak French and they passed me those glasses, and I started their odd request, and just as I was finished suddenly there was a lot of light and it said upload complete and my head felt like I went three rounds with the detectives spawn's warped logic on chocolate cake." He threw the sunglasses on the bar.

"Hmm I'm sure that handsy ape thing had these earlier today." She points to the corner of the bar where three barely human-looking people were passed out in the corner.

"Be a good demon and make sure to take these miserable excuses for humans back to whatever hole they crawled out of, And you had better called my brother to help get these two ladies back to the Doctor's place. I've put them in the penthouse, if something happens to them then my brother and the detective will not let me forget it. Speaking of her, I've got a text from the detective, apparently, I have to go punish someone for their actions.


6 AM


Sarah skips down the stairs of Her and Chuck's place and notices that there are the three buymorians collapsed on or really around the couch.

"OH CRAP. Chuck, you were right you did hear something last night, I'm off meet Casey for our run. See you at the office at 9 for the briefing with Carina and Alex. Try to clean up before you leave" Sarah slammed the boor as she left.

7:30 AM

Chuck slowly comes down the stairs holding the industrial cold pack on what piece of his anatomy that Sarah had loudly claimed last night to now be hers.

Upon seeing the three on the couch, he sighed and then he saw the pair of glasses on the floor.

"Oh Morgan, I'm not sure what happened to you three last night, but I'm glad you didn't grab these. I suppose I should get this update done before Sarah comes back and distracts me again."

And with that Chuck put on the glasses when the download was complete he started getting up and moonwalked to the phone. Chuck suddenly become more scared than when Sarah described this morning what they were going to do on the weekend.

"Allo Ellie je pense que quelque chose s'est mal passé"

And that's a wrap. Not my best work, actually it really really crappy. And Rusty very very rusty

No beta, all mistakes are mine, written under a challenge on top of everything else written is about an hour. Anyone want to guess the other show listed here feel free to binge-watch it over Canada Day (or July 4th if in the US)

Not planning on more than one shot, and no, not planning to get back into the "game", but I am still reading and still enjoying, event thought to try to review on the iPhone I find a royal pain.