There have been many iterations of the GAMER power.

Some have been hapless wish fulfillment, which, although awesome at first, would become dull later on. Others, have been challenging but ultimately exploited by the ingenuity of humans.

Then, there is mine.

My power has stagnated, without people. According to my help guide, people generate Knowledge passively, which allows me to progress the technology I can utilize. However, people require Food and Housing to live. If they have both, they will generate Knowledge and take Jobs, which generate resources way faster than the passive income that the buildings naturally generate. They will also have children, which grants more people and has the chance to create a Great Person, someone blessed by the Gods to be great. This can range from generating tons of Knowledge passively to being able to single-handedly creating an Empire which I can then help manage.

But, it seems that this power of mine has forsaken me.

In exchange for this power, my appearance has been twisted.

I have no eyes, only a mouth on my face. My limbs are lanky and extremely thin, my skin is pulled tight against my skeleton and pale. I look like some kind of monster.

This has made recruiting people hard. Who would speak to something like me, in these superstitious times?

I have to wait for people to find me after they have already left their homes. That leaves a small amount of the population wanting to settle inside the village I have built.

That's ok. I'll just keep building and improving, and eventually, someone will come.

In my village, there are buildings.

In my village, there is a smithy, a mill, a schoolhouse, a well, three farms, seven homes, a barracks, and a river. There is a fence around the outside, to keep wolves and the like out, while keeping livestock and the like inside.

In my village, there are no people.

In my village, there is hope.

In my village, people will thrive.

I can move between any of the buildings and appear in any of the containers I have built. Teleportation, though limited.

Very useful. I have spent so long hunched over, crawling over the roads I have built with my hands and into the buildings I built with my hands.

My village must be hundreds of years old, yet it has never deteriorated or needed repairs. Much less work for me, I guess.

I haven't named my village. I leave that honor for my first family.

I see people.

I can see everything around the village, and there is a group of people.

They look haggard. Their clothes are torn and scuffed.

There are four people, two men, a woman, and a child held close against the woman.

They are not too far from my village. Maybe they will come.

I am brimming with excitement, though I wonder how they will react to a completely empty village in perfect condition.

I will have to speak to them. I hope they don't leave.

They have entered my village.

The people look around, uncertainty settling in at the lack of bodies.

I must speak to them. What should I say? I have thought so long of this, yet the words have escaped my mind.

Perhaps something simple.

"Hello." I try. Hmm, I have not spoken in so long.

I see them jump and look around. Thankfully, my actual body is nowhere near them, my voice projecting out of the house nearest to them.

"H-hello?" The man at the front of the group asks.

I giddily clap and giggle to myself before I reply.

"I see you found my village," I state neutrally, though not unpleasantly.

The man in front nods.

"Are we intruding?" He asks, beckoning for the group to stand behind him.

"No. You are welcome to stay here." I wait for a second to see the relief run over their faces. "On your left, there are houses. Please, pick one to live in."

The group look to their left and wait a moment, before the man in front steps forward, opening a door and looking inside.

The homes I created aren't very well decorated but they do contain all the essentials. Dining room with a kitchen, a small living room, and, most importantly, a master bedroom as well as a kids' room with two bunk-beds inside.

One can only wonder why there are many kids' beds.

After the man takes the initiative and steps inside, what I assume is his wife and child follow him, while the other man takes a home for himself, scoffing as he does.

Something in my ear rings.

I have earned my first villagers.

Grinning widely, I do a merry little jig.

Finally, I can start improving my tech level and improving my village, and by extension, my villagers.

I return to the homes, and now I can see their names.

Altich Breeve

Male, 26


Married to: Marliene Breeve

Strong (Improved yield from strength-based activities, better guardsman)

Trained (Can speed up training time of guardsman, better guardsman)

Literate (More Knowledge passive generation. Improved yield from reading-based occupations)

Children are more likely to be Great Persons.

Can only spawn Imperialistic Great Persons.

Altich, the brave man from before, is a great villager. Deserter doesn't bother me, as I care not for this lands' emperors and kings' armies.

His wife, however, is less impressive.

Marliene Breeve

Female, 22


Married to: Altich Breeve

Fertile (More likely to have kids)

Illiterate (Lower Knowledge passive generation. Can't work in reading-based occupations)

It appears that this land is indeed traditional.

The child is not a Great Person, sadly.

It only says his name and age. Perhaps he isn't old enough to have an occupation and relationship.

Mareev Breeve

Male, 6

Illiterate (Lower Knowledge passive generation. Can't work in reading-based occupations)

The other man, who had his own home, was similarly to Altich. Perhaps they deserted together.

Pever Mivy

Male, 31



Strong (Improved yield from strength-based activities, better guardsman)

Trained (Can speed up training time of guardsman, better guardsman)

Homosexual (Unlikely to produce children)

Literate (Higher Knowledge passive generation. Improved yield from reading-based occupations)

Although it was sad, I won't force him to leave, though I hope he doesn't attempt to flirt with Altich.

Today has been a great day. I now have four villagers, which is generating a minuscule amount of knowledge.

In a few weeks, I can choose my first technological advancement.

Better than nothing.

It's the first night of the group living here. Altich and Marliene are sleeping together, while Mareev is lying in his bed, but not sleeping. Pever is also asleep.

Mareev, a curious child, gets out of his bed and looks around his room.

Hmm, perhaps I should've fashioned some tools or built a carpentry so some wooden toys could be made for kids. Boredom could lead to trouble.

Mareev looks at the door to his room but does not leave. Instead, he looks under and on the rest of the beds.

Throughout the day, he had explored the village. Altich and Pever had accompanied him while Marliene made some food for the group.

Over the years, I have acquired a stockpile of food that, thankfully, never spoiled from the farms. Since I didn't have any kind of shops, lumber mill, mine, or quarry, I didn't have any cash or a large amount of lumber, stone or ore.

Later, if I get more people, I can build these buildings and employ people. Then, build other buildings with those resources.

I believe the term is 'snowballing'.

It's been a few days, and there are a few more people on the horizon.

This group is larger, seven people. Three families and an old man.

Altich, who was taking a break from farming, moves from his break spot and waves toward them.

Maybe he can convince them to live in the village.

Indeed, he did. He explained, rather skillfully, what was going on.

Like Altich, the group was rather skeptical for a while, but it only took a couple of days before they warmed to me.

None of them have seen me, thankfully. I worry about what would happen if they did.

The group was non-descript, namely just men with the 'Strong' trait and women without traits.

The old man, however, was new.

Varatar Malgo

Male, 62


Widow (Will not marry again)

Doctor (Advanced medical knowledge. Much higher Knowledge passive gain, can upgrade to Surgeon)

Smart (Higher Knowledge passive gain, Improved yield from intelligence-based occupations)

Literate (Higher Knowledge passive generation. Improved yield from reading-based occupations)

Weak (Lower yield from strength-based activities, worse guardsmen)

The idea of building a doctor's home or a surgery center had slipped my mind, so that was to come next. It wouldn't do to lose my people to pneumonia or the like.

Since there were more people, now working in the fields with Pever now working as a guard instead, I could disable the passive generation and start building some sort of herbalists' hut.

Thanks to the people taking over the farms, I got the herbalists' hut finished in a week.

Altich notified Varatar, who took to his new job with gusto.

Since Varatar was skilled, the general health of my village improved, through better diets and check-ups. This led to an increase in yields over the village.

Upgrades to the herbalists' hut will allow better treatment and better passive gains. The first upgrade doesn't require a tech upgrade, but the third and last one, a surgery center, requires medical improvements.

Perhaps I should make Altich the noble of my land. He could give me ideas and requests from the villagers and himself.

Marliene is pregnant.

It happened last night, when, during a particularly hot morning, Altich took a break to do his wife in the kitchen.

Although surprising, I was alerted the moment she was inseminated.

Here's hoping Varatar can keep her alive through the pregnancy.

Altich is now the mayor, with a small office to signify it.

I declared it, and Altich looked a little surprise.

His job hasn't changed much, other than that he gets off work an hour earlier to go to the office and look over reports of the resources we have and any requests the villagers have.

Nothing so far.

The area around the village is fairly lush grasslands, with roads connecting to main roads.

It was due to this that Altich suggested some sort of trading center. Our food, still in large stockpiles which we can refill in a few days due to the fertile lands I have, can be sold for cash or traded for materials.

However, there are no merchants among my population. If we send someone out, undoubtedly we will be ripped off.

I will put this off for now.

The Pale Rider has come for the lands.

Thankfully, due to our remote nature, we are spared from the deadly Plague spreading throughout the lands.

Word from the people in the village is that a foreign trading ship brought the disease here.

People want to close the village from outsiders until the plague has disappeared.

Altich and I are unsure. Although more bodies are always useful, one of them may bring the disease in.

I will leave the decision to him.

By the mercy of the Pale Rider, my village has been spared the Plague, for now.

According to the messenger pigeons the families receive from siblings and parents, the Plague has ravaged the capital and numerous villages around it.

Mass graves are filling at alarming rates. Undoubtedly, the harvest will be terrible and nobles, as well as the King, will seek to purchase food to replenish their emergency stocks.

This could be a morbid way to attract people to the village, which has remained open at Altich's decision. If word gets out that we are selling food at good prices, people will flock here, some to purchase and others to settle.

We will need some sort of guards though. If people learn we have food, money, and women, bandits will come.

So many problems, so little solutions.

Mareev is sick.

Thankfully, it appears to just be a cold. He has a bad cough and suffers from fatigue.

Varatar had reassured the village that Mareev will be fine and that it is just a cold. He just needs an herbal drink and some bed-rest.

A wave of relief has passed over the village.

In more pleasant news, I have finished the construction of a lumber mill.

Two men have switched from farming to lumbering. Sadly, as they aren't trained in it, the yield is low.

Better than nothing, I guess.

There is now an elf in my village.

Shocking, I know.

She appeared when Altich spotted her, covered in blood and torn rags and holding a bloodied sword, walking down the road towards the village.

She didn't react when Altich stopped her and removed the blade from her hands. Instead, she just slowly followed him as he led her towards the herbalists' hut.

A rape victim. Varatar confirmed there was semen in her vagina and confirmed that the blood isn't hers.

She was also dehydrated and starving with callouses all over her bare feet. She must've been walking for days.

I don't have any sort of aid for the mind. Thankfully, Altich was one step ahead, asking the women of the village to help her settle in.

She's willing to stay since I could see her profile.

Ester Voie De La Lavenza

Female, 217


Single/Rape-victim (Unlikely to get married)

Teacher (Can give other people traits in a schoolhouse. Books and a better school give better traits, faster)

Mage (Can cast magic)

Literate (Higher Knowledge passive generation. Improved yield from reading-based occupations)

Elf (Will not die of old age. Improved yield from intelligence-based occupations, decreased yields from strength-based occupations)

Raped (Trust issues. Unpredictable episodes)

I hope she gets better.

Maybe I should start making guards.

After a few days, Ester was willing to work in the schoolhouse.

Mareev, the only kid in the village, was excited to learn to read and even gained an amazing trait.

Mareev Breeve

Male, 6

Literate (Higher Knowledge passive generation. Improved yield from reading-based occupations)

Appetite for Knowledge (Can randomly gain traits from buildings)

I hope he becomes a smith or some kind of merchant. Both are needed.

Ester appears to like Mareev. She seems happier around children.

Ester had been with us for a week before she tried to kill herself.

Altich, at request from his son, was looking for her since she hadn't shown up to the schoolhouse.

He found her in her room sitting in a chair with her wrists slit. He rushed her to Varatar, who managed to staunch the bleeding.

News spread, and a feeling of sadness went throughout the village.

Mareev took the news hard, locking himself in his room and refusing to speak to anyone.

Varatar kept an eye on Ester over the next couple of days.

She recovered and questioned Altich, asking why he saved her.

In the background, Varatar politely excused himself. I doubt they noticed him.

Altich replied in confusion, wondering what she meant.

She revealed how her days since she came here were filled with nightmares and flashbacks, and that she would rather die than relive it.

Altich explained to her that every day she lives, she spits on her dead rapists', defiant against them, and showing that she is stronger than them.

Much less flowery than the way he said it, but the point is the same.

Ester hugged him, apologizing profusely.

Ester has gotten better.

She's much happier now, and Mareev has finally left his room.

There is fire in the boys' eyes.

There is no wonder why.

Mareev Breeve

Male, 6

Great Person - Warrior

Literate (Higher Knowledge passive generation. Improved yield from reading-based occupations)

Appetite for Knowledge (Can randomly gain traits from buildings)

Great Person (Fated to do wonderful, or terrible, things. Insane Knowledge passive generation)

Paladin (Can cast Powerful Holy magic, Immune to Chaos and Dark)

Mentor (Soon, a mentor worthy of this Great Person will come, to teach them how to utilize their potential)

I now see why Great Persons' are so rare.

The reason for Mareev becoming a Great Person was so incredibly adorable, yet so stupid.

At the schoolhouse, Mareev declared that, when he was a Knight, he would ask for Ester's hand in marriage.

Ester, flustered, stammered out a non-committal answer. Mareev, however, was adamant.

I don't blame her. How on Earth was that worthy of Great Person status?

A stranger has come.

Qetis Mulvo

Male, 44

Paladin, Ex-Noble

Widow/Celibate (Will not marry)

Literate (Higher Knowledge passive generation. Improved yield from reading-based occupations)

Paladin (Can cast Powerful Holy magic, Immune to Chaos and Dark)

Mentor V (Can pass on traits to students incredibly easily)

Master Warrior (Insanely good guardsman, Insanely good Commander, Insanely good archer, Insanely good swordsman)

Blessed Mission (Given a mission by his God, Immune to mental attacks)

Unyielding (Insane stamina, Insane pain tolerance)

Extremely Strong (Massively increased yields from strength-related occupations, Insanely good guardsman)

He came into the village, kind and reassuring. Some people were a little confused, as he was smaller than Altich, though not by much.

Ester didn't appear put off by him, so the village welcomed a holy Paladin, bowing to him. Qetis was cheerful, leading the town in communal prayer.

Altich, off to the side, asked me to construct some sort of chapel or shrine. It would improve morale, and maybe attract a man of the cloth.

I will look into it.

It didn't take very long for Mareev to ask Qetis to train him. He didn't have his fathers' permission, but that didn't stop Qetis from agreeing.

Within a few days, Mareev had shown incredible promise. He, according to Qetis, was already of similar skill to most beginner soldiers.

For Mareev, however, this wasn't enough. He begged for Qetis to turn him into a Paladin like him.

Qetis became unnaturally serious before quickly and mercilessly beating Mareev, asking if he still wanted to continue.

Mareev, bleeding and beaten black and blue, got to his feet and raised his blade in defiance.

Qetis smiled and agreed.

Thankfully, Qetis had magic to heal the appearance of the wound, but not the wounds themselves. Mareev declined to see Varatar.

I have enough Knowledge for an advancement.

I can improve Population, Currency, Materials, Warfare or the Self.

Population leads to better houses, farms, and schools, as well as unlocking things like refrigeration or medical knowledge.

Currency leads to better shops and caravans as well as unlocking things like banks and trade centers.

Materials leads to better blacksmiths, quarries and mines as well as unlocking the ability to mine exotic ores.

Warfare leads to better training and equipment at the smithy, as well as unlocking the ability to build exotic armour and weapons out of strange materials.

Self makes me better. I build faster, the passive generation of buildings is higher and finishes faster, and the chance of Great Persons being born is increase marginally.

Maybe I should ask Altich.

This story is an experiment, to see if I can write a unique form of the GAMER power, or if I should just stick to the usual form of it.

I hope the formatting isn't too confusing, I wanted to make it clear time was passing and not bore you with 'A couple days later...' written every few lines.

Suggestions, for buildings and improvements, are welcome.